Author's Notes: Drabble. Marcus/Oliver. I don't own neither of them, nor will I ever. Darn.

Slytherins are sneaky. They are cunning, and they are ambitious. But because they get such horrible reputations, people can often get a bad impression of them. Some deserve it. Some don't. Sometimes they are just enigmas that can surprise you once you get past their hardened outer shells.

Marcus was never known for being a highly polite, refined sort of boy. Even as a child he threatened his own siblings, those much older than him, to do what he wanted. He always got what he wanted.

And when his eyes get set on a new goal, he works towards it until he has it either beaten or in his possession. Seven years have gone by, and he has just now got what he wanted.

Slytherins can also be highly possessive, protective, and all around vicious when it comes to protecting what is theirs. And now that Marcus has what he wants, he's not about to let it go, not about to let anyone else stake claim to the one thing he fought so hard to get.

People don't know that Marcus has a sweet side, that he can be loyal, and that he can be supportive. They don't know that he lavishes those he truly cares about in affection, though sometimes in a sort of twisted manner, because he doesn't always like things to be predictable.

And it is because of these things that Marcus managed to snag Oliver Wood, claim him as his own. But the only reason Oliver stays is because, if there is one thing he can believe, it's that Marcus is his too, and that he always will be.

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