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Ch. 1 The Beginning

September 1st rose gray and rainy over London, England. While most 17 year-olds were still soundly asleep Jessi Carmichael was standing in the middle of her bedroom, surrounded by clothes, books and a multitude of other supplies she would need for her 7th and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, making sure she had everything she needed she started to place things carefully in her trunk. She was shutting her trunk 15 minutes later when her brother Toby burst into her room.

"Jessi…Jessi you overslept and……" he trailed off as he saw her trying to close her overly full trunk.

"Honestly Toby do you really think that I would oversleep on the day I leave for Hogwarts?" she placed her hands on hips looking at him incredulously.

"well…no I guess not even you could over sleep today" He ducked as she threw a pillow at him

"Send Jingle up for my trunk and Persephone's cage would you….oh and tell mother I was still asleep…I wouldn't want her to think I was actually Responsible" She told him as she headed into her closet.

"Sure Jessi" he laughed as he headed out the door

Jessi began to look carefully through her closet, she selected a denim skirt and bright blue tank and matching short-sleeved sweater. Dressing quickly she plopped herself down in front of her vanity and pulled her hair out of it's ponytail letting her ebony colored curls cascade over her shoulders, she quickly ran her fingers through her hair setting her curls in place, dabbed on some lip gloss, slid her on her blue sandals and dashed down the stairs. The first thing she heard was her mother yelling..

"JESSICA ANNE CARMICHAEL IF YOU AREN'T IN THE DINING ROOM IN 1 MINUTE…." her mother stopped yelling when she entered the room "….Jessica why do you insist on wearing those awful muggle clothes"

"Mother I can't very well where robes to a muggle train station now can I?" she sat down in her chair at the breakfast table, she just about choked on her water when her Grandmother came in and reprimanded her mother

"Marissa I will not have that incessant yelling in my House at this time of the morning"

"Yes, Lydia….I'm very sorry…Jessica was late for breakfast again" her mother said demurely.

She stopped smiling when her grandmother turned to look at her.

"Oh good morning Jessi and just why were you running late this morning, dear?" her grandmother inquired

"Morning Grandmother…. I got sidetracked in my packing because Persephone brought an owl from Daddy wishing me luck this year" she answered

Lydia smiled at her granddaughter and took her seat at the head of the table before speaking again.

"Jessi are you all packed?"

"Yes Grandmother I just finished before breakfast"

"And you have a uniform and set of robes for once you reach school?"

"Yes Grandmother" she smiled at her grandmother's concern "I just have to run up and grab my bag for on the train and I'll be set"

"Well go get it then" her mother snapped

She quickly excused herself and went back up to her room picking up her bag and making sure that she had everything she needed. She turned the lights off and headed for the front door. Her mother, grandmother, and her brother were waiting when she got there. She came first to her mother

"Goodbye mother I'll see you in June" she kissed her mother on the cheek

"Goodbye Jessica and please try not to disgrace the family name this year" her mother said coldly. She ignored her mother and walked over to Toby hugging him gently.

"Bye Toby and good luck at Auror training" she told him quietly

"Bye Jess" he smiled , Jessi side stepped so she was in front of her grandmother. She gently kissed her grandmother's cheek and hugged her.

"Bye Grandmother, I'll owl you tomorrow"

"Be sure you do Jessi" her grandmother said

Jessi picked up her bag and headed out the door . Once she was outside she got in the car and shut the door looking out the window as the driver started toward the train station.


Jessi pushed her trolley containing her trunk, school bag, and Persephone, her eagle owl, nonchalantly through King's Cross. When she reached the barrier between Platforms 9&10, she inconspicuously walked right through, and came face to face with the Hogwarts Express. She scanned the crowed quickly spotting her three best friends, she quickly pushed the trolley towards them calling to them as she walked.

"Harry, Hermione, Ron" the three of them turned to face her as she approached. "Jessi it's so good to see you and wait till you hear the news" Hermione said excitedly as she embraced her.

"Hi Hermione have a good summer" she asked as Hermione dragged her over to Harry and Ron. They both looked at her and smiled.

"Hi Jessi" Harry said as he put his arm around Hermione's waist.

"Hi Jess" Ron echoed tossing an owl treat to Persephone.

"Hi Guys" she said smiling at them as she looked back and forth between them "so what's this big news that Mione is going on about?"

"Harry and Hermione are the Head Boy and Head Girl this year" Ron said proudly as Harry and Hermione beamed.

"Guys that's great" she said as she hugged them both, as she stepped back Hermione spoke up again

"Well there's more…" Harry said hesitantly, Hermione picked up

"You're going to replace me as the 7th year prefect from Gryffindor" she said excitedly.

"Sweet Merlin" Jessi just stared at them shocked.

They all just smiled at her. They quickly boarded the train and put their things away in an empty compartment and headed off for the meeting between the prefects and the Head Boy and Head Girl.

They sat in the compartment and talked quietly while the other prefects all entered and found seats. Once everyone was there Hermione and Harry stood and began to address the small group. They talked quickly and covered their topic efficiently. "Everyone but the 7th year prefects is free to go" Harry said dismissing the group. The younger students looked at him quizzically before leaving the compartment to join their friends.

"Professor Dumbledore has decided to assign each 7th year prefect a professor to assist this year, you'll mostly be helping them grade assignments and what not" Hermione said confidently. "So here's who you're assigned to" she looked at Harry who was holding the assignments.

