Author's Notes: Drabble. Marcus/Oliver. I don't own neither of them, nor will I ever. Darn.

It's not wrong to him. It never Ihas/I been. The thought of it being in any way untruthful or sinister just never crossed his mind.

Marcus has been married ever since he left the school. Newly crowned star Chaser for the Falcons, father of one. His wife, a girl he went to Hogwarts with. She has no idea at all. Neither does their son, Marcus Junior. It's a loveless marriage, a dowry of sorts. They were both forced into it by their parents and have no power to change that. Their lives were predetermined the day they were born.

Loyalty was never something Marcus had a lot of when it came to relationships. It lies with his Quidditch team along with his determination, his drive. But there's a tiny little bit of it that lies with someone else, that one person that Marcus knows he actually wants to spend his life with, the one that pleases him, brings a smile to his face. It's a relationship, an affair above all other things, but Marcus doesn't see it that way. He knows that this was the way it was meant to be, and his life wasn't meant to be laid out in front of him like that.

It's a simple Saturday evening, and he tells his wife he's going out to drink with some friends. The course toward the bar is pretty much the same, but he takes a turn on the street before, into a residential apartment area. His steps are relatively loud within the empty hallway when he slips past the glass doors, moving up the steps at a slow, leisurely pace.

After a rap of his knuckles on the door he's greeted by a warm, smiling face.

"Hi," Oliver says.

"Hi," Marcus replies, and goes inside.

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