"Wait just a minute, Kent."

Batman's voice came from behind him, and Superman stifled a sigh.  All he wanted right now was a shower, a shave, and a warm bed- and he definitely didn't feel up to dealing with the Bat.  However, he'd always been good at putting aside irritation, and turned to face the other man with pleasantly polite inquiry on his face.  "Do you need something, Bruce?  I was hoping we could deal with the press and all of that tomorrow…"

"No." Bruce Wayne seemed unusually hesitant and unsure of himself, and Clark found his curiosity piqued.  "I just-"

"Is something wrong?"

"No." he repeated shortly, averting his eyes. 

Superman couldn't recall a time that he'd ever seen his teammate so hedgy.  All right, I'm definitely curious now.  Tiredness forgotten, he scrutinized Batman.

The Dark Knight seemed to steel himself.  "I never thought you died."

Kent had to stifle a laugh.  You just can't stand bring wrong, can you?  He kept any trace of amusement out of his voice.  "I never said I didn't believe you."

"I never thought you died, but… I'm only human." he admitted painfully, taking Superman aback.  "I make mistakes, and there was a possibility- a slight possibility- that I was wrong.  And that made me realize something."

Clark followed his instincts and kept his mouth shut, and a moment of silence passed before the other man started again.  "I might not tell you, and I might not show it, but I do respect you.  And… I'm glad you're alive."

Batman turned on his heel and stalked off, seemingly in a bad mood.  Superman merely stood there, a grin beginning to break over his bearded face.  "Hey, Bruce?"

He didn't say anything, and he didn't stop, but Superman did notice that he slowed down. 

"Same to you."

Wayne merely snorted and continued out. 

Kent started moving in the opposite direction, still smiling.  Who would've thought…

Something that popped into my head after I saw the episode where Superman "died", and fought giant cockroaches in an alternate future with Vandal Savage, of all people.  O_o  Besides, I like to think that even if he and Batman will never be friends, that their relationship is at least somewhat amiable.