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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

"I can't explain it," Hank said with curiosity as he looked at the readings produced by the five X-Women, Ororo, Betsy, Jean, Kitty and Rogue, "They're powers are gone. Not only that, although they have their memories, abilities and intelligence they have the mentality of sixteen year old girls."

While Remy, Scott, Logan, Peter and Warren all grimaced; Bobby sat with a pleased smile on his face.

"What's with you bub?"

"Maybe now I'll have a chance with Kitty." Peter looked at Bobby; giving the younger mutant his best threatening look. "Hey, can't you take a joke?"

Scott looked at Hank. "How long will it take you to cure them?"

Hank shrugged. "It's hard to say, it may wear off naturally."

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you," Logan said in his famous gruff tone, "But I am heading to a hotel until those girls are made normal again."

"Why?" Bobby asked.

"Think about it snow man." Peter said shaking his head. "Five women with the minds of teenagers running around, who knows what crazy things they'll do?"

From the other side of the med lab Betsy yelled: "Let's have a slumber party!"

As the other four threw in their agreements Warren looked at the other men with a fear that was shared by them all. "I'll pay."


Logan set a case of beer on the table before he sat down. Around the table sat Warren, Peter and Remy. Across the room from them Bobby was watching cartoons while Scott was reading a book.

"Are you two sure you don't want to play?" Peter asked as Logan gave him a beer.

Scott and Bobby nodded.

"You know," Bobby, said without looking away from the TV, "I kinda feel sorry for old Hank-ster."

"We couldn't just leave five teenagers alone." Scott said matter-of- factly. "Besides, this will give him a chance to figure out what's wrong with them."

"Is it wise to let Remy deal?" Warren asked Logan. Remy had a mischievous smile on his face as he slid the cards up his arm and expertly flipped the deck over.

"What? You t'ink Remy would cheat?" Gambit asked with the same smile.

"I know Remy would cheat."

"Shad' up Wings. Yo Gumbo, you trying to wear the spots off those cards?"

"Jus' showin' my styl'."

"Just showing off you mean." Bobby said loud enough for Gambit to hear. He quickly changed the subject when Remy turned his glare on the young mutant. "Hey do you think ol' blue boy has turned gray yet?"


Hank shook his head as he looked at the surveillance camera he had set up in Rogue's room so he could keep an eye on the girls. They were all sitting in a circle, with popcorn, chips and different drinks between them. They were all laughing up a storm.


"Whose turn?"



"No, the otha' one." Rogue said sarcastically.

Betsy tsk-ed her, "Now, now Rogue. Don't get so testy. Um... Kitty. Truth or dare?"

Kitty bit her lip as she thought a moment. "Truth, no dare. No wait, wait I want truth. Yes, defiantly truth."

Jean looked at Ororo and they both rolled their eyes.

"Is that ya final answer?" Rogue asked.

Kitty smiled and nodded. Betsy grinned evilly. "Who, out of the present male occupants of the mansion, makes you hot?"

Kitty's eyes widened in surprise, "Betsy!"

"What? We all will answer. Right girls?" Jean and Rogue were quick to nod. Ororo paused a moment before she too nodded.

"Oh, alright. Um... Peter..." she started to grin. "And Remy..."


"...And Scott..."


"...And Warren..."


"...And in a way Bobby."

"Hey!!!!" They all looked at Ororo. "What? I was feeling left out."

Betsy shook her head. "Okay Jean it's time for you to come clean. Is Scott the only one who makes you hot around the collar? Or do you have raunchy dreams about Logan to boot?"

She shrugged. "You're animals!" She laughed. "Well, Scott does, Logan in a hairy way, and of course who can forget the Cajun? Next."

She looked at Ororo. "I like, well... Henry and Warren has certain appeal as does Gambit." She looked at Betsy. "What about you?"

"Warren all the way!" They looked at her suspiciously. "Well, I have made a few glances at Gumbo... and lots at Scott, as well as Peter and Logan, and Bobby. And let's not forget Henry..." She started to name more off on her fingers but Jean stopped her.

