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Summary: Sequel to "How Much I hate you" (if you haven't read it yet, it's best to do so if you want to allow this story to have its full impact on you.). How does Bubbles letter (chapt.1) and Blossom's decision (How much I hate you-chapt-3) in Part one affect them in the future. They are now in High School.

"Hey Buttercup!" Bubbles cried as she stepped through the door of the only home that they've known since birth with Professor Utonium, "Brick is here and I need to talk to you about our practice session at his house!"

"All right!" Bubbles heard voices cry excitedly from upstairs and soon Buttercup and Boomer were running from Buttercup's towards Bubbles and Brick downstairs in the living room. Boomer had a lollipop in his mouth but when he saw Brick he took it out and hid it behind his back.

"Hi Bubbles," Boomer said sheepishly, "what time do we get to practice remember my mother wants me home by 9:30pm unless I call her before 6:00pm and tell her that we are having a sleepover at Prof. Utonium's house," he said as he stared at the floor a bit embarrassed about his curfew.

Bubbles stared at him. Boomers blonde hair was now dyed dark purple and in school Bobby-Boomer was now his official name in the school register. He looked butch in his full black outfit. A black tight shirt that showed off his abs and fit body, his baggy pants and Nike sneakers. His blue eyes were still big and round as always but now they were filled with nervousness at his expression (indirectly) of his respect and love for his mother. Boomer was adopted just three years ago after Professor got into a car accident and the Adoption Agency didn't think that he would be able to take care of Boomer as well as his own girls properly from a wheel chair. Luckily Professor found Miss Fern Potts a young widow who was left a handsome fortune. But she turned out to be a real grouch and at first Boomer was forced to come straight home after school. He wasn't allowed out for sleepovers (even to our house) and none at his new home (still not allowed today). One day Boomer exploded and told her that he hated her and that her husband died because she drove him out the house with her crabbiness (rumours were going around that he died because she locked him out of the house and that was how the robber got to him). However when he found out that she had a severe asthma attack, two days after he left he went straight to hospital to see her and today they get along a whole lot better. He was nearly six feet and despite his tendency to slouch, had very good posture.

"Mama's boy," Brick muttered giving Boomer a disgusted look, "why don't you just sneak off, 'fraid that she'll have another asthma attack?" he teased.

"At least I have a mother," Boomer spat back, "just because Him is your legal guardian doesn't mean I'm going to let you scare me or that he is a father," he said his voice suddenly cold and serious.

Brick's face became so red it matched his hair. Bubbles trying to calm him down and glaring at Boomer wasn't helping. How dare he compare his parent to Him. One of the strongest ex-villains in Townsville (yes ex-villain. He decided to quit villainy for fatherhood and now runs a chain of Health and Fitness Stores). In his Red jacket, Blue shirt, blue-denim pants and white sneakers, he was quite popular in Townsville as not only one of the most handsome University graduates but also one of the most successful scientists in the world, beating Prof. Utonium by a long shot (Mojo Jojo had given them a smart pill that should have made them all extremely smart but it only worked on Brick. Not even Mojo could figure out why it worked on no one else including himself.) in the inventing field. He was also considered one of the most eligible bachelors in America by MTV, ABC and People Magazine and he was only fifteen. But he made it perfectly clear that he was taken by Bubbles his girlfriend and leader of the Power Puff Girls.

"Oh and I suppose that your girlfriend Blossom finds it manly that you sneak into Buttercup's room to suck on lollipops," Brick threw back and Boomer's face reddened.

"I guess it all depends on how you define manly, Brick," Blossom said suddenly from the kitchen, "I couldn't help but over hear from the kitchen when I used the back door, since you speak so loudly," she added her voice becoming teasing and sarcastic.

"You probably snuck in the kitchen and was listening the whole time," Buttercup said scornfully as she glared at the door waiting for Blossom to emerge from the kitchen, "what, scared that the Power Puff girls and the Purple Laser will kick your butt?" she teased.

"Or maybe she has someone around there with her (Boomer's mouth falls to the floor at Brick's statement) keeping her OCCUPIED," Brick said with a lot of innuendo.

Blossom stormed out of the kitchen and glared Brick. How dare he accuse her of such a thing, worse Boomer was here and his face went very red when she looked at him.

Bubbles and Buttercup however were both laughing heartily at Brick's joke. Bubbles covering her mouth and cracking up every two seconds, her blue eyes filling with water from her laughter and Buttercup laughing out loudly rolling on the floor. Bubbles in her red Versace spaghetti strapped blouse and black Tommy Hilfiger skirt and black pumps (same designer). An outfit that Brick had bought for her last week. She also had on some jewelry including the blue diamond ring and diamond necklace (with her powers she saw no one crazy enough to try and rob her) and her long blonde hair hung freely more than half way down her back. Standing at 5ft.7 she was a beautiful marvel with butt-kicking action to boot. Buttercup was still laughing and her brown jacket, white blouse, black denim pants and white Reebok sneakers were getting smeared with dirt, along with her slightly longer than shoulder length black hair that was fully braided.

"ENOUGH!" a voice cried suddenly, "everyone fell silent to see Prof. Utonium glaring at them from the front door. He hadn't changed a lot. He looked very good with his medium tan, flecks of white mixed with his black hair and in his usual attire of white shirt, black pants and black shoes. What was nit usual however was his red electrical wheel chair.

"Now," Prof. Utonium stated coldly, "I don't know what started this but I know that it will end now," he said slowly as he stared into the faces of each and every person in the room.

"Sorry about the commotion," Bubbles, Buttercup, and Brick said in unison, "Professor," they added before Blossom could say anything.

Blossom looked down at her feet. Her long red hair hung off her shoulders in a mass of red curls. She looked great wearing a blue sleeveless blouse, orange knee length pleated Armani skirt and red Gucci sandals (strapless). She sighed.

"Sorry Daddy," Blossom said softly.

"Sorry sir," Boomer said indifferently.

"Good, now bubbles will you help me with the groceries?" Prof. Utonium asked innocently, "they're in the trunk and I'm certain Buttercup wont mind taking her new punching bag upstairs," he stated.

"Yes," Buttercup cried and out the door before Bubbles even reached it.

"I'll help you Bubbles," Brick said as he hurried after her.

"What happened?" Prof. Utonium asked Blossom and Boomer when he was certain the others were out of earshot.

Boomer told him everything and afterwards Prof. sighed.

"Ever since you left the PPG's Blossom things have been so different around here," Prof. Utonium said almost reflectively, "and you still refuse to tell me why you left," he said as he stared into Blossoms downcast eyes.

"She left on her own accord," Boomer said suddenly (Blossom glared at him), "Sir, remember that you said that we could go and train at Brick's house?" he asked.

"Yes, P.L. (Purple Laser), I remember," Prof. responded, "but they can't spend the night so remind them to be back by ten" he said sounding rather drained all of a sudden.

"Yes!!" Boomer yelled with great happiness and ran out to tell the others that Prof. said yes and as they came in the house rejoicing, Prof. noticed Blossoms eyes sadly following them as they disappeared into the Kitchen.

The End

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