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~*~*~*~: Scene Change

"ABC": Talking to themselves

'.POV.' : Change POV


"I PASSED IT!!!!" a over-enthusiastic girl cried. Andrew who was wiping the counter spotless was disturbed by the sound of a high pitched voice.

"What did you pass Usagi?" Andrew asked, glad that the girl had calmed down.

"MY MATHS TEST!!!" Serena screamed. This time Andrew covered his ears.

"That's great Serena but can you just quiet down for a little while?" Andrew asked and removed his hands away form his ears.

"Okay!!" said the cheerful girl. She was very pretty. Her hair was in a unique style, with two buns on either sides of her head. Her big blue eyes and cheerful smile could brighten up anyone's day. Right now she was frowning and Andrew glanced to who she was frowning at.

"Why can't you quiet down Odango, I could hear you from down the street" the person said to Serena.

"The name's Serena. SE-RE-NA! Why cant you get anything right in your life for once, Baka-san!!" Serena countered Darien. Darien ignored Serena and walked towards the counter. He was greeted by his friend, Motoki.

"Hi Dare" Andrew asked happily. Too happily. Darien noticed his strange behavior and asked him.

"Why so happy, Drew?" Darien said looking confused.

"I thought you could hear Serena from all the way down the street" Andrew asked. Darien just stared at him looking confused. Andrew sighed.

"Serena passed her math test" Andrew told the confused Darien. Darien was just staring at Andrew in disbelief. Serena who had been watching them felt left out.

"Yeah, Baka-san, I passed my math test" Serena cut in between the silence. Darien turned to look at Serena and then burst into laughters. Now it was Serena's turn to look confused.

"Why are you laughing?" Serena asked thoroughly confused.

"An idiot like you passed a math test?" Darien asked and realized what he said and instantly regretted it..

He looked at Serena and there were tears falling freely down her cheeks. She had a face of hurt and anger on her face and without a last glance she ran out of the arcade. Darien who had just sat there watching her was speechless. The whole arcade was staring at them. Andrew walked up to him, his face was full of anger.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Andrew shouted angrily.

Darien looked towards the door where Serena ran out. Few seconds later, 4 girls walked in. He recognized them. They were Serena's friends. Raye, the fiery one, had long dark black hair. She had a fiery temper and was known as Sailor Mars. Lita, the tough one, had brown hair which she usually tied up. She was known as Sailor Jupiter. Next to Lita was Amy. She had shoulder- length blue hair. She was the group's computer genius. She was known as Sailor Mercury. Mina was standing next to Amy. Mina had long blonde hair which she tied up with a red bow. She looked Serena is some ways. She was known as Sailor Veus. Darien obviously knew this since he was Tuxedo Mask, his alter ego.

They four girls walked over to Andrew and Darien. Andrew looked angry. They didn't want to interfere so they went to sit at a table. He saw the 4 girls and went to take their orders.

"Hi girls, what would it be?"

"4 chocolate milkshakes please" Mina asked politely. Andrew had always liked Mina but he never showed it.

"Sure" he simply replied. He turned and was going to walk towards the counter.

"Andrew wait!" Amy said and Andrew walked back to their table

"Yeah Amy?"

"Do you know what happened to Serena? We were going to meet her here and then we saw her run out crying" Amy asked looking very concerned. Andrew took a seat next to Mina.

"Well, today Serena came running in saying that she passed her math test.." He stopped for a moment to see their shocked faces.

"Carry on.."

"Then, she started to get really excited and then she saw Darien walk in. And like every other day they started to argue. Only this time Darien went too far. He asked what the commotion was and I told him Serena passed her math test and then he started laughing and then called her an idiot." Andrew didn't get to finished sice Raye got up and was heading towards Darien's direction.

' Dariens's POV'

Darien thought he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw a VERY made Raye. "YOU IDIOT!!!" Raye shouted. Darien obviously scared, said nothing. But then pride kicked in and he was about to open his mouth when he saw Raye slapping him.


His cheek was red and burning. He saw Raye being held back by the scouts and Andrew. They gave him a death glare.

"THAT BASTARD NEEDS TO BE TEACHED SOME MANNERS! TALKING ABOUT SERENA LIKE THAT!" Raye shouted. Darien smirked to cover his fear and walked out of the arcade. He could hear Raye shouting from inside.

His mind wandered off to Odango. 'Why did I do that?' Darien asked himself. He was getting a headache from all this noise so he decided to visit his most favorite place in Tokyo. As he walked to the rose gardens he couldn't help feeling guilty for what he said to Serena. 'OMG! I just called Odango.. SERENA!!!'. He thought he was going crazy. When he arrived he saw someone where he usually sat. It was a female, no doubt. He saw a pair of familiar Odangos. He walked over to Serena. He didn't feel like he was walking. His feet were just gliding him there. As he got closer he whispered her name


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