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Daisuke stared at the notebook in front of him. The letters have long since transformed into a pack of wild Chibimons doing the mambo.

"Ken-chan~ don't you think we studied enough?"

They were both in the Ichijouji residence. Ken's parents were out, not wanting to disturb the two in their studies.

"Don't you have a test in biology next week, Dai-chan?"

"I'd much rather study your anatomy, Ken-chan~"

"Don't you know it well enough already?"

"I'd like to think I'm an A+ student in at least one subject."

The chocolate-tuned youth smirked as he blew lightly on his boyfriend's ear. The taller boy blushed deeply, yet kept his gaze fixed on his book.

"Dai-chan, sit."

He did, in Ken's lap.

"What? I sat."

Blue bangs waved lightly as the boy shook his head.

"What're you reading, anyways?"


"Cool. Hey, isn't it the one where the fairy queen falls for the donkey?"

"And what if it is?"

Ken asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I bet I look better than any donkey out there."

"And what if you are?"

He asked teasingly.

"Then will you be my fairy prince?"

The shock stopped Ken from reacting when Daisuke ran to his room.

"Let's raid the castle!"

"Oh, oy! Dai! Hold it!"

Minomon and Chibimon sight from their place in front of the TV while listening to the racket from the other room.

"They're having so much fun."

"That's Daisuke for ya."

"Yep. He's such good influence on Ken-chan."


The mood was ruined as the front door opened and in came Ken's mother, rather in a hurry.

"Hi, boys! I'm back for a moment, and… oh, where're Daisuke and Ken-chan?"

The Digimon pointed towards the hallway quite stiffly, and off the woman went bouncing.

"Oh uh."

"You said it."

They both hid under the sofa.

"Ken-chan… Ken-chan? Are you there? Ken-chan, I'm coming…"

The door was opened so quickly it almost fall off its hinges.

"…in. Ken-chan!"

"He, hi, mama."

He was bright red, shirtless, and rather sweat drenched.

"Ken-chan! What…"

"We were running around, mama."


"We were cold."

Daisuke blurted from somewhere in the room, causing the woman to blink.

"Well… no wonder, being shirtless! Get dressed, you'll catch a cold! …why did you take off your clothes to begin with?"

"Well, I er, I was helping Daisuke with, er…"


The goggle boy chirped, throwing an arm around Ken's shoulders, proving to be shirtless as well."

"Ah, I see. Well, you boys continue studying, I'll just let myself out. Take care, Ken-chan, and put something on! I'll be back later…"

"Bye mama."

"Later, Mrs. Ichijouji!"

She waved before leaving, and the two sighed in relief.

"That was a close one. A second later, and she'd have seen us…"

"Seen us doing what? Eh, Ken-chan~?"

Daisuke practically purred in Ken's ear, causing him to blush in reply.

"You… you know!"

"No, I don't. Teach me, Ichijouji-sensei~?"

Slender hands moving to encircle his waists and slightly down his boxers, Ken had little choice but to lean backwards with a smile, and lock the door.