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The Story so far. . .

Morgan was never adopted. Maeve was never killed, instead only Angus was burned alive in the barn by Ciaran so Maeve would have no where to turn but to him, and she did. Morgan was raised by darkness, by Ciaran and Maeve couldn't do anything about it because he weakened her. For many years they lived in Ireland and then to Scotland, but they eventually moved to Widow's Vale, upstate New York so Ciaran could set up a new Amyranth coven with an old acquaintance, Selene Belltower. Even though Ciaran protested against it, Morgan wanted to start high school, to see if she could find some friends who would start a coven with her. . .


Morgan's POV.

I slid on my black leather pants and my crimson corset top, much to my dismay I was completely flat chested so it really didn't do much for me but I loved it nonetheless. I stuck my long brown hair up in a band and applied heavy eyeliner and mascara to my eyes and put on my black jacket.

I headed down the stairs and past my mum on the way, "Where you going Morgan?" she asked me.

"I thought I'd check out the high school, I'll be so bored here all day long, I heard that Cal Blaire goes" Cal Blaire, Goddess he's so hot! He's Selene Belltower's son, a good witch, but he doesn't even measure with the power I have.

"Morgan, please be careful," she said

"Yeah, yeah whatever" I replied in a bored tone, why was she so boring, always working just pure, good magic. We have the power to do whatever we want and she doesn't even use the full extent of it.

"Love you Morgan, I'll see you later." She smiled

"Yes, bye!" I said pushing past her and heading for the door.

"Morgan?" I heard my Da call from the living room.

I walked into the living room where he was sat with a cup of tea and some paper work.

"Yeah, Da?" I asked, I respected my father so much more, he was powerful and one day I hope to follow in his footsteps.

"Where are you going?" he asked staring at me with his dark brown eyes so like mine.

"I'm going to the school Da, Cal told me that he goes and instead of being bored around the house I thought I'd check it out." I told him.

"Okay then," he smiled, "have fun Morgan, love"

"Will do," I said yet again rushing for the door.

I headed to the extremely large garage and opened the doors to reveal three cars, my Da's, mums and mine.

Mum drove this little red Vauxhall Corsa thing, boring like herself. Dad drove the most gorgeous midnight blue jaguar I had ever seen, but I had a beauty of a car, I had a black Porsche convertible, my Da had bought me for my 16th birthday, he thinks he's spoiling me, but hey, I love it.

I drove the short distance to Cal's and asked if he'd like a lift and hey he said yes! Great! We we're going to start our first day at Widows Vale high together, as he slid into the passenger seat he smiled at me and flashed his brilliant golden eyes.

"Ready?" I asked

"When you are," he replied.

We arrived at the school and climbed out of the car and headed towards it.

We looked like a really odd pair within the school of normal looking non- witches. There was I in black leather and a red corset top and Cal in his untidy black jeans and his white t-shirt with his pentagram necklace glinting in the sun.

We grabbed our timetables and headed off to our classes, unfortunately we had no classes together since I was a junior and he was a senior.

My first class was chemistry; I walked through the door about ten minutes late, the room turned their heads to look at me.

"Excuse me? Are you lost?" the teacher asked me.

"No, I'm new," I said with a smile on my face.

"Name?" this strict snippy teacher demanded.

"You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine" I smiled slyly.

A few of the kids laughed, well it was good to know they had a sense of humour. And from a few of their faces I could tell that this teacher was not one to be arguing with, so what, what's the worse he could to me? I have more power than he could ever possess.

"Morgan MacEwan" I said

"Well, Morgan MacEwan, I am Mrs Neil, but you will most likely come to know me as the inhuman evil bitch queen, like I know so many of the other students do.

"You don't know what evil is," I smirked

"Sit" she barked at me.

"Whatever" I said sounding bored.

I found an empty space next a girl who dressed a little like me, she had jet-black hair and was wearing black fishnet stockings and a short black skirt with a tight revealing black top, she had more piercings than I had from what I could see, and I had my both my ears pierced 4 times, my nose pierced, my eyebrow, my tongue and my naval. She had the same but a few more ear piercings than I. She had a cool tattoo around her bellybutton - a ring of fire.

"Hi, I'm Raven" she said.

"Morgan," I said.

"New to Widows Vale huh?" she asked

"New to America" I smiled

"Why where were you from?" she asked, "I noticed the accent"

"Part Irish, part Scottish"

"Cool, well good luck in Widows Vale, there's pretty much nothing here to do" she sighed

"I think I had already figured that one out." I rolled my eyes.

"So why you move here?"

"Business reasons, my dad's working on something with an old friend who has just moved here too, her son started here today as well."

"A boyfriend of yours?" she grinned

"Not yet, he's an experiment I'm working on, but he will be soon." I told her, I always got what I wanted so no doubt, within time, he would be mine.

At lunch I met Cal in the quad and found these steps that led to the school basement where we sat.

"I was working on that spell last night, the one you taught me with how to mute someone, so they thought they were talking but they made no sound at all, and it worked well," Cal said.

"Your mum gave you another boring lecture huh?" I smiled.

"Yeah, she figured it out and she got pissed at me, note to self: never spell another witch more powerful than you" he laughed.

"I do it to my mum all the time, I think she's trying to turn me to see things her way, but it just don't appeal to me, I have all this power to use, why not use it for I want to use it for."

"Totally, I don't see why your mum still lives with you"

"Well she and dad are soul mates so she deals with it." I told him.

"Anyway I was thinking we could hold a circle tonight" Cal asked

"Good idea, but there's just two of us, I was thinking we should start a coven, it'll be fun" I suggest, Cal nodded and agreed with my idea. "I think I know a good candidate for our first member." I grinned slyly and pointed at Raven Meltzer who was walking to her locker.

"You retarded thing!" I heard her yell at her locker, which refused to open for her, she banged it with her fist for a while and then gave up.

When she turned around, both me and Cal were there facing her, each with a smile on our face.

"Hi, Morgan, is this that Cal?"

"Yes, Raven as you know Cal and I are new to Widows Vale and we were wondering if you'd like to help us start a little, I don't know. . . get together, grab a few people and meet us tonight at that old Methodist cemetery" I told her.

"Okay sounds cool, what time?"

"About half past seven? Cal suggested.

"Perfect" I smiled, "is that good for you Raven?"

"Yeah, okay then"

I banged on Raven's locker and it swung wide open for her, (of course I spelled my fist)
"Thanks Morgan," Raven smiled, "See you tonight."

"Excellent, the makings of our very own coven" I smiled as Cal and I headed to my car, we couldn't really be bothered to attend afternoon classes so we just headed to Cal's.

"But do we really want a non-witch coven?" he asked.