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DEDICATION: This chapter (and the rest of the fic) is dedicated to Ashleigh and Taylor, my two muses, co-plotters and brilliant friends. Guys, this little bit of trauma-causing literature is for you. Thanks for helping me out and I can't wait until we get to the Halloween ball bit!...



Sunday 17th September

I took a few pictures of Harry today when he wasn't looking. I'm getting them developed this afternoon. They're for my shrine to Harry which I'm going to set up in my dorm when I get enough stuff.

Next task: get a lock of his hair and some of his old clothes.

I can get that old sock he gave to Dobby and I'll get his hair in Potions. Then I'll need some Muggle pictures of his, a little bit of his drool, a few samples of his handwriting…

My shrine is going to be absolutely terrific. I can't wait to get those photos developed…

Wednesday 20th September

Next Hogsmeade weekend is at Halloween. I can't wait…I haven't had a night on the town for ages! This is going to be sooo cool!

I wonder if Harry would come with me if I asked him.

What to wear? I think I should dye my hair too: ooh, black and pink streaks would look really cool! And I could grow it and wear it out without gel like I usually do. And I think I have some fishnet stockings which would go so well with the ensemble…

Note to self: do I even have fishnet stockings?

Friday 22nd September

I swear when Harry smiles his eyes are so gorgeous…

You know, this is getting to be an obsession.

Note to self: still can't find fishnet stockings. Look in Goyle's suitcase.

Sunday 24th September

Heard from Mother today. Just seeing her handwriting made me sigh. I miss her so much. The shower is so lucky. It gets to see her all the time, but I'm stuck here.

On the plus side, there is Harry…


Wednesday 27th September

Today it was revealed that Sevie is bi. I saw him eyeing my Harry after class.

No! He's my Harry. MINE I SAY!

Note to self: kill Sevie.

Saturday 30th September

Only one month until Hogsmeade!


I've decided that I need to find a nice dress to wear. I'm so sick of just normal robes, those lace cuffs get old really fast. I was thinking maybe a version of that dress I say on Muggle television…that Australian Idol show…I think if I could get it made in bright pink, it would be absolutely perfect.

Oh, wait…Mother can sew. I have an outfit for Hogsmeade!


I know, it's short. But I really wanted to update, and I needed a filler for the next chapter…because the Halloween feast is coming soon!

Once again, thanks to Taylor and Ashleigh, and of course to my wonderful reviewers. Your words make my day.

NOTE: An apology to those who haven't seen Australian Idol. The dress I'm talking about it a tight, bright-gold monstrosity worn by Paulini, one of the contestants. Strapless, knee-length and blinding. In bright pink, it'd be even worse. Hehe .