pov: johnny's mom

i was thirty when you were born
i thought i wanted a kid
i did
but i waited until i thought i was ready
but by then, i was too used to being without
a baby
without a kid
without you

and then you were always in the way
and you always made your father so mad
why did you never care about me?
i had stuff to do
and you were always
such a baby
always a baby

when you grew up
you were still a baby
a punk baby
even though you were disciplined
you never learned
you were still a punk
with punk friends
all of you
as bad as my ex-boyfriends

you should've been better than that

but i didn't expect you to be
because i knew you couldn't be

and now
you're gone

when i pay off the bills
which will be a long while
you punk

things will be the same
as they were before

it will be like you were never here

this will be the last time i think of you
you punk