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Morgan's POV

12 months later.

~*~*~*~It seemed like years later before things seemed to get better for me, but I couldn't believe the things that happened to me only a year ago, happened only in the space of a week, I had gone through so much.

Well, a lot in my life has changed I've changed. I work for the good guys now. Sometimes it is hard to stay on the right path but Hunter says its natural for any good witch, even him. Thank the goddess he was so perfect after all, he also quit the council because he didn't want to continue moving around, he wanted to stay in Widow's Vale with me.

I've had a small change of image, not too much though; it wasn't me to go "Bree" as I put it, I still wore my tight black outfits but I had cut back a bit on the revealing, well sometimes anyway.

Killian lives with me now, he took mum and dad's old room instead of the tiny box of a room he had before for his rare visits.

And Hunter also lives with me; I would have hated to live in this huge house by myself.

Killian sold his battered ford and I let him have Da's gorgeous jag and Hunter thought my mum's Vauxhall Corsa was a beautiful car so he kept it, I was really glad because even though I thought it was a boring car, I hadn't the heart to let it go.

At the age of 18 (happy birthday to me) and Hunter being 20, we are now engaged, pretty young I know but we love each other greatly. We are to be married on Beltane. I have a beautiful white-gold band joined in the middle by a diamond, for and engagement ring, it was perfect, like it was made especially for me.

A Few months back Hunter had actually got in contact with his father since Selene and Ciaran were gone, and unfortunately his Mother had passed, but his father was alive and well and was living above Practical Magick in an apartment next to Alyce's

I had met a few other members' of Hunter's family, like his sister Alwyn and his cousin Sky Eventide.

But now, all I had was Hunter and Killian and my friends, I was so grateful for them all.

I had started my own business; I began to grow plants and herbs to manufacture soaps, bath oils, shampoo, lotions and all sorts of things like that. I had also begun to specialize in healing, for example my coven friend Jenna Ruiz suffers bad asthma and I help her a lot with that.

Hunter helped me in the store with all the financial side of things, but we earned a good deal from the business.

Killian being the true Killian was still an unemployed carefree partygoer although; he had calmed down a bit. Hunter and I think he's got a bit of a thing for Hunter's sister Alwyn, although he doesn't admit it, maybe romance is in the air for them both.

I had given Robbie one of my spelled lotions that had cured his terrible acne, even his scar's, I then convinced him to get contacts, he was really good-looking now and he finally got the courage to ask out Bree who's reply was yes because she'd felt the same way about him.

We did keep the coven Cirrus Cal and I had first put together, but we decided in order for the coven to heal properly we would change its name, Raven wanted to change it to Kithic, she saw it in a book and didn't know what it meant, it means left handed, but still we kept the name because it sounded okay. Both Hunter and myself lead it together.

Well, I better go now, birthday celebrations await!

Morgan xxx ~*~*~*~


I put away my book of shadows and cast out my senses, Hunter and Killian were downstairs in the kitchen having breakfast and my little black kitten Hunter got me last week that I named Maeve, was curled up in a ball at the end of my bed.

Not wanting to bother, but knowing I had to, I pulled the comforter off me and slid out of bed.

I dragged myself into the bathroom and had a hot shower.

Feeling better already, I got out and put on my all time favourite black leather pants and black tank top. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail and wrapped a band around it to secure it in place. I then applied a thin layer of dark brown eye shadow and some mascara and eyeliner. Looking into the mirror and feeling I looked presentable, I grinned then I ran down to the kitchen.

"How are my two favourite guys doing?" I said with a smile on my face planting a kiss on Hunter's face.

"Please, its too early in the morning for all that" Killian joked, pretending to shield his eyes.

"Shut it you" I grinned,

"Morgan is there something wrong?" Killian asked with a confused face.

"Yeah," Hunter agreed, "You're not usually perky at this time of the morning" the boys laughed.

"So don't I get a birthday kiss?" I grinned at Hunter

"What? Why, Its not my birthday" he burst out laughing, then he kissed me softly on the lips.

It was weird, for a long time Hunter had been that intense over-protective person he was, but now every since he'd lived with me and Killian and quit the council, he started to relax a bit and he joked around a lot more, I was beginning to think Killian was a bad influence on him even though I knew Hunter wouldn't go as far as that, he was still sensible and highly caring and protective when needed.

"Guys! Please, cut it out" Killian moaned.

Hunter stood up, "I fancy a cup of tea, would any one like one?" he asked, "Killian"

"No thanks mate I'm off out to fetch Morgan's present" Killian gave me a quick wink.

"Morgan?" Hunter asked me

"Oh now Hunter you know better than that," I smiled and headed off to the refrigerator and pulled out a diet coke, something Bree had got me hooked onto and I put a bagel into the toaster.

I felt Killian leave the house. I wondered what he got me this year, every other year he got me stupid gifts, last year he bought me a pogo stick! The year before that he bought me one of those kiddie tricycle things, for my 7th birthday he bought me a doll as an apology for being mean to my favourite one, even though I had temporarily paralysed him.

"So you ready for your party tonight?" Hunter grinned

"You bet you ass I am" he pulled me closer and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Several hours later, people had begun to arrive my "birthday extravaganza" nicknamed by Killian.

We played loud music and danced, had a bit, sorry had a LOT to drink and then it was time for birthday presents! Yay!

I got loads of great gifts from my coven members. Hunter had gone and booked us a romantic weekend in Paris, and I was still looking forward to Killian's surprise.

"So little sister are you ready for your present" Killian said.

Everybody crowded round looking for a gift to be handed to me, and so was I.

"It's outside" Killian grinned

Everybody follow Killian outside and there in the drive I saw the most beautiful motorbike ever! It was a Kawasaki Ninja!

"Oh my God! Killian!" I cried, I ran in to his arms and kissed him on the cheek, "Its gorgeous! How did you afford it?" I asked

"Most of it was from the ford I sold, the rest was from little jobs I did here and there." He grinned.

"He's been helping Alyce in practical magick," Hunter informed me

Everybody drooled over the bike.

"Killian why did you get this for me?" I gasped

"Why!" he laughed, "you gave me a home and the best little sister anyone could ask for"

I took the bike for a test spin it handled like a dream. When I came back I carefully put it into the garage and thanked Killian once again.

Everybody went back inside to continue the party events, it was a great night.

It must have been about 2am when everybody had gone home, the house was naturally a tip and Killian was passed out on the couch. I quietly laughed at him.

Hunter came up behind me and wrapped him arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

"How are you feeling birthday girl?" Hunter breathed into my ear.

"If you hadn't noticed, its not my birthday anymore," I pointed to the clock and I smiled. "But I feel fine, just a little tired."

For the first time in ages I thought to myself, life just don't get any better than this!

"So you ready for bed?" Hunter asked me

"Oh yeah" I nodded.