Can Love be Blind to Past Mistakes?

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Dedication: I dedicate this fan fiction to Phantom Siren!! For her open-
mindedness to alternate pairings. I also dedicate this to Raven A. Star
(your getting to be a dedicated to regular in my fanfics. aren't you) for
giving me this idea through her review of "So Fly".

Can Love be blind to past mistakes?
I remember making fun of your friend
For his humanity. But as I sit here all alone
(even my mechanic has abandoned me), I
realize that being human would be the best
thing to happen right now. I never had any
feelings for you when we first me. Well
actually when I locked you in a orange ball
prison. Guess such a first meeting does not
facilitate much of a chance for a romance.

You are so strong and you support your
Friends. I did some research and found out
About you. How you have to hide\control
Your emotions and I felt a bit sorry for you.
You and I are very different but we have one
Thing in common. We have to hide most of our
emotions from humanity. Me because I want to
come across as supreme (seems kind of petty now)
and you to save humanity and especially your

You wouldn't have to hide your emotions from me.
I could take whatever injury I would need to bear
Just to hear you laugh. Yes hear you. I feel so close
To you that I wouldn't need to see you to know that
It is your laugh.
I wonder if you could forgive me for what I did to
Your friends (he stops for a moment, sighs, then
Continues to write). Maybe not, but I would give
All my special powers\abilities to just get the
Courage to try. I may not be human, but that does
Not mean that I cannot feel.
Raven, if you allowed me
Just for one day to love you.
You'd understand how I feel
(even if you rejected after that
one day, it would be worth it).

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