Chapter 6: This is it.

(Fifteen Minutes Later Elsewhere)

Buttercup flew swiftly in the night. She was sick of the Professor giving Blossom special treatment, sick of being treated as a second class sister of Blossom and Bubbles by High School teachers who couldn't see beyond excellent marks and an ever smiling face, sick of living in her stupid life here in Townsville, sick of everything. She was going to leave Townsville, but there was one thing that she had to do.

She looked down to see Mitch nearing his home, he looked rather angry kicking a can as he walked along the lonely sidewalk. Buttercup slowly landed behind him.

"Hello Buttercup," Mitch said nonchalantly and Buttercup nearly jumped out of her skin.

"How did you know it was me?" Buttercup asked almost incredulously.

"When you're in a bad mood you're more alert I guess," Mitch responded simply and sighed, "You're planning on walking me home Buttercup?" he asked frankly but his voice had a hint of curtness that showed that he was still angry about what had happened earlier at her house.

"Turn around and you tell me?" Buttercup responded with sarcastic curtness.

Mitch turned around slowly, but his eyes widened when he saw Buttercup. Buttercup was now levitating slightly over the ground, sitting Indian style in the air. But that's not what surprised Mitch. What surprised him was the brown leather suitcase that she held in her left hand and the light gray one shoulder back pack that she had over one shoulder. She was also wearing a dark blue cap, brown denim jacket, a black blouse, knee length black tights, black bobby socks and black laced army boot that were just below her knees. She had on light blue eye shadow and clear lip gloss was on her lips. But what surprised Mitch most were her hands. She had on black biker gloves and sticking out of them were fingers.

"I snuck into Blossom's room and swiped some of the formula that she had been working on," Buttercup explained to an astonished Mitch, "I knew that it was to give her fingers because I overheard her telling Robyn about a week ago and that she was going to use it when she was going to go to the Summer Townsville dance with Boomer," she continued, "I decided to leave the Professor and Townsville forever," she told him seriously, "will you drop everything and come with me?" she asked almost meekly.

Mitch looked at her as if she had gone crazy. Leave Townsville! He had his whole life here. Maybe it wasn't perfect; especially with all the arguing in his house and teachers bothering him at school about his high interest in football and lack of interest in his academics, but was all that he had and I was good enough for him. He couldn't give it up because Buttercup couldn't agree with her Father who treated her rather poorly. He loved Buttercup, but he couldn't bear the idea of ending up uneducated and stuck in a dead end like his father. He knew that it wouldn't be fair to Buttercup either, he saw through his father what wrong decisions and lack of education could do to a man. He didn't want to end up like his father, who just caused his mother to have even more stress and noise in her life. Even if he had to stay in Townsville and finish his education. He'd work hard to do well enough to get a scholarship to a University or at least a College that was far away from his town. Even if he had to do it all without Buttercup. She was part of what always kept her going, but he would continue going even better if he knew that his decision wouldn't lead her to see the love of her life transform into his father.

"I'm sorry Buttercup," Mitch responded frankly as Buttercup's face fell, "I can't, I at least need to graduate High School and get into a College," he told her as she nodded but looked at the sidewalk, "I love you Buttercup," he said suddenly and she looked up at him with teary eyes, "more than you even know," he said softly and leaned over to kiss her.

She responded softly when his lips touched hers. They kissed each other long and slowly. No tongue was involved but they increased their slow and steady pace (kissing) with great passion. When Mitch finally pulled away his eyes were filled with no form of indecision.

"I have an idea," Mitch said slowly breathing hard, "remember that City ummm place where your father went to work for a while we were in Ms. Keane's class?" he asked her and she nodded but grimaced at the memory, "I have an Uncle there who runs a Drag Racing Ring," he told her, "you can get a job there as a look out or something," he said simply but sounded rather nervous.

"A Drag Racing ring?" Buttercup asked him with incredulous seriousness, "you want me to join an ILLEGAL Drag Racing Ring?" she asked him seriously and Mitch grinned nervously but nodded all the same.

"What have I got to lose," Buttercup said frankly, "where is it?" she asked and Mitch quickly fished out a piece of paper and wrote some directions on it.

"Tell him Red Hummer sent you," Mitch instructed her and ignored her raised eyebrow, "you don't use your real name in that kind of gig unless you don't mind or are certain that you won't get caught," he quickly explained, "so, what's your new nick name then?" he asked and Buttercup thought deeply for a moment.

"Feline," Buttercup decided and glared at Mitch as he unsuccessfully stifled a laugh, "I developed a liking for cats over the years!" she cried angrily as Mitch continued to laugh but tried to calm her down.

"It's alright Buttercup," Mitch said barely as he was still laughing, "never imagined you picking out such a name," he told her frankly.

"Ever imagined me being like a Buttercup?" Buttercup asked bluntly and Mitch shook his head in agreement.

"Guess I should get going," Buttercup said almost sadly as she prepared to fly away, "Bye Mitch," she said softly and took off before she could change her mind.

"Bye Buttercup," Mitch whispered in a now cracked voice, "I'll always love you whether you come back or not," he said softly as he now looked at the sidewalk and slowly trudged the rest of the way home.


(Two Hours Earlier- Work with me okay readers)

At a subway station Princess sat on a bench next to Mike believe who was urging her to go on the train with him.

"Are you nuts!" Princess cried incredulously at him, "bad enough I left my father a note now you want me to disappear too!" she demanded angrily and she saw a pair of purple eyes look down in defeat.

