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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Part 3...

Beast's Revenge

Bobby sighed as he layed down on his bed, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling. He was smiling, recalling the way Kitty looked as she danced that night, carefree in a way he hadn't seen her in a long time, it just proved that all of the women had grown up too fast. Sleepily he closed his eyes, only to open them to a picture of Kitty on the ceiling. Taken aback, Bobby rubbed his eyes, pausing a moment before again opening them, but Kitty was still there, and wearing a small red and white poka-dot bikini.

Pleased with the vision before him Bobby sighed in pleasure as he watched the vision of Kitty (coming from a holo-projector hidden within the messy room) dance. Then suddenly she stopped, looked directly at him, winked once before morphing into Logan, still wearing the bikini.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Bobby yelled, trying to shield his eyes as the hologram Wolverine, blew him a kiss, extended claws in all.

Then as quickly as it changed, the hologram disappeared, only to have, seconds later, hundreds of Wolverines in bikinis standing all around him, claws extended. The Wolverines winked at him as, one by one, they tore, via the claws, the bikinis off them.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bobby again yelled as it started to play over and over and over again. Each time hundreds of Wolverines would be in front of him and each time they would reveal themselves, hair and all, to the poor Popsicle.

After the tenth time, he crawled into a fetal position and started to cry.


Beast whirled around in his chair, laughing at the sight of the first X-Man getting the revenge he so despritely deserved. Leaning forward, tilting back the strainer that still resided on his blue head, he looked to the next monitor and to the next poor X-Man. He giggled just thinking about it.


Warren paused outside his darkened room, it was going to be the first time in a while since he hadn't slept with Betsy at his side. Straightening, knowing that sulking wasn't going to get him anywhere he opened the door reassured that he was too tired to notice the difference anyway. With a confident smile he entered the room only to find that as soon as he crossed the threshold, a bucket filled with a very sticky substance fell on him.

He took off the bucket, noticing the smell of the contents right away. "Molasses? Warmed? What the h..."

The answer came in the form of a fan he then tripped (via a string attached to the door knob) when he flung the door open. As soon as it whirled to life, the stickly Angel found more than just his wings covered in feathers.

He felt like crying, not only was his favourite suit ruined, but it would take the rest of the night to clean the gunk off of his wings. Sighing, head hung, he moved towards the bathroom, defeated.


Giggling filled the lab as Beast hung upside down off of the chair, barely able to contain himself as the next monitor showed his next victim. He gasped, suddenly in the mood for chicken.


A loud shreech met him, caught him off guard, as he entered his room. Instinct suddenly took over and within a heartbeat he was in his armoured form, and it was then that his downfall came. From everywhere around him he could feel things sticking to him. Turning on the lights, curious as to what would be attaching itself to him invulnerable hide, he froze, it was—tiny magnets. Eyes wide, he immediately changed back into his human form, but even then it was too late... his metal form had become magnatized.


A bitter explosion of hysterics ran out as Beast fell out of his chair, rolling slightly as he grabbed his stomach, holding his sides as they began to ache. "Sweet pain, an agony of love and devotion that springs to mind like iron carrots to Wile E.'s giant magnet. Oh to see who feels the dullness of the constant burn of revenge that shall leave me living and all others cooling in the shear heat of hell that will seem like ice in comparison.


Silence, it was the sweetest thing to have wash over Scott's ears since he found out that his dear wife had become a teenager again, although even when she WAS a teenager, he never recalled her acting that way. "It must be Rogue and Betsy's influence," he mumbled as he put on his goggles and climber into bed.

It was there, in the moments that followed that he thought he heard something. Shrugging it off he turned over, ready for some sleep. That is until, the sound grew louder and began to take shape in his ears. His eyes immediately shot open as the song's lyrics began play,

"My Milkshake is better than yours..."

Looking around he found the sourse of the song that drove him crazy, the one that sent chills down his spine everytime Kitty played it (finding it amusing as hell), coming from a wall speaker across the room. He gave it a small grin as he moved his hand to his googles, only to find them glued on his face.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Scott screamed over the ever loudening music as he raced to the door. He pulled at it, finding it locked tight.

Giving up, he fell to the floor, sticking his thumb in his mouth, grabbing his ear as he rocked back and forth in the corner despritely wishing for death or his long lost teddy bear, Mr. Binky as the song grew louder and louder and played again and again.


Beast hummed lightly to himself with a sweet smile on his face, which was cradled in his hands. He wanted to rewind the survallience tape and watch his 'fearless-leader' break down and cry like a five year old who had just peed his pants over and over again.

But then he sat up, his smile curling up, in blue reminence of the Grinch in the classic cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He realized that he still had two left, and laughing like Dr. Evil, he couldn't wait.


Remy hummed to himself as he entered his darkened room, sighing he quickly undressed and slid into bed, even though he was tired, he had to admit, it wasn't too bad of a day. He only wished that Rogue hadn't gone drunken insane, with her powers gone...

He couldn't finish the thought due to a cold clicking sound that accompanied a chilled pressure against his wrist. "What the...?" He was silenced when the light was turned on to reveal Rogue standing by the bed, a bag held greedily in her hands. She was wearing nothing but Remy's shirt.

He swallowed hard, realizing that he was handcuffed to the bed. "Chere? What you doin'?"

She smiled at him, "Ah'm here cuz Beast made mah realize that this may be our only night." She sat down, holding up a can of whipped cream and a whip, her smile turning almost evil, "An I got so many fantasies to live out."

Gambit again swallowed hard, thinking the only thing that he could, 'She's gonna kill me'.


"Fraud always said over indulging in something sweet was the best tourture of all, especially since he might not get it again." Beast laughed, having found and put on one of Magneto's old helmets, it was too small but Hank didn't really care, he didn't want the aliens to hear his thoughts... again. "Maybe it wasn't... oh well, Santa loves me."


Logan walked to his door, wanting to sleep, only to find a note tapped there instead. With a growl he read it.

"Dear feral one,

"Before retiring would you find it in your most vital of vital organs to check upon the girls before you retire?

"Your friend, the overly exhausted Henry McCoy."

Tossing the note aside he made his way down to the containment area. It was dark and silent, except for the random giggles that he heard. Sighing he entered the dark cell that the girls were being held in. Squinting, trying, even with his heightened vision, to find the girls in the dark cell, he was caught off guard when the door shut behind him, locking him in until morning.

It was then, with his focus on the door that the light came on. Inhaling deeply he turned around, being faced with the four women, all standing proudly with evil grins on their faces.

He didn't have time to ask where Rogue was when, in unison they all yelled, "MAKE OVER!!!!!" and descended upon him.


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