Nestled in a large, comfy chair in the Xavier Institute's library, Scott Summers lazily read a book.  Outside, it was a bitter, nasty day.  The wind beat against the window, and already six inches of snow had accumulated.  Inside, however, beside the warm glow of the fireplace, Scott read contentedly.  Peculiarly, he was alone in the large room, a rarity for this house.  The others, excited that school had been cancelled for the day, had decided to make the most of the snow, and were outside frolicking in it. 

"Why aren't you outside?" Jean Grey asked, appearing in the doorway.

"Too cold", Scott replied, not looking up from his book.

"But doesn't it look fun?"

"Not really".

"You're no fun".

"Why are you inside?"

"To get you to come outside".

Scott looked up at her.  Her face was bright red, and her hair covered in snow.  As were her jacket, her pants, gloves and shoes.

"You had to go an track all that snow in here?"

Jean laughed.  Suddenly, two snowballs levitated from behind her back and shot at Scott.

"Oh!" He gasped, shocked by the icy cold.  "I'm going to kill you Jean Grey!"

He shot out of the chair, and grabbed her as she tried to make a hasty retreat. She squirmed and wiggled, finally resorting to her telekinesis to try to free herself from his grasp.  They ended up in a heap on the rug in front of the fireplace. Scott pulled a piece of the remaining snow off of his shirt and shoved it down her sweater.  Jean gasped and tried to wriggle free, but his hold was too strong.  He had her pinned.

"What, we don't like snow Ms. Grey?"

"Not inside my shirt"

"Awww, that's a shame", Scott replied, reaching for another piece.


Scott laughed.  "It's all melting now anyways". He looked down at her, growing ever aware of just how close they were to each other.  After an awkward moment he hastily retreated to his chair.

"Is that it?  You're just going to ignore my request for you to come outside?" Jean stood beside the chair and pouted.


"Fine," she muttered and headed for the door.  He sighed.

Oh Scott you're an idiot, you had her right there with you, and…

Jean spun around.  They stared at each other for a long time. 

Scott was first to speak.  "Stay here with me.  We can go outside later when it stops snowing".

Slowly, Jean walked back over to the chair.  "You promise?"

"Yes.  For you I'll go outside.  Later"

Jean smiled, peeled her gloves and shoes off, and nuzzled herself into the big easy chair beside Scott.