Author's Notes: Drabble. Marcus/Oliver. Oliver's POV. I don't own neither of them, nor will I ever. Darn.

They always say love can happen at first sight. But is that really true? Do you know it when it happens, right then and there? Can just one brief glance at this person intertwine your destinies forever?

I was only a first year, only eleven years old. How was I supposed to know what love was? I didn't. I think it was why my emotions were so strangely manifested. I couldn't explain it. Not without spending hours on end with terribly long pauses in between.

He was older than me, larger than me, more violent than I was. I joined the Quidditch team and I almost soon regretted it, because I became his target—I guess I shouldn't have asked to be keeper.

Things got stranger as time when on and we both grew up. We would fight even outside of Quidditch, and he would Ialways win./I It used to infuriate me that I would leave the battle with bruises and sometimes even broken bones, and all he would get was a bloody nosebleed.

They say love can happen at first sight. But just because the word love sounds tender and sweet, doesn't mean it is. Love can be violent, bloody, twisted; can be your worst nightmare. Love can be everything yet nothing at the same time. Because to experience love is to hate it, to hate the one you want so badly.

I thought that by growing up I would understand things better. But I'm still just as confused about some things, if not worse. No longer do our fights end with us crawling away from each other but clinging to each other, using each other as support. He bleeds, I bleed, and it mixes with our other bodily fluids, ones carrying the very essence of life itself.

He hurts me yet I still can't stop thinking that I love him. I don't know what he feels but I can certainly trust that, when he says "You're mine," that he means it, and that he would do anything to keep me in his grasp. I can believe him when he gives me that knowing look, the one that tells me things will never change, even though they really are.

They always say love can happen at first sight. At least, in my case, it does.

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