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The impact never came.

She willed herself to open her eyes and saw something that ripped her hearts to bits. There was Darien on the soft grass, a pool of blood surrounding him. His hair was parting on the side and his eyes were closed, his breathing hoarse.

"Darien!" Serena shouted and hurled herself to him.

"Serena……" Darien whispered and choked himself on his blood.

"Hold on Darien, just hold on." She repeated over and over and felt tears streaming down her soft cheeks.

"Don't cry my Bunny." Darien said and gave her a smile. She smiled back softly.

"I love you, Darien." She said with closed eyes.

Did she really love him? All this time she was pushing away the one that she loved, always loved. And here he was dying because of her. He protected her. Loved her. And she loved him back.

"I love you too." He said and fell unconscious.

"It'll be alright Darien." She whispered and touched his cheek.

She stood up and faced Seiya. Fury and rage was in her eyes and she knew she had to kill him.

"How touching." Seiya said bitterly and hurled another energy ball at her, "I'll give you one last chance, Serenity. Be mine."

"Never, Seiya. I will never be yours. I love Darien." She replied confidently.

Seiya felt his face turn purple with rage. Serenity was his! And he will kill Endiymon to get her. No matter what Beryl said. He had waited long enough for her and he wasn't just about to give up. He loved her too much. But if he couldn't have her, no one could.

"Don't make me hurt you Serenity." He said and flew towards her.

"No! You hurt me, my friends, the people around me and most of all you hurt Darien! And now you're going to pay!" As Serenity said this she felt her forehead glow with a crescent moon.

She felt her attire transforming from a sailor suit to a long white gown (A/N: The one she wears when she's a princess.)

"I'm not going to let you hurt anyone again!" she yelled and her crescent glowed brighter.

"We'll see about that, my dear Serenity." He said and created a dark, black sphere in his hand. He hurled it at Serenity. She seemed to make it dissolve.

"Your attacks are nothing to me." She said in a different, silvery voice from her normal childish voice.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss! (A/N: Is that right?)" she yelled and hit Seiya.

 "AHHH!" Seiya screamed and fell onto the grass hard.

She floated gracefully towards him. She bent down and looked down at him. He didn't look evil anymore. More like helpless and lost.

"Why did you do this Seiya?" Serena asked.

"Because I loved you. I've been looking for you for centuries. And I've found you. But you're heart has been taken by someone else." He said and coughed.

"I'm sorry…." Serena said quietly and kissed him softly on the forehead.

"I will always be with you Serena. Forever and always. Even though you may never love me….." he said and disappeared.

Her tears had came back and she started crying. For Seiya, for Darien, for her friends and family and finally for her.


Serena turned around to see the scouts, all tired looking and in their normal attire. She saw that the sky had turned back normal and everyone was back. And Andrew was confused.

"What happened?" he kept saying over and over.

She turned back to the scouts, "We're safe now."

"I'm glad. I liked Seiya though, he seemed like a nice guy. Too bad he-Darien! What happened to him?" Mina shouted.

Serena instantly turned to Darien. He was unconscious and was being carried away by paramedics.

"No! Darien! Let me go with him!" Serena shouted and ran towards Darien.

"Sorry, miss. He is in serious condition and is unable to have people here." The doctor said.

"No……please be safe Darien." She whispered and felt hot tears running down and down again.

"Don't worry miss." The doctor said but his voice was unsure.

"It's alright Serena. Let's head to the hospital." Amy said and lead Serena with her. Serena softly nodded and stole Andrew's convertible.

They all piled in and the ride there was silent. No-one wanted to talk since they were scared it might of upset Serena. When they finally arrived there, they rushed to the reception.

"I need the room number of Darien Shields!" Serena shouted.

"Sorry. You can't enter there yet. He is under intense care. But you can wait outside." She replied.

"Fine." Serena said quietly.

The woman nodded, "In room 203. Head through the right door and then the left corridor."

"Thank you!" she exclaimed and ran towards it. The girls struggled to keep up.

