Lord Sesshoumaru wheeled abruptly around on his heel, quite disoriented, which is something he was quite unused to. He was also not used to being at a loss for words or something to do. At the moment, he was both in addition to disoriented.

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin asked. There was a small gasp as the girl realized the color surrounding her. "Lord Sesshoumaru! What happened? Are you hurt!" She scrambled around, trying to untangle herself from the sheets so as to assist her master with whatever had happened. He must have been wounded seriously. There was so much blood, and he wasn't even facing her.

"Rin." The liquid word had the power to freeze the young girl on the spot. "I will send a maidservant up here immediately and she will tend to your...condition." Sesshoumaru's nose twitched. There was no other word for it right now. No word he'd bring himself down to using, anyhow. In a swirl of fluff, he was gone.

Rin blinked and looked around. Shrugging, she commenced to change the sheets and take a bath. There was something strange, though, she noted. While she'd cleaned everything and herself, blood still somehow managed to appear everywhere. It was a while before she realized it was she who was bleeding.

A moment of panic overtook her in which she had no idea what to do. Was she dying? Had Lord Sesshoumaru done this? That last thought was immediately banished to be replaced by other less frightening ones. Maybe that Jakken had finally thought of a way to get rid of her. Lord Sesshoumaru didn't seem to mind...

Slight ovals of tears appeared in the corners of her eyes that she didn't know of. She thought of all the ways she'd made life difficult for Lord Sesshoumaru. She was just a stupid human girl, after all. It was a surprise she'd been allowed to hang around as long as she had.

Jakken appeared haughtily at the doorway to a sniffling Rin sitting at the foot of her bed, seemingly folded in on herself. While he was not fond of the girl- far from that, he couldn't help but feel a twang of guilt. The poor child didn't even know what was happening.

Approaching the closest to a fatherly demeanor he'd ever achieved, Jakken stood before Rin and cleared his throat. "Ahem."

Rin's soulful eyes looked up, distracted by the greenish toad-being. "Master Jakken...Rin has done something wrong...but she doesn't know what..."

"There, there." A green, three-fingered hand patted her gingerly. "It's not quite as bad as you might think." The door was shut firmly behind the two, and the wiser unleashed all the wisdom of his ages and all the birds and bees he'd seen, while the younger's eyes widened slowly but surely.

A few hours later, the Master of the Castle chanced to climb a certain stairwell whose destination hallway chanced to coincide with the doorway of a certain human's room. The door was open and there was a quiet as when a conversation has only just finished.

Whisking majestically past the room, Sesshoumaru let his gaze wander inside languidly, as though it were just an empty ritual of his eyes and not an attempt to see how the girl was faring. The girl, however, seemed waiting for the exact moment that the blazing figure would pass her doorway and her eyes drank him in, locking with his. The look held in them mirrored something of a facinated horror.

The brief seconds were over, but they left Sesshoumaru with a vaguely disturbed feeling. He was sure that toad would have been able to handle this conversation. He dearly hoped he hadn't messed it up royally.

Hoping is a dangerous thing. It will sometimes result in dead toad-things.

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