The Wedding

This was it. They were finally taking the plunge. This would signify their ultimate union. In a way, he still felt like there was so much that he still didn't know about her... but when he saw the spark in her dark, faintly blue-rimmed eyes, he knew it was but a trifling uncertainty. Something to look forward to.

He hadn't wanted her in white, no; he had never been attracted to the color and it didn't suit her in the slightest. And besides, the bold scarlet hue of her dress, the color of wine, did so much to compliment the lovely brown tresses that stopped just under the delicate shell of each ear. She seemed to prefer it, too. Of course, it wasn't hard to get her to talk about her preferences lately.

And he loved her. He actually loved her. For the longest time he thought he wasn't even capable of it anymore. But this... this had to be love. At least as he understood it. Why else would he see her as a perfect creature, free of the expectations of the flesh but with still so much to learn and offer? She was yet a foreign and mysterious thing, and for all her quirks, he couldn't ever think to mar such arcane beauty.

She showed it in her own special little ways, as well. He was fascinated and so pleased with how quickly she adapted to expression through physical touch. When he first met her, she didn't seem to know a thing of its connotations. After all, she wasn't ever conditioned to love another person, really. Especially not this way.

An actual wedding wasn't quite their style. A part of him wanted to do it for tradition's sake, but then they weren't exactly a traditional couple, were they? Far from it. No, this... this would suffice. This would be perfect. Much better than your average ceremony, shared by thousands of couples throughout the years. This could be theirs and theirs alone.

So now they stood at the top of this tall building; a familiar setting. His dark jacket-sleeve stretched out over the edge, hand pointed towards one of the smaller domes in the distance. Above them, clouds layered upon one another in an endless ceiling that hovered beyond the horizon, bathing them and the city in a cool gray light, like gunmetal or a winter sea.

And he couldn't help but smile. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"


He heard the small note of barely-contained excitement in her voice and grinned, kissing her briefly on the red of her headband. "Well, I promised you a show..."

Taking her hand, he held both suspended in the air over the rest of the world. Their fingers entwined, and he settled her delicate gloved thumb with his own over the button of the slim black object he held. As she let out an anticipative snarl, he pressed just so--

For a split-second, there was that beautiful silence. And then that faraway dome released a brilliant eruption of light and fire as the structure burst apart on one side, all smoke and shrapnel and deafening booms. At the very same time a shriek of feral delight ripped through his lovely doll's throat, melting into uproarious, crazed laughter as she clawed elatedly at his jacket.

R.D.'s joy proving infectious, he crushed the detonator viciously in his cold metal hand to satisfy the rush of adrenaline in his bloodstream and let it fall into the street far below, laughing with ecstatic abandon right along with her.

And Alan knew: it couldn't get any better than this.