Author's Notes: Drabble. Marcus/Oliver. I don't own neither of them, nor will I ever. Darn.

Oliver's never really understood the way people work. It's not something he worries himself with most of the time, though. Quidditch is his focus, will always be his focus. That's what he'd like to think.

He doesn't know about his obsessive and addictive personality, but it doesn't bother him that he doesn't. He just really gets into things…gives it his all, shares it all, works himself down to the bone. That's just the way he is.

So when Oliver likes someone, it's not just some petty crush. He Iknows/I that he likes them, he Iknows/I that he wants them. But because he doesn't understand how people work, it makes things difficult for him. One could say the same about his utter hatred for Marcus Flint. He Iknows/I he hates him, Iknows/I that he just…can't stand him.

But that explanation just doesn't work, not when the two of them scream at each other or beat each other up. When they get so focused on their hatred for one another that it drives them both into something they can't pull back from. And then Marcus kisses him, and Oliver can't stop it, because he knows that he can't. The same goes for when Marcus presses him against the wall, when he runs his tongue along his neck, purrs against his ear.

Because when he likes someone, he Iknows/I.

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