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Scented: Swords and Sheaths

By: Serpentilewitch

Rin blinked in curiousity.  Sesshoumaru-sama needed to talk to her?  Couldn't he just do that here?  Why, then, did he insist on her presence in his room?  It must be a big deal, this thing he had to say.  Best not to delay and make him angry.  She quickly finished her breakfast and made her way quickly up the many staircases to Sesshoumaru's room.  "Sesshoumaru-sama!  I'm here!  What was it that you wanted to talk to me about again?"

Sesshoumaru was sitting on his bed, legs over one side, and looked up when Rin came in.  Now 13 years old, she was quite something.  It was, in fact, her age that prompted him to start the upcoming...discussion. 

"Rin...listen to me carefully.  In literal youkai years, you are but a pup.  In human years, you are close to becoming a woman...and there are certain things you should know in regard to this information."  Rin cocked her head, listening, but not really understanding.  Sesshoumaru forced himself not to think about what he was saying and just say it, like a monotonous drone.  He'd say it only once and he's explain it so well, so abruptly and lay all the information plainly out for her and she'd understand immediately.  No silly similies or confusing contradictions. 

"Rin, a male has with him a sword and a woman is his sheath."  He never said anything about mystifying metaphors, though, right?  ~.^  Rin's eyes immediately went to Tenseiga and Tokijin- both lying near the headboard of Sesshoumaru's canopied bed.  Sesshoumaru saw where she looked and shook his head slightly.  "No, Rin.  The sword I speak of you can't plainly see.  Nor can others see your sheath without using physical force, or unless you let them."  He took a deep breath.  'Kami!' he thought.  'This was tougher to say than it appeared.'  Of course, on the outside he still looked unconcerned and distant. 

Rin nodded her head, pretending she understood what was being said.  She tried hard not to let her confusion show.  Sesshoumaru said she had a sheath.  But the truth was, she didn't.  She patted herself down surreptitiously, hoping to find the sheath he spoke of.  Sesshoumaru saw her patting herself, though she tried to make it look like no big deal.

"Rin, what are you doing?"

Rin looked up.  "Looking for my sheath."  She went back to searching; more openly now than before, seeing as how Sesshoumaru knew what she was doing now. 

Sesshoumaru's head spun.  Kami!  This was much harder than he had anticipated earlier!  She...didn't understand what he was trying to explain to her.  This was such a new idea for Sesshoumaru.  He couldn't understand how Rin didn't understand.  Couldn't she just –tell- where this discussion was going?  Instinct would tell her not to ask questions, right?  Internally, Sesshoumaru sighed, and hurdled along through the storm he'd created. 

"Rin you won't find your sheath in this way."

"Oh…" Rin trailed off, apparently thinking of a way to find her sheath that would work.  "Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Yes, Rin?"

"Can you show me my sheath?"

Instantly, Sesshoumaru's innards burned with something akin to embarrassment.  "No."

"Oh…"  Rin did that dangerous oh-so-innocent looking thinking thing again.  "Can I see your sword?  I promise not to show anyone else if it's a secret!"

Now Sesshoumaru was quite sure that he was blushing outwardly, as well as cringing with embarrassment on the inside.  In reality, what little red colored his cheeks went unnoticed due to the convenient position of the red lines across his face.  "Rin, you may –not- see my sword, nor will I show you your sheath.  Have you any idea what this Sesshoumaru speaks of?"

Rin –thought- for a minute.  He referred to himself as 'this Sesshoumaru'- that usually meant he was started to get irritated.  Rin chose her words carefully so as not to anger her Sesshoumaru-sama any further.  "No."

If he was anyone else, Sesshoumaru would have done an anime fall at this point.  However, Sesshoumaru was Sesshoumaru and never did such undignified and graceless things- unlike his barbaric half-brother.  Thinking about that useless hanyou geared the Lord of the Western Lands' anger elsewhere- which was a decidedly good thing for Rin, but would get Sesshoumaru nowhere in this…erm…discussion.  One thought plagued his mind:

'The child knows nothing,' and 'Where to start?!'  Okay, so that was two thoughts. 


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