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Where we last left off...

"We can't do this here…" the blonde whispered, or more so, moaned, back, feeling Harry grind into his erection. The Gryfindor blinked owlishly for a few moments before he looked from left to right, noticing that, though they were in a dark section of the hallway, well hidden, they were still, in fact, within a hallway. Nodding his head compliantly, Harry grabbed Draco's hand and began a fast pace walk towards his room.

Chapter 15

Not watching where he was going, Harry smacked into a hard body and would have fallen if Draco had not been behind him. He felt his eyes flare before looking up, upset of having the process of mating interrupted so abruptly. His eyes dulled somewhat when he looked into pitch black eyes, a pale figure leaning somewhat haughtily over his person.

"What would the two of you be doing roaming the halls in such a flourish?" The articulated words ran a shiver down Harry's spine. He felt the blonde stiffen behind him, sure Draco caught on to the effect the dark haired boy had on him.

"Mentor, was it?" Draco's trademark scowl lined the soft curve of his lips, his eyes roaming critically over the span of the shorter boy's body. He tightened his arms around Harry, haven caught him around the waist, and he could feel the tension in the smaller youth's body at the boy's name.

"I don't believe I gave my name," black eyes flicked up to stare unblinkingly at the unyielding blonde. Draco felt his lips curve into a smirk at the Slytherin, noting the hint of an accent the boy gave off, most likely of Asian ethnicity given the boy's almond narrow eyes, small nose and thin lips.

"Yes, but I do note the names of those within my house, especially if said name is added in my year without prior attendance to this school," at Draco's response, Mentor's gaze relented somewhat and though his mouth did not twitch in anyway, the blonde sensed amusement.

"Well done then, Draco, you may call me Louis," the teen offered his hand and Draco glanced at it, Harry still resting stiffly against him. One of his arms still wrapped around the Gryfindor, he shook the black haired teen's hand and immediately withdrew it a moment later. His arm sung with newly awakened nerves, the limb going somewhat numb after the contact was broken and he felt Harry's body surge with life once more against him.

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter," Harry offered his hand in much the same manner as Louis had, his large eyes looking curiously into black depths that stayed locked that that of his mate. Just as the dark Slytherin went to take it, Draco shifted somewhat, causing their hands to slip pass one another, brushing the backs of their hands.

"A pleasure," Mentor drawled, eyes never leaving Draco's as he let his hand fall. The pale boy nodded his head toward Harry, looking down at him before flicking his eyes back to Draco and turning gracefully away. Both watched in awe as the boy swept down the hall.

"There you are, sire," Adam's voice broke whatever trance the two were in and Harry turned to the younger boy with a bright smile, filing the interaction in the back of his head for later analysis.

"Were you looking for me?" Harry's innocent smile and big eyes signaled a chuckle from his younger companion, the smaller boy sliding up to him and ringing his arm around his own.

"Of course I was," Draco growled at their tones and both raven-haired-boys giggled, "we have some things to attend to regarding the building of the clan, after all, there are the other clans to consider. They will not be happy about the fuss you have caused when you've just awoken," Adam's voice was now serious. Harry pouted somewhat, glancing at his fuming mate for a moment before allowing the younger boy to drag him away.

"We'll finish this later, Draco," Harry muttered, turning his face away from the blonde as Draco crossed his arms but did not motion to follow. What was that 'meeting' with Mentor all about? And what was that weird tingling sensation all about? It was like…Draco shook his head, continuing down the corridor in the direction the dark haired Slytherin had taken, the one opposite that of his soon-to-be-mate.

The blonde had not taken more than five steps before he was accosted at the waist and flung into a hard body, his back pressed sensuously to that of his kidnapper, body going slightly numb at the contact. His breath hitched but he made no move to back away, encouraging the arms that wrapped securely around his person.

"Mentor," he purred, smirking when he felt the body behind his own stiffen at the name.

"Malfoy…" The answer trailed over his ears. He felt his instincts screaming at him, cursing and spitting obscenities over and over again at how wrong this was, his logical, more Slytherin mind pointing out that they had yet to mate. "Shouldn't you feel a bit more guilty?" the tall lad hummed, long, impossibly long fingers trailing the length of his trouser zipper, a light chuckle vibrating his back.

"I would if I cared to question what you are…" the smirk evident in his voice, Draco let out a satisfying purr, tilting his head back.

"And what am I?" Draco shivered pleasantly, the whisper a cool tremble against the shell of his ear. Harry. The thought of his intended caused the blonde to move away slightly, the spell of enchantment over his body keeping him from moving away fully. He felt his instincts roar at the small victory, arguing louder than before with his weak human mind.

"You're not my mate," Draco's firm voice turned with him, the blonde now facing the dark haired youth, staring determinedly into his black eyes. "And it would be wise of you to turn off your enchantment, my dear fellow snake," he hissed, silver eyes flashing. Mentor smirked, nodding his head in obedience, releasing the tense blond.

"You have a lot more fight in you then I expected, especially since you are not mated, young Veela," he conceded, stepping to the blonde as Draco backed into a wall, not trusting the human factor of his mind in allowing his resistance a third time, the first with his own mate present. "I suppose an Elvin like myself would be sure pressed to make sure you never mate if I want you…" Draco did not like the silver ring that formed around the back eyes, the wall behind him unyielding as he pressed into it, the stark pale face of his offender becoming closer. Draco turned his head away, eyes lid on a harsh exhale before he sucked it up. Turning to face Louis, his lips curved into familiar ground, the patented Malfoy smirk.

"I'll have to speak with the headmaster about allowing all these creatures into our school. It certainly can't be wise, allowing the darker populace of magical animals into our school…" he smirked into Mentor's face, pushing the pale figure away from him with little to no exertion. "It was fun, while it lasted. I –must- go and find my mate…" Draco turned to trot from the little alcove only to be stopped by strong, long fingers wrapped securely around his upper arm.

"You leave when I say you leave, Veela," the elf spat, dark eyes glowing unnaturally as the firelight caught the specks of silver. Draco scowled, shaking his arm free.

"You will find my resolve is greater than most, you will not lead me astray again, Elfin trash." Draco stepped toward him until he glared into the pale boy's face, his silver eyes burning with determination. "If you deter me from my mate again," his words froze whatever thought process Mentor possessed, the sneer dropping from his features in fear, "I will show you your God…" With that, Draco spat at the floor before Louis, disgust written all over his face, toward his own actions and those of the dark elf before him. His robes swirled around him as he stormed away, desperately in search of his mate, his body already acting on his betrayal as he felt his heart clench and unclench painfully. He had to mate soon, he thought to himself, glancing worriedly over his shoulder.

Now that his state had been reenacted, many other creatures would try at him and that he had attracted an Elvin, and a dark Elvin, no less did not bode well. He almost felt bad for the dark haired Slytherin, as he would soon feel the attraction lessen. A searing pain his reward as elves in all their many forms, sans Veela, were born with, the ache that came with not knowing your mate, pain accompanying any form of disloyalty toward the mate they did not even know. Draco shrugged, shrugging off any blame in a true, Malfoy-like fashion, following the now potent smell of his mate through the twists and turns of Hogwarts.

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