They reached Darien's room in no time. Serena looked through the glass window and what she saw teared her apart.

Darien was hooked up to multiple machines. His breathing was shallow and his face was a ghastly pale color.  His body was stiff and rigid and he looked dead.

"It's my fault. It's my fault he's in there. It's my fault that he's nearly dead!" Serena shouted and ended up on the ground, knees close to her chest with her hands around them crying.

"No it isn't! You didn't know Seiya was from the bad side." Raye tried reasoning with her.

"But I dragged him into this." She said trying to keep her voice clear, but failed.

"He chose to be in it Serena. Don't worry. Everything will be alright." Lita comforted her.

"I hope so……….." she whispered and fell unconscious from fatigue.


Where was I?

I don't recognize the settings around me. I tried to recall the memories of the today. Just then, I felt pain vibrating from my chest.

My fight with Seiya…………….

Was I dead? Please don't let me be dead! I want to see Serena.

She loves me……………………….

I needed to see her. I needed her. I looked around again and saw I was hooked up to machines. Probably in the hospital.  I closed my eyes again due to the light hurting my eyes. I could hear voices, all unfamiliar ones.

"Darien Shields?" a deep voice said.

I tried to say something but my throat hurt too much so I nodded.

"Your in the hospital. Apparently, some girls had found you and called the ambulance. Your pretty much in intense care and you'll need a lot of rest. Your chance of living are 50/50." He said and waited for my reply.

I nodded again.

"Okay, you'll be allowed visitors, only one at a time but not too long because you still need rest." He finished and then walked away.

I needed to give Serena my gift. Please Serena, come to me……


The doctor walked outside and headed towards us, "You can visit him now."

We all nodded.

"Serena, do you want to go?" Amy asked me.

"Yes." She whispered and walked inside.

She looked at Darien with guilty and hurtful eyes. And love.


Darien's eyes opened up instantly. He looked at the golden-haired angel a few feet away from him.

"S-Serena?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's me."

"Y-You came…………." He whispered and started coughing.

"Are you alright?" she said frantically and rushed to his side.

"I'm fine. Serena, get my coat please."

She nodded and found his coat on a nearby chair. Darien tried to reach for it bur his body as too exhausted.

"In my pocket. It's for you." He said and closed his eyes for the moment.

Serena reached in curiously. She found a small white velvet box.

"O-open it."

She did and she saw a necklace inside (A/N: the locket song one). She lifted it up and opened it. A soft melodious tune came out. She closed it again and fastened it around her neck.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"I love you Serena." Darien said.

Serena looked at him with loving eyes, "I love you too." She bent down to him and kissed him on the lips. His lips had become warmer with the kiss.

"You better get some rest." She said and walked out.

Outside, she let the tears fall, "He's resting."

The girls motioned her towards a seat and she lay down, getting much needed sleep.


I'm sorry Serena…………

I can't hold on. I say my last farewells to you. But I'll be forever always watching over you. Forever and always…………….

And with those last words, Darien closed his eyes. He was gone now. He had left Serena. He had given her the gift and now his time was up. The machine had alerted that his heartbeat was failing.

Doctors filed in and tried many procedures to get it back to normal. It failed.


 The doctor from before walked to the girls and the sleeping Serena.

"He's gone." He said sadly and walked off.

The girls were shocked. No! He couldn't be gone…………Not Darien. They started crying. They walked over to Serena and gently shook her.

"Not yet Darien. I'm tired." She mumbled.

They shook her a bit harder. Her eyes flew open, "DARIEN!"

"He's gone Serena. He's dead." Mina sobbed.

"No. No. No!" she screamed and ran off.

She didn't know where she was running. She just kept running. After a while she found herself at the park where they had the fight with Seiya. She walked over to the pond and glazed at the water. She clutched the necklace Darien had given her. She glanced towards the sky and she could feel him looking at her, watching over her.

"Goodbye, Darien." She said softly and let 2 tears fall…….

The End


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