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Pai. I can't believe that
I've lost you. You have
To be around here
Somewhere and I
Promise to find you.
I'll Find You: Yakumo


I met a strange boy today,
He claimed that he knows
Me but I have no recollection
Of him. He seems really nice
But I've already lost my
Parents and my memory. Am
I ready to possibly loose my
Heart already? All I know
Is that his name is Yakumo.
Yakumo, Yakumo, I have
I strange feeling that I heard
That name before. But we all
Hear so many names before,
How do I know this is the YAKUMO
That I'm trying to remember, and
Not some kidnapper, pervert, freak or
Someone that will break my heart. Causing
Me to loose something else once again.

Sincerely: "Pai"