The League had been discussing names over dinner, when it came upon the good doctor Jekyll to touch on the topic of real names. Tom had not really joined in, but noticed that the invisible thief had been oddly silent throughout.

          "It's not that aliases are bad, and all," Skinner told his American friend as the two shared some sherry together, on the conning tower of the grand Nautilus. "Nicknames, too."

          "Like mine," Tom observed, looking over the top of his small glass as the greasepainted face and hat bobbed up and down in agreement. "Thomas is too long."

          "Tom sounds nicer, too," Skinner said. "But sometimes, your real name is so horrible that you just 'ave to change it."

          "Like?" Tom asked. Skinner was hiding something, and Tom intended to find out. The blond raised his brow slightly when Skinner hesitated.

          "Well..." Skinner paused, then looked around. Satisfied that no-one was around to hear the two, he leaned in a little closer. "Promise you won't tell?"

Tom, like his friend, leaned in and nodded.


          Tom nodded again. "I swear."

          "Well...most o' you know me as Rodney, or Skinner..." Skinner looked around once more, and seeing no one, he continued. "Skinner's my last name, though...but Rodney's not."

          "Oh?" Tom's interest was definitely piqued, now. What was Skinner's real first name?

          "Swear you won't tell, Sawyer," Skinner said, gravely. "I'm trustin' you on this."

          Tom nodded. "I won't leak, I swear." He was suddenly reminded of Huck and him and the way they kept secrets safe between the two of them. It brought a faint ghost of a smile to his lips.

          "I'm trusting you," Skinner reminded him, speaking in whispers. "My real name is..."

          "Is...?" Tom pushed gently.

          "Redrick Oliver Dean Nathan Edward Yeslov Skinner."      

          "Woah" was all Tom could say. Who had seven names anyway?

          "Don't laugh." Skinner wagged a finger. "I used the first letters of all my first and middle names to make 'Rodney', which is what you call me today."

          Tom kept silent.

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