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Remake me: Chapter One

Harry stared at himself in the mirror. How did everything turn out the way it had? Pale arms, slightly darker than his own, wrapped around his abdomen and he smiled to himself in the mirror, thinking back to the cause of all this.

Six years ago.

"If I didn't know any better, Draco, I'd say you were scared," Harry taunted, crossing over a few roots, following close behind the slightly taller blonde.

"Scared Potter?" Draco sat, holding the lamp in front of him, back facing the raven-haired boy, causing the Gryfindor to miss the frown that adorned his face at the use of his name on pink lips.

"Hoot-Hoot," the forest called to them.

"Did you hear that?" Draco asked, suddenly at Harry's side, holding the lamp in front of the boy's face so he could see him, looking around. Green eyes shined at him for a moment before he averted his eyes to the dog, "Come on, Fang." Harry's eyes flickered to the blonde's form as they walked, momentarily surveying him. Fang growled as they walked over some tree roots and both of them froze.

"What's wrong, Fang?" Harry asked, still not looking up, though Draco stood in horror watching a cloaked figure leaning over the body of a unicorn. Harry's eyes followed Fang and Draco's path. The thing lifted its head and snarled, unicorn blood dripping from a deformed mouth, baring fangs.

"Ahhh!" Draco shouted, moving to run. A figure appeared in his path.

"So I've found you," the figure spoke, a female voice behind the cloak that covered her features and body, "how dare you touch my unicorns." Her voice was calm, head facing the cloaked form stained with white blood. Draco looked up at her in wonder, the shadows covering her face and Harry looked between the two. A large beast flew through the air, stumping at the cloaked form in unicorn blood, making it flee. The other disappeared.

"Thank you," Harry said, looked up, wide-eyed at the centaur that saved his life.

"Harry Potter, it is not safe for you here, there are many a beast in this forest that will not take kindly to you," the centaur spoke, his voice deep booming slightly.

"Hello friend, I see you've met our young Mr. Potter. Alrigh' there 'Arry?" Hagrid asked, an arrow shooter in his hands, looking to Harry. Draco stood, trembling slightly, next to Harry.

"This is where I must leave you, take care, Harry Potter," the centaur galloped away.


The summer after fifth year. Harry sat on his bare floor, staring at nothing but focusing on everything. This evening was the evening the orphan woman came. It was always a different person but of the same sex, female. They would walk around the house, inspecting his living conditions. Of course, the Dursleys would move his bed in Dudley's room for just that day. Again, they would be allowed custody over him; they always were, because when all the doors were closed and company was around, they were, for lack of a better word, perfect. Harry sighed, crawling over to the lose floor board and pulling out some photos he had kept of his friends, Remus, Sirius and some of his Professors. He folded his legs, careful not to get any dirt on the new pair of black pants they brought him, his one, green, silk shirt hanging off of him nicely instead of sagging like all his other shirts, making him look lean and tall, handsome as well.

"Boy!" Vernon called up the steps and the 16-year-old quickly put his things back under the floorboard, standing, dusting off his bum.

"Coming, Uncle Vernon," Harry called, though it wasn't necessary since he was moving quickly down the steps, his light weight causing no sound from the steps or floor as he swept into the room, smiling charmingly. Vernon stared at the boy, along with his wife and son. Moments like these made them wonder about him, more than usual. With the mere addition of a nice shirt and pants, the boy was a young man, charming and normal but abnormal in the way his presence in this state made you want to be especially nice to him. "What time did she say she was coming?" Harry asked, politely, arms behind his back as he looked to his uncle that no longer towered over him as much as he had only two hours before.

"Ms. Cornelius, will be here in five minutes. You know the deal, boy." Vernon's voice was softer than it should have been. It should have been booming, harsh and intimidating, but it wasn't. "Oh," the large man said mockingly, as if just remembering, "she's also coming to see if there is room for another little boy, he's rich. Hear that Dudley you'll have a little friend to play with." Dudley smirked at Harry. He really hated when the lanky boy dressed up, he had to admit, though never out loud, he looked better than he.

"Like Andre?" Harry asked, his innocent eyes causing his three relatives to soften unwillingly.

"No, not a child, a teenager, about your age," Petunia spoke to Dudley as if he had asked the question.

"Ok," Harry nodded, standing with his hands behind his back, eyes downcast, knowing better than to take a seat or ask anymore. The tension in the room faded when the door was knocked upon.

"No funny business, boy," was the last thing Vernon said to him as he went to open the door.

