A Touch Never Felt

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Important~ NO FLAMES PERMITTED! You have been warned...

Chapter 1~ Prologue

I looked at myself in the mirror, confusion visibly seen in my eyes. My appearance confuses me and I cannot stand it. My straight brown hair reaches down to my waist and my eyes are a light violet. I know...violet. I never understood it either. Everyone always teased me about it. My gown is a beautiful navy blue with gold trim to match my hair. I always kept my hair down to hide my ears. I hated them so much. They were too different from everyone else's, for mine are pointed. I didn't look like the other maidens.

I lived in Rohan...Edoras to be precise. Éomer took me in after I was found wandering the plains. I really love him. He's like the older brother I never had. Well...I knew I had one, but I never met him. I was separated from my family long ago, so I didn't really know them. Éomer's sister, Eowyn, helped with my upbringing. I look up to her so much. She had such spirit and she taught me how to live fairly well. I was thirty years old when something extraordinary happened to me, though I remained looking twenty.

The one good thing in Rohan was Ronin (A/N: pronounced row-nin). He was the best-looking man I'd ever known. He made me feel wanted and loved...something I didn't feel very often back then. I fell in love with him the first time our eyes met. He was one of the Rohirrim, so I didn't see him often. However, when I did, it was the most incredible feeling.

My best friend was Amalthia. (A/N: pronounced am-ah-l-thi-ah) She was the only person I had ever told about this adventure, until now. I wish she was here to hear it again, for she loved it when I told this story. It was about a year ago...my journey...and a touch never felt...

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ancalimë (A/N: pronounced an- cal-ee-may).


A/N: I know...short chapter. I haven't written a short chapter like this in so long. Confusing isn't it...the whole Ancalimë not knowing who she really is, though I'm sure you people know already. Hee. It might be a Mary-Sue, though I can't be sure of that right now, for I only started writing this. I'm going to try and make it not a Mary-Sue if I can. If you despise those, I apologize.