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Their stay in Lothlorien was enjoyable. But now the time to leave had come and final goodbyes were being said.

"Before you go my friends, I have things to present to you." Galadriel walked through the shadows and appeared before the eyes of the eight travelers.

"Oh dang!" Gimli muttered to himself, "I thought we were free from here!" Sam then punched him for being rude.

"First, I present Legolas with this bow and arrow," Galadriel turned around and brought out a set of arrows and a beautifully crafted bow while Hermione clapped softly so no one would hear.

"Second, I bestow this book-" and at this she pulled out a book from her pocket, "to Hermione."

"Just what she needs another book." Ron whispered to Harry.

"Wait your turn Mr. Weasley, I'll get to you!" Galadriel turned to him giving him a glare (a/n: uh, how many glares is that for Ron? oh yes! 2!) that caused him to turn red with embarrassment. She began speaking to Hermione again after placing the tiny book into her out stretched hands "This book can change sizes, ranging from as tiny as it is now to the size of a hobbit."

Pippin turned his attention to Galadriel, "What about hobbits?"

"Nothing, nothing at all Pippin." Galadriel assured him.

"Ok then!" Pippin went back to staring into space as before.

"How does it change sizes?" asked Hermione

"Oh! I'm sorry! Like give it a command, for example, say large." Galadriel ordered

"Large" Hermione said and almost immediately, the book grew to the biggest size it could, the size of Sam, causing him to fall over at the sight of a book as big as he was.

"Now say Medium" ordered Galadriel again.

Hermione obeyed, "Medium", The book then grew into a medium sized book. "Wow! This is really interesting, but? What is the book about?"

Galadriel opened the book and started to explain, "If you opened the book, without saying anything, the pages are blank, but if you speak to the book, telling it what you want to see, all the pages will have something to do with that subject."

"Wow!" was all Hermione could say.

"Now we go to our Ring Bearer," Galadriel pulled a little bottle out of her pocket and handed it to Frodo, "This is the light of our brightest star, use it in times of peril and it will help you." (A/n: I'm SO sorry! I can't remember ANYTHING about that part so I'm SORRY!)

"Wow!" Frodo took the light and quickly put it in his cloak pocket for safekeeping.

"Now for Merry and Pippin," Galadriel pulled out two small daggers. "These are for you, use them when the world is being harsh!"

"Samwise Gamgee," she said walking down the line a little more.

"Um, Miss Galadriel, is there any chance of me getting one of those nice shinny daggers?"

"I'm afraid not dear Sam, but I present you with this dirt." Sam's eyes widened, and he looked extremely hurt.

"Ha ha Sam! You got dirt for Christmas!" Pippin started rolling in the floor laughing.

"It's not Christmas stupid!" Sam yelled.

"Sam! Do not raise your voice!" Galadriel started to raise hers too.

"Hey! You're raising yours! And anyway, you started it!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did!"

"My Gawd! You hobbits are SO annoying!!!" Yelled Galadriel.

"Just like elves!" Ron added in.

"That they are, Ron." Gimli and Ron gave each other high-fives.

"Anyway, now for you Gimli. I have nothing to give a Dwarf but your wish is my command." Galadriel was pretty exasperated because of the hobbits.

"My lady, All I wish for is a strand of you hair." Gimli answered.

"Awe! Gimli has a crush! Isn't that sweet?" Hermione hugged her book tighter.

"Shut up!"

"Instead of one, I give you three!" Galadriel found three strands of her hair and yanked. "OW!!!"

"Mwahahaha! I caused an Elf to have pain!" Gimli said while walking away with her hair.

Galadriel turned to Aragorn with her hair flying in random places. "For you I have nothing to give for you have the love of Arwen."

"Crud, that totally stinks!"

"Now for Ron." Galadriel said ignoring Aragorn.

"Ron! Who? Where?" Ron looked over his shoulder and to the sides. "Oh! You mean me!"

Galadriel raised an eyebrow questionably. "Okay... I give you a broom."

"A broom, how is that going to help me?" Asked Ron.

"Don't worry, it will." She replied. "Boromir. Boromir! BOROMIR! Pay attention!"


"You're next!" Galadriel snapped her fingers in front of his face. "For you I have a belt."

"A belt?"

"No. Just Kidding. For you I have a sword." She said pulling out the sword and handing it to him. "Be careful though, sharp things can be dangerous.

"And now for Harry. For you I have your Invisibility Cloak. You may need it." Galadriel handed Harry his Silvery cloak that once belonged to his father.

"How did you get it?"

"That's for me to know and you to wonder." She replied. "And now, leave finish your mission!"

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