The Game

Catti-brie was tired, oh so tired, but there was no way she was going to give up first. Not when she could see the male right next to her in much the same desperate state not to finish first.

Without even trying he hit the mark again, and again, making Catti-brie groan every time. She was going to finish soon she could feel it, her energy was flailing as much as her arms were, sore from their constant movement.

Both were panting heavily, working hard to obtain the win, but both knowing that they would soon stumble and finish, their exhausting play over.

"Come on Jarlaxle!" A soldier in his band shouted, "You can't let a human woman beat you at this can you?! We all know you are the best!"

All the mercenary could do for an answer was grunt as his whole body thrust forward trying for the right momentum.

"Come on, girl! You can beat him at his own game. I know you can, no one has ever lasted this long with him before!" Another soldier shouted from the other side of the room they were all in.

Catti-brie groaned as her own body kept on moving, trying to keep pace with the drow. Her concentration was starting to fail. She knew if they kept this pace up, she would finish first.and soon!

Both picked up speed, hoping to throw the other over the edge. With a small cry coming from both their lips as they still kept going, their moving was brought to unimagined heights.

A soft thud was heard followed by a loud, ecstatic cry of "YES" coming from both of them, before they collapsed, panting wildly, bodies spent.

The soldiers around the room were shocked. They had finished at exactly the same time? That was unheard of. No one could beat or tie with Jarlaxle. Except, it seemed, for this human woman.

Jarlaxle rolled onto one side to look Catti-brie face on. "You are brilliant you know?"

Catti-brie beamed at him, before pushing soaked hair behind one of her ears. "Ye aren't too bad yerself." She stated, smiling sweetly at him, before patting him on the arm. Both looked over to the targets that were right next to each other on a wall opposite them. One's bullseye full of arrows, the other knives. On the ground, lying as close together as the two of them was a knife and arrow, both the misses that had cost them to finish their little game.

Trying to see who was the better at ranged combat and aim, they had found to their surprise that they were as good as each other.

A/N - You can all blame DragonEyeZ for the idea of having them have a contest to see who would be better. The idea to make it not as it seems was all mine though. Heh, hope you all enjoyed this new little skit of mine!