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Miroku slid out of the room, making sure to close the sliding door as quietly as possible as he left. Tiptoeing along the corridors, he chuckled to himself, but burst out laughing when he heard his lover's scream. What he gets for not telling me Inuyasha and Kagome were coming to visit…Miroku said to himself as he slipped into the open courtyard. Sesshomaru, by now, had to have realized anything that could have been called clothing was absent from their spacious bedroom and, from the growl Miroku heard, the powerful demon had also noticed the lack of his lover.

The houshi sat down next to one of the larger ponds and glanced down at the large fish swimming around. It had been his idea to put in these gardens, but Sesshomaru enjoyed them as much as he did, as did everyone else in the massive castle. He watched the striped creatures swim underneath the water, waiting for him to give them some kind of food. When he didn't give them a single crumb, they swam away and Miroku was able to look at the reflection of the morning sun in the pool. He smiled as he moved closer to the pool and caught a glimpse of his own reflection.

He ran his fingers along the still smooth skin of his cheeks, but, with the twitch of an eyebrow, his fingers then went to trace the streaks of silver in his long black hair. Despite all the times he was reminded that, because he was now the mate to one of the most powerful demon to have existed, he would live far longer than most humans. His face had hardly changed in all this time, the only differences from when he first met his lover being the creases around his eyes and mouth-lines that proved how many times he got the better of the uptight demon-as well as the single mark in the center of his forehead. Miroku touched the bluish crescent moon as he smiled, making the lines around his lips more noticeable, remembering when the mark had first appeared. It had been the morning after Sesshomaru had finally, in the usual Sesshomaru-ish way, acknowledged his feelings and asked for Miroku to stay with him.

So many years have passed since then…Miroku thought to himself with a snicker. He had gracefully been taking these years, but Sesshomaru still looked exactly the same as that day over fifty years ago. Kagome, like himself, had been granted a longer life, but her hair had already turned to a complete silver and her eyes had begun taking on the stripe-like pupil that demons had. Miroku's had yet to do the same, but with each passing day, he could feel his own energy becoming more like youki. Inuyasha, on the other hand, had changed since those years ago, now holding the same slim, graceful beauty that his brother had.

"…Miroku…" The houshi turned at the sound of his name and smiled at the demon who was stalking towards him, wrapped in a yukata Miroku must have missed in his 'cleaning.' Sesshomaru glared at him, but couldn't stay mad at that grinning face, so he opted to sigh as he sat down next to his lover. From the glimmer in his eyes, Sesshomaru could tell something was on the hentai's mind. "Nani?"

"I was just remembering…two months after the twins were born…so much has changed since then…" Miroku replied, his voice being one of the things that had remained with him for all of these years as well. He could read the slightest of his lover's movements now, so Miroku could see Sesshomaru was wondering what else had been on his mind. "Do you ever…regret…being with me?

Sesshomaru let out a huff of air, as if to say 'you moron,' but decided to just lace his fingers between Miroku's instead. "Not once…" he replied sincerely, his eyes locked on his lover's profile as the ningen stared straight ahead. After all these years, Sesshomaru could tell that the old question had been nagging at the houshi again. "If I had a chance, I'd do it all over again."

Miroku turned and the, in Sesshomaru's mind, beautiful creases around his lips deepened. He shook his head as he tightened his fingers around Sessomaru's. His eyes caught sight of a familiar purple scar stretching across Sesshomaru's abdomen, which was visible from the fact his yukata had slid off the upper part of the youkai's body. "Would you have told me yourself?" Sesshomaru tried not to cringe, but Miroku caught the slight frown on his lover's face and smirked. "In all these years, you have yet to tell me a few things…one of them being why you never told me that you were pregnant…"

Sesshomaru sighed as he leaned back and looked up at the morning sky. His brother, sister-in-law, and their set of three children were supposed to be arriving at the palace in a few hours, so he knew that, by the end of the day, his whole family would know the answer to Miroku's question. His own three children were also supposed to be returning to the castle tonight, bringing with them the ever-annoying Jaken. He had actually enjoyed this time he had alone with Miroku-without no interruptions from the twins, Rin, or the toady retainer. He took a deep breath and let it out, thinking over Miroku's question in his head. If the houshi knew how embarrassing Sesshomaru's answer was, he probably would have forced the response out of Sesshomaru a long time ago.

"I…didn't know…" Sesshomaru replied softly as he kept his eyes trained on the cloudless sky above him. He could feel his lover's eyes on him, which only made him pray Miroku wasn't going to ask anymore questions. The silence that resulted between a frozen, by surprise, Miroku and the reluctant Sesshomaru was, oddly, comfortable. Sesshomaru waited until his mate let out a 'gaaah?' before he continued. "…I wasn't aware…that I could conceive…so I didn't even think that was the reason why I was feeling so strange…"

"You…didn't know you could?" Miroku repeated, his voice filled with wonder, but not the mocking humor Sesshomaru had been expecting. The monk let his hand tighten around Sesshomaru's as he rested his head on his lover's shoulder.

"…according to demonic traditions…I was too young to even know about sex…so why would I have learned I could carry a child?" Sesshomaru said, his cheeks tinting to a pink when he heard Miroku snicker. The houshi used his other hand to trace the outlines of Sesshomaru's legs as he contemplated that statement.

"…so, in other words…I robbed the cradle?" Sesshomaru, in attempts to stop himself from snickering, let out a snort at Miroku's observation. The houshi continued his caresses as he thought over that idea, then smirked.

"Hai, you're a pedophile…" Sesshomaru commented before his lover could vocalize that particular realization. The hentai smirked, letting his hand travel up to a completely different part of Sesshomaru's anatomy and was glad when he heard his lover gasp slightly as his abruptness.

"But you were the one who took me the first time…" Miroku pointed out as he rubbed against Sesshomaru's cloth covered member. Sesshomaru couldn't help but chuckle at that comment, letting Miroku's wandering hands slip beneath the thin silk material to touch him.

"…you were the one who grabbed my ass and stole my first kiss," Sesshomaru retorted, his voice already becoming raspy as his obvious pleasure grew. Miroku laughed out loud at this, unable to comment since his lover was completely correct.

"…there's something else I always wanted to know, Sesshomaru," Miroku said softly, his voice filled wit the promise of things to come, as he slid his hand back out of his lover's clothing. Sesshomaru moaned in protest as that amazingly talented hand left him, but understood exactly where Miroku's mind was headed. Nodding at the houshi's request, Sesshomaru looked into Miroku's eyes. "…ai shiteru…"

The youkai smiled, remembering how much of a cold bastard he had been the first time Miroku had said that. This time, Sesshomaru sighed, but didn't hesitate in his answer. "…I can't say the same…" Miroku glared at him for a moment, but his annoyed expression left him when Sesshomaru gently brushed his lips against his. "…ai isn't a strong enough word…" Miroku smiled and shook his head as he felt Sesshomaru's tongue dart out and lick his nose as the youkai pulled away. "…because there is no better term…I love you, Miroku…and I always will…"

Miroku smiled at the demon who, somehow had found a way to make his heart skip a beat with those infrequent smiles, who had been able to make Miroku lose his vast patience, who had given him the one thing he thought he had always wanted: children. Now, looking into the golden eyes of the single most cryptic person in the world, Miroku realized he had always wanted more than just someone to bear his children-and he had gotten it in the man who had taken over fifty years to finally say 'ai shiteru.'


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