"Hello, you must be Ms. Cornelius?" Vernon said joyously, smiling at the woman in front of him. The tall woman stood at eye-to-eye level with him, her curves making up for her increase in height as she flashed a straight, white-toothed smile at him. Her all white business suit made her stand out in authority, a pair of thin, rectangular glasses on her button nose, framing pale green eyes. Her hair in a tight bun at the top of her head but the back let out to let the slightly wavy, white blond hair flow down her back and over her shoulders. The pants she wore clung to her thighs nicely, stopping at her ankle, which was covered by white, leather, boots. Vernon stared as Petunia came up from behind him, followed by Dudley and then Harry who stood at the doorway, body toward Vernon, waiting to be introduced to the woman though he caught a glimpse of her.

"Yes, I am, and this," her voice sounding familiar to Harry's ears, she moved aside allowing another figure to walk up who was a little taller than her, "is D." The figure smiled politely at them, hiding his look of utter disgust at the size of the men and of course, the fact that they were Muggles did not help in the least bit. His hands folding at his back instinctively, allowing them to look him over which they did with wide eyes and shamelessly slacked-jaws, making him smirk lightly. The black pants he wore hugged his legs slightly, muscles outlined to perfection just like the rest of his long legs. His silver, silk shirt was slightly see through, almost blending in with his white- blonde hair, held in a perfect ponytail at the base of his neck. His stormy gray eyes smiled at them, shinning in the sunlight and matching his shirt perfectly. His scaled, green shoes and belt finishing the look. "Well, aren't you going to invite us in?" Ms. Cornelius asked impatiently, tapping her slightly pointed heel on the off color cement of the porch.

"Yes, yes of course," Vernon stuttered, backing away clumsily and knocking over Harry in the process. The Gryfindor was momentarily surprised but shook out of his stupor when a pearl nailed hand reached out to him, to help him up.
"And you must be Harry, you look nice, I'd like you to meet, Draco," her smirk made him wonder if she knew something he didn't and he excepted her hand, dusting off his bum again.

"Draco?" he asked himself, looking down at himself to make sure everything was in order.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Harry Potter," Draco chuckled, looking over the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Malfoy, what are you doing here?" Harry exclaimed ignoring the odd looks his relatives gave him.

"Father had to lie low and.what is it your business?" Malfoy sneered.

"It's not, I just wanted to know why the heck you're in my home!" Harry shouted. A hand touched his shoulder and he calmed down immediately, looking to the pearl nails for a moment before glancing up at the taller woman.

"Well, if we can just have a seat, I can explain everything," again her voice sounded familiar. Draco glared at Harry and vice-versa before the three turned to the three gawking relatives, "shall we?"

The five of them sat in the living room as Harry went to receive the refreshments his Aunt had prepared for their company.

"What is this all about?" Vernon asked, taking a biscuit offered by Harry silently.

"Well, as you know, young Harry here attends Hogwarts.well thank you dear," she took the tea, refusing the biscuit politely, "Draco also attends Hogwarts and he needs a place to stay for the balance of the summer.
"Hogwarts, I have no idea what you're talking about!" Petunia said hysterically, looking to the woman in horror.

"Oh, no need to worry dear," Harry offered Draco tea and biscuits politely, making the blonde raise an eyebrow to him, Cornelius continued, "I know all about Harry being a wizard, I mean I am the woman who handles his placement. I am to understand that he's been taken care of and is in perfect health, though it is obviously a lie," her eyebrow raised to him when he stood back, head bowed and hands behind his back in a submissive manner.

"Boy, take a seat, with all that nonsense, honestly, he's just nervous," Vernon, said anxiously, lifting his fat body and directing Harry to the empty seat next to Draco. Head still bowed, Harry frowned, he'd messed up, a beating definitely was in order after this.

"That will be all, Vernon. As it is, Harry has remained safe in this house for the past years of his life, both normal and abnormal, and young Draco here is in need of a place to stay. Of course, you will be paid for your serves in helping Mr. Malfoy out, including the money you receive for keeping Harry in your sights."

"Money?" Harry interrupted.

"Yes, Harry, money. They are paid to take care of you, that's where all of your clothing and food comes from." Ms. Cornelius said, almost sadly. Harry's eyes flashed with hurt so deep that Draco had to repel from him for a moment, but it was there for only a split second before his had bowed again and his face went blank. What happened to the Gryfindor spirit? What happened to Saint Potter? The one that stood up for his friends? And now he couldn't even stand up for himself? "Draco needs a place to stay and he will stay here, that is that." The woman stood, flattening away invisible wrinkles on her suit.

"You're not going to stay and inspect the house?" Harry asked, eyes pleading, looking to her hopefully, standing.

"No, I'm afraid not, I have some business to attend to in the Wizarding World. I will return at the end of the summer to see how things are going and to take you two to Hogsmeade for your school supplies. Good day and good luck." And she disappeared from the room with a soft pop.

Draco stood, looking to the large man that was a little shorter than him.

