Nigel I think about you night and day.
Your girlfriend, the same one who
Tried to change you with the boyfriend
Helmet. I love do much it pains me to
Write that I have adopted feelings for
Someone else.

It's not I plan to leave you, I don't. But I
Feel so guilty sometimes I can't even
Swallow water with the heavy lump that
Rises in my throat. Oh horrible guilt it's
Still my fault. Although I can place some
Blame on the KND they do not control my

I remember the day. When I came for our date
And unknown to me. I was going out with #4
Instead. At first when I realized while we were
Out that it was not you but another agent, I was
Angry no doubt. But when he defended me when
I was being teased by a bunch of teenagers, I
Started to feel a bit less angry. At least until they
Grabbed him and beat him up. They then threw him
Into the one of the huge bins. I jumped in there after
Him to see if he was alright. His looked mostly alright
But he winced when I tried to get him to stand and his
Eyes were shut tight. Then I realized who it was. #4 one
Of my least fave. Of the KND, the disguise had fallen off
And his blonde hair was scattered all about. Such beautiful
Blonde hair. I always wondered what it would be like to run
My fingers through my boyfriends hair (I felt a bit guilty 'cause
It wasn't Nigel's fault that he was totally bald). Then I realized
What I was doing, I was running my fingers through his hair, it
Was so soft. Not filled with knots like some of the other boys.

I smelled it them held my nose. We had fallen into the bin we both
Reeked of rotten things long disposed. I don't know why I did it but
I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. I kissed him long and hard but
when I was about to get up, you started to kiss me back too. I couldn't
help it, you felt so inviting and warm nothing like the cool hard tough
boy #4. We kissed long and hard but then you let go and again
you winced. I blushed my weight on you must be too heavy.
I saw the disguise that covered your hair and quickly slipped it
Back in place. Then I helped you up and we went to my house,
Where I changed (and bathed too) and you took a bath while Mom
dry-cleaned your clothes.

On a whole, the date turned out great. I remember kissing you
Continually as we headed back to the headquarters. Even
Though I knew it wasn't you (Nigel), for some reason at that
moment I didn't care. But when I saw you (Nigel) sleep walk
by me back at the KND headquarters, I realized my folly. But
it is too late, I already have feelings for #4, but that doesn't
mean that I don't love you (Nigel) any more (just that my heart
is torn between two people).