A Riddle of The Bond Called Friendship

Chapter 1

*ONE: Grindelwald's First Attempt *


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A small boy, around seven, stood in the crowd of children gathered around the front steps of Highland Hall Orphanage, listening to it's Headmaster, Mr. Daniel Fransworth talk. His bright turquoise eyes were fixed on the grassy ground.

Never meet the eyes of your superiors, he had been told. A quick glance at the other children told him that there were going to be many visitors to the room, which was called the Mourning Chamber by the orphans, tonight; the room in which children who didn't live by the Headmaster's law ofte were punished. 

Mr. Fransworth didn't like children who didn't obey him. As a matter of fact he didn't like children at all. About the only way a child could get on his good side would be if they somehow gave him a reason to punish him, Tom Marvolo Riddle, the only thing Mr. Fransworth hated more than his job.  

Tom was Mr. Fransworth's least favorite orphan though Tom had never understood why. Everything that had ever happened around the Orphanage Tom had gotten blamed for when no one had any proof of him doing wrong. He didn't even know why he was an orphan. He had never asked Mr. Fransworth in fear of being beaten again and again.  

"Riddle!" Mr. Fransworth yelled.

Tom jumped at being addressed and the other orphans snickered to themselves.

Mr. Fransworth turned to the children. "We don't laugh at other stupidity!" he snapped at them then he turned back to Tom. "As for you how does a week in the basement sound?" He didn't need to be anymore specific for Tom knew exactly what room he was refering to and so did every other child there.

"It sounds bad, Mr. Fransworth," Tom replied, his gaze still on ground.

"Than I suggest you start paying attention!" hissed Fransworth. "As I was saying: during this time orphans are forbidden from going inside or leaving the grounds. Understood?" The children nodded. "Good then get the hell away from me." The orphans scampered away, happy to grant his wish.  

Tom, however, wasn't as enthusiastic. He merely turned as slowly as he could and walked away, heading over to the edge of the Orphanage's lawn, which was surrounded by tall, black, iron gates.

Tom put his hand up against the bar-like part of it and wished for the thousandth time that someone; anyone would take him away from this place; this torture home for the parentless. It wasn't their faults if their parents didn't want them or were dead. 

No, I shouldn't think like that. No hope was better than false hope, he told himself. 

He jumped back as the gate swung open and a man warring long, black robes strolled threw them. The man stopped when he noticed him. His cold, gray eyes met Tom's, a snake-staff in his right hand, and he said coldly, "Never, boy, and I mean ever meet the eyes of your superiors!"

Tom tried to back up but he tripped and fell to the ground. "I'm s-sorry, s-s-sir," he stammered.

The man made a move to advance on him but a young boy about his age came in behind the man. "Stop, father!" The boy said grabbing onto his father's cloak. The man knocked the boy to the ground with the silver snake cane.

"Never grab me again, Lucius!" the man hissed at the boy.

"Yes, sir," Lucius responded, his eyes on the ground. The boy's father continued up the stone path that lead to the Orphanage's doors. Once he was out of earshot Lucius looked up with warm, gray eyes and winked at Tom.

He got up and walked toward him. Tom, who thought the boy to be as mean as his father, backed up until he was up against the fence. "Your father is gone, sir!" he said, trying to be clam but failing terribly. 

"I'm not going to hurt you," stated Lucius, extending a hand to help Tom up.

Tom said nothing. Instead he took the blonde's hand and got to his feet. Lucius smiled and Tom couldn't help it; he had to smile back.

"Lucius, move!" Lucius' father pushed him aside and looked at Tom as if he was seeing him for the first time. "So the muggle inside said you're Tom Riddle." Riddle nodded unsurely. "A half-blood." Now Riddle was confused. How could he only have half blood? "Yes, I see it now. You look just like your mother."

"My mother?" Riddle asked. "You knew my mother?"

"Yes, boy, I knew your mother!" he snapped then his tone changed. "Rosanna Rivera was first year Ravenclaw when I was in my fifth year."

"She was a raven's what?" inquired Riddle.

"Don't strain you muggle damned head," the man commanded. "I have a letter for you."

"From who?" Tom questioned.

The man smiled evilly. "Now I understand what Grindelwald meant when he said the Slytherin part of you is eager to obtain information." He pulled out a peach colored envelope and handed it to him.

The man grabbed his son by his arm and dragged him out the gate then disappeared into thin air. Tom's jaw dropped. How had he done that? Was it even possible? And why on earth had the man mentined his mother when no one else even had? 

He looked at the letter in his hands and opened it cautiously. Then he unfolded the weird colored paper and read:

Dear Tom Riddle,

     My dear nephew I have searched this country for you in hopes of you coming with me. Before you decide let me tell you a few things that you probably wished to know. 

   Well for starters you're a wizard, decent from purest of all blood Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of the magical school, Hogwarts. And because you're his descendent you have many qualities that I need in order to achieve my ultimite goal.

  You still don't find my offer tempting? There has to be something you desire. Power, glory, information on your parents? Yes? You do wish to learn about them, don't you?

  What if I told you that your father was a muggle (a person who isn't a wizard) that left your mother when she, my sister, told him she was a witch-

Tom threw the letter away from his hands. No. He couldn't go with this person. This person was mad! He cautiously picked up the letter and looked down at the bottom. It was signed Grindelwald.

From this day on this man, Grindelwald, his uncle, was someone he waould have to avoid. You couldn't trust a man that worded his saying so smoothly, as if it were planed to be said for years. 

Tom put the letter inside its envelope and stuck it in his orphanage uniform's pocket. Muggles, his mother, his father, witches and wizards. It was just too much for one day. But somehow, without Grindelwald's help, he would get to the bottom of it all. 


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