"Well, Muggle, where will I be staying?" Draco asked, smirking at Harry whose face was that of pure horror making his smirk fade. The large man was turning a very unappealing shade of purple and he was shaking.

"That's all we need, another little freak," the large man hissed.

"Excuse me," Draco's appalled voice startled the slight silence of the room. Harry stood in front of him, as if to protect him.

"You don't have to worry about him! Everything's ok, we wouldn't make a sound this entire summer ok, ok?" Harry's voice was shaking and pleading, Vernon shook as he thought over Harry's words, a disgusted look on his face. Harry whirled around to face Draco who was looking completely and utterly shocked. Harry's face sported a few tear streaks and his already pale face looking up at Draco with wholesome fear. "Go up stairs." His voice was squeaked.

"But-." Draco tried.

"No, go, and stay there, don't listen" Harry pushed him out of the room and toward the stairs, standing in the hall toward the entrance of the room, shaking. The blonde Malfoy walked up the stairs, confused.

"Petunia, take Dudders upstairs," Vernon called to his wife from behind him. That was as much as Draco caught before he closed the door to a bare room with only a desk and a wardrobe in it. He scowled at the dirty tiled floor, eyeing the small carpet in the middle of the room.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" a high-pitched male scream had erupted from down stairs and the blonde closed his eyes. Harry told him to stay up stairs. He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes tightly. What the hell was going on?


Two Hours later.

Draco lay with his hands behind his head, on the filthy bed, that at least had a decent blanket on top of it. The screaming had stopped only minutes ago and his chest constricted painfully at the dead silence that followed it. He knew it was Potter's voice, had heard it scream before in rage and after that time at the Tri-wizard Tournament, he heard it in horror. Is this what happened to the Boy-Who-Lived? Why had this happened? What had happened? He heard heavy steps behind the door he knew lie directly in front of the steps. The doors' locks were opened quickly and the large man stood in the hall, holding Harry whose limp body hung from the stubby arms of the man. Draco sat up quickly, leaping from the bed, and just catching Harry before he hit the floor.

The fat man chuckled harshly, slamming the door shut and locking all the locks. Draco sneered at the door then looked down to his Potter.
My Potter? The question left him when he looked down at Harry, or at least a shell of him. His eyes were open in horror, eyes wide, glazed and unfocused. He was completely naked, save for the rag that was left of what looked like boxers. His usually pale skin gleamed death at him, scratches down his pale thighs, across his chest and on his cheek. His lips were swollen and held two splits, one in the middle of his lower lip and one in the corner of his mouth. His long hair tangled and bunched in ways that showed rough treatment, like being pulled and tugged horribly. The raven- haired boy's eyes finally blinked, eyes clouding with tears. "Harry, Harry are you ok?" Draco asked, he had the sudden urge to slap himself. What a stupid question! Of course he's not ok! Harry didn't move but his tears stopped falling down his pale, bruised cheeks and his large, sharp green eyes looked up at Draco who held him to his chest, his thighs folded under him to hold Harry up slightly.

"Draco.sorry," Harry squeaked, head tilting slightly to look deeply in the blonde's eyes, before he promptly passed out. Draco looked down at the smaller boy, holding back the emotions that filled him at the beautiful bruised face, making him feel guilty because he thought the black haired boy never looked more enticing. He sighed to himself, using his thumb to wipe away Harry's tears, what are we going to do?


The next morning.

Draco awoke slowly, instinctively feeling for the warmth of Harry, who he had laid beside him, that seemed to have disappeared. He sat up stridently, looking around for The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"Are you ok, Malfoy?" Harry asked, looking to the blonde as he came into the room, a tray of food in his hands. Though the boy was naturally pale, some color had returned to his face, lips no longer swollen but a nice plump red. His hair had been cleaned and washed, wetly combed back into a neat ponytail. His face did not sport the bruises he wore the night before, pale skin creamy and light, contrasting with the black turtle neck he wore, black jeans hugging strong legs. He looked, for lack of a better word, crisp.

"I should be asking you that question, Potter," Malfoy drawled, looking at him suspiciously as he held out the tray to him, "what's all this?" he directed his eyes toward the food. Harry sighed, mind-full of the fact that Draco sat on his bed with nothing but a pair of boxers on, looking cute with his hair in a disarray all over his shoulders, taking a seat next to the blonde and setting the tray on his own lap, beginning to butter toast.

"It's food, Malfoy. Look, here you can't act anyway you want. It's fine with me if you act that way when the Dursleys aren't around but when they are.you can't. You've been asleep for a while and the three of them left early in the morning for a family day. By the time they get back, we should be in bed. I'm sorry, Malfoy, you probably want to be here even less than I want you to be here. We'll have to deal with it." He handed Draco a plate of pancakes, eggs and sausage, smiling charmingly.

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