"But you can't deny your feeling for me!" Mike persisted desperately, "you know that you didn't visit me so often while I was in the lab just to be nice," he told her frankly, "you kissed me once remember?" he asked and Princess looked at him and momentarily relished the memory.

"But I kissed lots of guys before Mike," Princes insisted, "just take the train you're properly disguised to get out of the city," she told him as he slipped on a pair of sunglasses on turned on the device that Princess had gotten for him.

Immediately Mike now looked like a young adult male with well tanned skin, smooth short brown hair, light brown eyes, and on a whole not as scarily mutated as he looked before. Mike looked into her eyes again and sighed.

"Fine," Mike said simply, "but hold the ticket one more time and tell me that you won't come with me," he told her and shoved the ticket into her hand.

"I can't," Princess responded solemnly and dropped the ticket into his lap; suddenly she started to sob and leaned on Mike's shoulder.

He slowly stroked her hair and whispered soft cooing noises as the train came closer.

(Ten Minutes Later)

As many people exited the train one solitary figure steeped into the train solemnly. The person didn't turn to wave Goodbye. A goodbye would be useless now.

As the train pulled away to it's far off destination there was small shuffling on the roof of the train. A pair of purple eyes glowed momentarily then everything went black. @@@@

(One Month Later)

"We still can't find anything sir," a police officer told the Professor, "it's like she disappeared out of the area and the state!" he cried almost incredulously, "with her powers she could me in Morocco tonight and the Antarctic tomorrow," he said frankly.

"No," Professor Utonium stated, "she wouldn't leave the entire state just yet, I know it," he said frankly, "have you checked Citysville?" he asked despairing and the police man nodded.

"With a fine teeth comb," the policeman told him honestly, "if anyone's seen her they aint talking," he said with a shrug.

"Why did you have to put so much stress on me now Buttercup?" the Professor muttered angrily as the police man left and he slammed the door.

(Meanwhile Upstairs in Bubbles Room)

Bubbles sat quietly as she continued to watch the tape that Mitch had given her from Buttercup. She too had laughed when Mitch told her that Buttercup nicknamed herself 'Feline', but was rather uncomfortable about Buttercup doing something illegal. But as she watched the tape Buttercup looked quiet happy flying above the cars, starting races and looking out for the police or 'pesky tattle tales.'

"So she's that happy huh?" Blossom asked suddenly and Bubbles jumped since she forgot that Blossom was sitting right beside her, "Buttercup getting a purple weave to make her hair long, who would have thought," she stated frankly and Bubbles looked at the screen again and had to agree with Blossom.

Buttercup was soaring over the cars in sleeveless white top with a butterfly on it, a short pleated green skirt that barely passed her buttocks, two-inch high black sandals that had straps almost to her hips, oversized sunglasses, make up, purple nail polish, and her braided hair was in a ponytail and thanks to the weave of purple hair (s) now reached below her waist. She was laughing and looked quite happy with her new job and very much new life.

"How long can she keep this up," Bubbles asked herself softly as she watched Buttercup.

"For as long as she wants," Blossom stated frankly, "you know Buttercup," she said as she smiled at the new PPG uniform Bubbles was wearing and was glad that Buttercup left and she could make Bubbles a PPG again in exchange for her (Blossom's) silence. @@@@

(Two Days Later)

"I'll come home when I'm ready daddy!" Princess cried angrily from her cell phone, "I'm only at a mall, not Harlem," she told him in a rather annoyed voice.

"But you used to be home so often," her father persisted, "what happened?" he asked as Princess scoffed at this statement, "is it about you ending your engagement to Butch?" he asked her suddenly and Princess sighed.

"It was best father," Princess said firmly despite her chin shaking, "I can't marry someone I can't trust," she said honestly.

"Well know that I'm sorry and I'll always love you no matter what," her father stated truthfully.

"I know that Father," Princess whined even though her voice revealed that she was happy to hear him say it, "I have to go now," she said as the car stopped in front of the mall, "bye dad, I love you," she added and hung up after he said Bye too. @@@@

"Kiss me!" Robyn cried as she chased Boomer around the room, "you were dared to kiss me you have to do it," she cried angrily as Boomer continued to float out of her reach.

"Not on your life Robber," Boomer said curtly and Robyn winced at the nickname he gave her, "I can't believe that part of the reason you hung around Blossom was to get to me," he said incredulously, "that's so deceitful, even if we're not seeing each other anymore," he told her and Robyn pouted.

"Well she isn't Miss goody goody herself!" Robyn retorted angrily then she thought of something, "if I tell you something about your mother will you kiss me?" she asked sweetly and Boomer lowered his altitude slightly.

"What is it?" Boomer asked her suspiciously.

"Remember when she left you alone last Friday night for no particular reason?" Robyn asked and Boomer's eyes widened and Robyn grinned at the fact that her statement was now confirmed, "my cousin Bobby saw her and Him kissing," she said in a sing song manner.

Boomer's eyes widened in disbelief. That couldn't be true. But then he remembered that last night Him had called his house and left a message for his mother to call back. Boomer had erased the message in disgust and later heard his mother muttering angrily about her boyfriend not even trying to leave her a message. Then it hit him. His mother really was dating Him!

"Fine then!" Boomer cried angrily and swooped down and kissed Robyn almost too harshly.

End of Chapter 6

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