"I think we get the point. Rogue? What catches the eye of the sassy southern belle?"

"Do we have to ask?" Kitty mumbled. "I'm betting it's the Cajun or nothin'."

"Can you blame m'ah?" Rogue said defensively. "I heard what ya'll said. And it's unanimous, Remy LeBeau is one hot man."

"Okay, who's next?"

Jean looked at Ororo, "Didn't we just go over that?"


"I see your 10," Logan said after looking at his hand, "And raise you 10."

He glared at the man across the table. Remy had a smug smile on his face and a pile of chips in front of him. Peter and Warren both had folded and were watching the hand intensely.

Gambit didn't even check his hand as he raised Logan another 15. The smile never left his face.

Logan looked at his hand again before giving up. "I fold."

Gambit let his smile fade as he pulled the pile of chips in front of him.

"What did you have?" Logan asked as he got out his fifth cigar of the evening.

Gambit shrugged. "A pair of threes."

Logan's jaw dropped and Warren and Peter started to chuckle.

"What? I gave up a full house for a pair of threes?!?!" The vein in his neck began to pop out as his claws came out with a SLINK!

Warren looked at Peter. "Maybe it's time for a new game."

Peter nodded. "How about 'Go Fish'?"


"Come on guys I want to know." Kitty pleaded. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

"Kitten," Ororo began, "Why would you wish to know about our love lives? Some of us here don't even have love lives."

Rogue immediately sat up as all eyes fell on her. "Why are ya'll lookin' at m'ah? For your information I have had a diverse an' erotic love life."

Betsy crossed her arms. "Oh really? We're not talking stolen memories Rogue."

"Nither Ah'm I."

"Then who?"

"Remy, Joseph, and Magneto ta name a few."

"What's he like?" Kitty asked.


"Who else? Remy! Is he good? I bet he's good."

"Kitty!" Ororo scolded. She then looked at Rogue. "Is he gifted in the basement department?"

Kitty crossed her arms. "And you scolded me!"

Rogue rolled her eyes as she looked at Betsy and Jean. "Ah suppose you want ta know too."

"Hell yeah!" Jean splurred out before she could stop herself. "I might be married, but I still like to know the gossip."

"Come on," Betsy urged, "Does he have just the bare necessities? Or does he have the full package?"

Rogue smiled. "Let's just say he doesn't disappoint."

Jean, Kitty, Ororo and Betsy all started giggling.


Beast had quickly covered his ears as he damned the sound system that came with the visual monitor. He had just heard more about Gambit than he ever wanted to know. He couldn't wait until the others returned from the hotel. He would get his revenge on them for leaving him with those sick-minded temporary teens. He grabbed him self a Twinkie as plans formed in his mind.


"What do girls do at slumber parties?" Bobby asked.

Scott shrugged. "Girl stuff I guess. They probably do each others nails, hair and make up while watching movies and talking about clothes."

"Yeah," Peter added, "Wholesome stuff."


"Girls, girls all around, whose penis can touch the ground?" Ororo asked with a smile as she did her rendition of The Evil Stepmother from Snow White.

"Beast, Peter or Logan." Jean said coyly.

"Why them?" Kitty asked Jean.

"Think about it," Betsy said with a smile, "Peter is huge, while Beast and Logan are practically animal. It's the law of nature."

Rogue thought a moment, "Then why can't they get more action?"


Beast groaned before plugging his ears with cotton. Those girls were driving him crazy. Yes, his revenge would most certainly be sweet.


"Ah have an idea," Rogue said standing up, "Let's sneak out! We're not unda age... well not technically. Let's go to a bar and have some fun."

Grins appeared on the faces of her fellow mentally altered friends as they started to get ready.

"Hey," Betsy said. For the first time she noticed the camera, "What's that for?"

Rogue shrugged. "Ah don't know. It was neva there before."

"What are we going to do about it?" Jean asked.

A smile formed on Ororo's face. "I have an idea."


