My name is Remy LeBeau and I have a problem.

It started out as a pack a day, which was back before I joined de x-men, less bad guys and stress back then see. After I joined it just got progressively worse. The packs per day skyrocketed. Do you know how, much good ones cost? A lot, that's how much. At first it was ok, Remy's rich, I been stealing from the worlds greatest for years so I got quite a stash of money put by. But one day I opened my bank account and got a shock. I was have a bad day anyway, mon chère was angry at me, she say I'd been distant recently and was ignoring her. Logan was angry at me , I'd downed his last beer dat morning. Anyway, my bank statement. I'd spent all my money in da last month, and it was a lot of money, on packs of my addiction. As soon as I saw that I went out and brought Rouge the most beautiful and expensive necklace I could find and promised myself I'd never buy more than 2 packs a day.

Dat was quite a while ago. I did great for 2 months. Only 2 packs a day. Den it started again. It snuck up on me, I didn't even notice it until the professor sat me down to talk about it. I had only been spending my money on 2 packs a day, but I'd been spending the money Xavier gave us for food shopping on 8 more packs a day, minimum. Turns out Xavier spent more on my addiction than he did on hair dye for all de x-women, and dats a lot of hair dye!

Dat was last week. I've come to dis meeting to beat my addiction. I, Remy LeBeau, want to give up playing cards!


No Remy! Say it ain't so! Come on people, if you review he might change his mind *hint hint*