"Malfoy you'll be assisting Professor Snape and Parkinson you'll be with Professor Sinistra helping with Astronomy" Harry said looking at each of them.

"Hannah you've got Professor Sprout" Hermione said smiling at the Hufflepuff girl "And Ernie you'll be with Hagrid" she said turning to him.

"Padma you'll be with Professor Flitwick" he said to her before turning to face Roger Davies "and Roger you'll be working in Arithmancy with Professor Vector"

"Ron" Hermione said turning to face him "you're helping McGonagall" she then turned to face Jessi "and Jessi you're with the new Defense teacher, we just don't know who that is yet" she smiled weakly at her.

"Ok any questions anyone?" Harry asked, when no one said he thing said "Ok you all can go" Everyone left quickly, and soon the only people in the room were Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Jessi. Ron stood and headed for the door

"I have to go meet with the chaser's and strategize" he said as he waved goodbye.

"I have to go to I didn't get to finish my History of Magic report so I'll see you to later" she stood and headed out of the compartment. She walked slowly to the compartment where they had left their things earlier but she was stopped by Draco Malfoy.

"Well hello there Beautiful" he drawled.

"Oh sod off Ferret" she returned crossly

"Jessi, Jessi, Jessi" he said slinging an arm over her shoulders " you shouldn't deny your feelings for me"

"Oh you've found me out I'm hiding deep feelings of contempt and dislike for you Malfoy" she said as she ducked out from under his arm. She rolled her eyes as she slipped into the compartment muttering under her breath.

"Stupid Slytherin git…he is so infuriating" she was so busy talking to herself about what a prat Draco Malfoy was that she didn't see the man sitting in the compartment watching her with interest.

"Which Slytherin has upset you Miss?" he asked

"Malfoy" She said the word with disgust as she turned to face him, her jaw dropped and her light green eyes grew wide "Professor Lupin?"

"Yes....and you are?" he asked her quietly

"Jessi Carmichael….. 7th year Gryffindor…Friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione" she said as she sat down across from him

"Yes I remember now……so how have you been?" he inquired politely

"Very well and yourself?" she asked brightly

"Good, glad to be coming back to Hogwarts" he said letting his eye wander slowly over her.

"I can only imagine" she said softly " I would assume you're coming back to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

She was watching him as he answered her question not really listening to the answer. She let her eyes roam over her face, a face she hadn't seen except in her dreams since she was 13. She had thought her preadolescent crush on him had dissipated but apparently it hadn't. They talked quietly for awhile about the other Defense teachers she'd had . As their conversation slowly started to dissipated she stood and turned to her school bag which was resting on the upper shelf, and began to rummage through the bag. Just as she was about to sit back down the train gave a sudden jolt sending her tumbling backwards into his lap. She felt him wrap his arms around her waist so she wouldn't fall any further. She straightened in his lap turning to look over her shoulder at him, she opened her mouth to thank him but stopped when their eyes locked. Their faces were only inches apart and she could feel his warm breath on her face. She looked into his eyes and saw the look of pure unbridled lust in his them. She quickly jumped out of his lap mumbling her thanks, she grabbed her bag and dashed out of the compartment.

He shook his head. Remus Lupin had never forgotten how talented or beautiful, yes or beautiful that Jessi was. The age just wouldn't work out, even how hard he had tried to figure it out. Besides he was her teacher now, even if the age was legal. He had wanted to kiss her really bad, or more than kiss her but we wont go into that now. He was disappointed when she didn't come back into "their" carriage.

Jessi made her way quickly back to the Head's compartment entering quickly, she saw only Hermione

"Where's Harry?" she asked quietly, sitting down across from her friend.

"Oh he went to talk Quidditch with Ron" Hermione said looking up from her book.

"So who came up with the 7th year assistant list?" she asked drumming her fingers softly on the back of her book.

"Dumbledore why?" Hermione looked at her quizzically.

"Oh it's nothing" she said softly

"Jessi we've been best friends for seven years, I can tell when something is on your mind, so what's bothering you?" Hermione asked her setting her book to the side.

"I…..um" She paused for a minute as if thinking of what to say " Professor Lupin is back he's the new Defense teacher" she said quickly

" Well then what's the problem, as I recall you had quite a crush on Professor Lupin" Hermione said laughingly

"That's just the problem though Mione" Jessi said softly. She slowly relayed the story of what had happened in the compartment. "And I wanted him to kiss me so badly Hermione, I mean he was looking at me like he wanted I don't know how to describe it…."

" I know that look, that's the look Harry gives me when…..well never mind" Hermione said mischievously

"Merlin's beard Hermione" she said shocked "you don't think…this is going to be a long year"

"Not as long as you think Jessi" She smiled

"Whatever you say, I'm going to change we're nearly there" she stood and slipped into the lavatory and began to change. By the time she was done they had reached Hogsmeade station. Jessi and Hermione exited the train and climbed into a carriage with Harry and Ron. Jessi sighed when she saw Remus climbing into his own carriage up ahead of them, she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the side of the carriage as they began the ride to Hogwarts for the last time. This is going to be a long year.

Remus looked over the crowds on the platform, but still couldn't find Jessi. He solemnly walked off to his own carriage, unaware that she had spotted him get into his carriage. He rode alone up to the castle. 'This is going to be a long year'

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