"Hello?" Bobby asked, answering the ringing phone. "Hey Hank, what's up?" Pause. "Put you on speaker phone? Why?"

The guys all gathered around the phone as Bobby switched it to speakerphone.

"What's the matter Hank?" Scott asked.

"They're gone!"

Logan looked at Warren. "Whad'da ya mean gone?"

"My back was turned and when I looked at the screen again it said 'Gone Drinkin''."

Remy cursed under his breath as Scott spoke. "Do you have any idea where they went?"

"No, but they hotwired Logan's jeep."

"How do they know how to do that?" Warren asked Peter. Then they looked at Remy who waved with fake innocents.

"You taught them to hot wire cars?!?" Peter shouted.

"Hey can you teach me?"

"Shut up Bobby!"

Scott nodded as he ignored the background conversation. "Okay. Hank, call all the local bars and find out if they are there. We'll go check out some around here."

"Alright. And remember, those five women are beautiful and young and they presently have the minds of horny teenagers. They could be anywhere."

"We'll keep that in mind. Talk to you soon Hank. Bye."

"Good bye, and good luck."


Logan's jeep pulled up to a place called 'The Lucky Star' with a screech. The occupants laughed as they got out. Their laughter stopped as they approached the bouncer.

He looked them over carefully before he noticed a familiar face among them. "Ororo?!? What are you doing here? You usually only come Thursdays."

Storm blushed as her friends looked at her.

"So these are her pottery lessons." Kitty mumbled.

Ororo elbowed her friend as she looked at the bouncer. "I'm here with my friends. We're here for a good time."

The bouncer nodded and opened the rope to let them enter. Betsy, Kitty, Jean and Ororo all walked past while giving the bouncer winks and blowing him kisses.

Rogue stayed outside. "Ya'll go ahead," she said dreamily, "He looks mighty lonely. Ah think Ah'll stay and keep him compana'. Whoa!" She said as Jean and Betsy pulled her towards the entrance. She held a hand to her face, "Call yeah!"

He shook his head as he reattached the rope.


"Ok," Warren said from behind the wheel of his limo, "If you were a hot, teenage girl who is legally allowed to drink, who is as Hank said 'horny' where would you be?"

"Oh dear God!" The six of them said in unison.


"This is great!" Kitty yelled over the loud music. She looked around the table. "Where are Betsy and Rogue?"

Jean thought a moment. "Betsy went to get more drinks and Rogue went to pee."

"I didn't know the toilet was on the stage." Ororo yelled as she looked towards the stage.

"What?" Jean asked, but when she looked in the direction that Ororo was she gasped. "Oh my God!" She then cupped her mouth with a smile, "You go girl!"

On the stage dancing with one of the male strippers was Rogue. She cocked an eyebrow as she stuck a five-dollar bill in his G-String.

"Hey!" Betsy yelled as she came up to the group with an armload of drinks, "I thought you said we couldn't do that!" She pointed at Rogue. "That is so unfair!" She sat down in a huff.

Ororo rolled her eyes as she downed a Jell-o shooter.

Jean looked at the pouting Betsy with an evil grin. She then looked at Ororo, both having the same idea. Kitty looked between them as they stood.

"Did I miss something?" Kitty asked as they drug her to her feet.


The limo pulled up to a place called 'The Lucky Star'. Logan was the first to jump out and he ran to his poorly parked Jeep. He growled as Remy and Scott ran up behind him.

"Who was driving?" Scott asked.

"Rogue." It came out as a growl. "Cajun, maybe you should have spent less time teaching her how to hot wire a car and more time teaching her how to drive one!"

They followed Logan to the bouncer.

The bouncer immediately looked at Remy. "Hi Remy what are you doing here? I thought you didn't dance until Saturday?"

They all looked at the blushing Gambit. "What? A man can't liv' on t'eiving alone." They shook their heads as Remy addressed the bouncer. "We're here to find some lady friends of ours."

"What do they look like? I've seen plenty of ladies tonight."

"You would remember these ones." Scott said matter-of-factly.

