Authoress: ^______^ To my loyal readers...I promised I'd write it...and here it is!!! My first

Sess/Mir story...and I've never seen a story 'bout those two it might be the first


Miroku:: *retching in corner of room*

Sesshomaru: *same thing in opposite corner from Miroku*

Inuyasha: O.O;;; you sure about doin' this...there's NO way you can get those two together...

Authoress: O.O;;; You're right...but I'll think of something, don't worry...

Miroku and Sesshomaru: O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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should think of these things before I write a story...yep...

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very few *thinks for a moment* or no clothes at all *drools*'d be rated like twenty and up...

Chapter One

"Aaaahhh!!!!" *smack*

"Miroku, you lech!!!" Kagome's voice rang out, scaring all wildlife in the forest.

"Ow...ow..." Miroku rubbed his head, where a large bump had already formed, and cheek,

where Sango's handprint still stung.

"Don't you ever learn?" Inuyasha asked from his perch in the tree above Miroku's head.



Miroku sat back down and stared at his hand that had grabbed Sango's posterior.

(Miroku: HELL YEAH!!!!! *gets hit in the head by the Authoress*) Why is it I don't like

touching Sango or Kagome anymore....I never really did in the first place, so why do I? Miroku

asked himself. They wouldn't hit me if I kept my hands off them...

"Miroku, are you okay?" Kagome asked, glancing over at the houshi. He glanced up from

his hand an nodded. He's been acting strange lately...I wonder if something's wrong...I hope not,

Kagome thought to herself.

"I...I'm going for a walk," Miroku stated as he stood up and began walking away from the


"It's almost dark," Kagome pointed out, knowing the houshi could take care of himself,

but she couldn't help worrying about the monk. He's been out of things recently...Kagome

thought to herself.

"I'll be fine..." Miroku replied. He felt everyone's eyes on him as he walked into the

forest. What's wrong with me? Miroku asked himself.

"Do you know what's wrong with Miroku?" Kagome asked Inuyasha as soon as the

houshi was out of sight.

"No...he doesn't talk to me..." Inuyasha said, jumping to the ground. "Why?"

"He's been acting strangle lately...haven't you noticed?" Sango glanced over at the

hanyou. He nodded his head curtly.

"Of course I did...he's probably just worried about his wind tunnel...we killed Naraku...ut

he still has it..." Inuyasha replied.

"I guess you're right..." Kagome said, but couldn't shake the feeling that wasn't the only

reason for the change in Miroku.

"WIND TUNNEL!!!" the group heard Miroku's voice coming from the direction he was

walking in. They ran towards the sound, but by the time they got there, Miroku and who (or

what) ever attacked him were gone.

I'll get you, Inuyasha...I can't get that miko...with her purifying I'll get the

next best thing...I thought to myself, smirking slightly. I snuck behind the figure, silently

following him, my youki cloaked.

"I can sense you..." he mumbled whirling around and raising a hand. "WIND


I moved out of the way and raced up to him, grabbing him by the neck, and slamming him

against a nearby tree. I heard his head crack against the tree and I inwardly swore. The houshi

was unconscious, so I wrapped his hand back up with his prayer beads. I then lifted the limp body

into my arms and raced towards my home.

Authoress: O.O;;;; ooo...who kidnaped Miroku with such ease, you ask? No??? Not curious????

*huff* FINE!!! *sniffle* What now?

Sesshomaru: *still throwing up in corner*

Miroku: *sniffle* I wouldn't be captured so easily

Authoress: -__-;; *glares at houshi* YES YOU WOULD...ESPECIALLY BY THIS


Miroku: o.o...okay *in a small voice*