"Oui. One is black wit white hair, another is a redhead wit big boobs," that earned evil looks from Scott and Logan, "While another has a red tattoo over her eye, a models figure and raven hair; de other is pretty normal lookin' while de last has brown hair wit a white streak an' a southern accent."

The bouncer immediately nodded. "Yeah, bunch of babes. Why? Are you their boyfriends?"

Scott nodded. "Among other things."

The bouncer picked up the rope and let them all pass through.


Six jaws hit the floor as soon as the men that accompanied them entered the bar. All five women were on the stage dancing with five strippers.


"Yeah Warren?"

"Please tell me my girlfriend doesn't have her hands where I think she has them."

"Your girlfriend doesn't have her hands where you think she has them." Peter said unconvincingly and his voice held a bit of disbelief.

"What is Rogue doing?" Bobby asked.

Remy blinked for the first time since entering the bar. "Somet'ing I only t'ought I'd see in my dreams."

"She sure is flexible."

Remy nodded. "Oui that she is."

Scott couldn't believe his eyes. Jean was just about giving one of the guys a lap dance. Logan slapped him on the back.

"You must be proud."

Scott flashed him a 'Go to hell' look before turning back in disbelief to his wife.

At the same time Peter looked at Kitty in awe. She was dancing, quite seductively, with one of the dancers as Ororo was spinning around the pole. He had never seen either one of them acting so carefree.

"I think we should get them out of there." Scott said when Jean started to put her hands down the sides of an orange G-String.

Before he could take a step Remy stopped him.

"Apr├Ęs a minute homme," he said as he tilted his head slightly to get a look at Rogue from a different angle. "De belle is gifted."

Bobby rolled his eyes as he started to walk around the room, trying his best to pick up girls. He was followed by Scott, Logan, Peter and Warren. Peter had to back track and drag Remy to the back of the room with them.

"We have to handle this delicately." Warren said after tearing his eyes off of Betsy. He was jealous in the worst way, but he tried to ignore it. "After all, mentally speaking, they are 'just teenagers'."

"Drunken' teenagers." Logan reminded him. "It's a bad mix."

"So what do we do?" Bobby asked.

But before they could form a plan they were distracted by the fight (that was started by some jealous females in the audience) that Rogue, Jean, Ororo, Betsy and Kitty were key players in.

They looked at each other. "I t'ink we should beat it." Remy said when he heard sirens, "Da femmes will need us to bail dem out. We don't need ta be in de jail wit 'em."

"Remy has a point," Scott said (since the fight ended he was able to concentrated on something else than the position of Jean's hands). "Come on, let's get out of here."


Beast turned on the news in hopes of listening to something that would take his mind off his worries about the girls. No such luck. The top story was a bar room fight that started when five drunk women tried to molest the strippers.

Beast crossed his fingers as they played video footage of the police carting out the troublemakers. His fears were justified, as a handcuffed Kitty was the first to leave the bar. She looked at the camera with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Katherine Pryde, I like computers, dancing, long walks on the beach, guys with big (*beep*) wearing spandex. So guys, please call me. Whoa!" She said as she was pushed into the cop car.

The next to leave the building was Rogue. She gave a cocky smile, raised an eyebrow and licked her lips before kissing the camera.

"How bout a private session?" She said in her syrupy southern tone before getting into the car.

The camera then focused on Jean who (with a puffy lip) raised her arms and yelled: "I am the Lizard Queen! All shall kneel before me!! And kiss my feet!!!" She added just before she was pushed into another cop car.

Beast groaned as Betsy staggered out of the bar. Like the others, her hands where also hand cuffed.

She grabbed the camera, "I shall *beep* all of those who try to... to... yeah! That's right!! I'm talking to you!... Oh wait camera guy, this is my good side." She was then shoved into the same car as Jean was.

Beast shut the T.V. off before he put his head down on his arms and started to cry. "What else could go wrong?"

Just then the phone rang...


~* Next: Beast bails the girls out of jail... how will he deal with the car ride home? Find out...*~