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Identity Thief
Chapter 1
Career Change

The museum was nearly pitch black and in dead silence that night when a figure clad in an all black bodysuit snuck in through the ceiling skylight. The guards in the surveillance room might have seen the trespasser through one their security cameras if they weren't asleep due to the gas that was pumped in through the ventilation system. This shapely thief was smart enough to think of every possible precaution before entering that night as to assure an easy success. It wasn't long before tip-toeing around the empty hall ways and spacious exhibits before the mysterious intruder found its target; the sapphire necklace once belonging to the wife of a former Japanese emperor. Using a specially made mist spray, this thief easily exposed the alarm laser wires and was able to cut a hole in the glass display case with a laser cutter pen given by a friend in the local yakuza syndicate. But just before the necklace was safely in hand, a lone security guard sounded the alarm and advanced toward the stranger. "You, stop right there!" he screamed out, shining his flashlight at the thief. "You're under arrest you, what, you're a woman?" he asked in surprise.

The woman in black growled and shot from her hand a small ball of green light to the guard, knocking the flashlight from his hand, lightly burning his hand. She grabbed the necklace and rushed to a window closest to the necklace display while sirens rang deafeningly. Just before she leapt out the window, she purposely dropped a note on the floor for the guards to see. Once outside, she scaled up the wall of an adjacent building with the help of a rope she had set there before filling the museum's surveillance room with knock out gas. Once on the roof, she quickly let the rope drop to the ground and let out a sigh of relief. "This would be a lot more fun," she said to herself, "if I could get more then just 5,000 American for this little trinket. Oh well Shego, that's what you get for becoming the yakuza's infamous 'Jade Orchid'."

It was 5 in the morning when the 16 year old Shego stood quietly on a small bridge in a Tokyo park. She stared into the trickling water, watching the daybreak in its reflection. It wasn't long before her employer arrived with 2 goons behind him. Tsubohachi was the man who took her in after she decided to leave her family behind. When she was homeless and desperate for cash, Tsubohachi took her in and raised her his own way. He brought her up almost like a slave, working her almost to death until he finally saw her potential when she lashed out and severely injured one of his lackeys. Now she works as his personal thief and it made her sick. Even the name Jade Orchid made her blood boil because it was the pet name he gave her when he started to come on to her sexually. "I see you did well my Jade Orchid," said the almost 40 year old yakuza boss.

Shego glared at him but held up the necklace. "Here's your precious trinket now where's my pay?" she asked rudely.

One of the goons slid to her a large manila envelope full of money and in turn she tossed the sapphire necklace to Tsubohachi. "I know you think you deserve more then what I give you but you can never get 5,000 on your own. You're still a no one in the underworld and you need me more than you're willing to admit." Shego growled and clenched her fists. "I am willing to give you 20,000 if you agree to become my willing and fully obedient slave. There's nothing I enjoy more than the screams of a teenage virgin in bed."

"Yeah, well you can shove it up your ass for all I care, I'm outta here!" she spat before storming off.

Tsubohachi's goons tried to advance on her but were stopped by their boss. "Trust me men, if you get her angry you won't come back in one piece. Besides, she can never leave the yakuza; she has no one else to turn to."

Shego slipped quietly into her modest underground apartment and tossed the envelope on the table. How she hated stealing for the yakuza, it might have given her a public reputation as the greatest thief in Japan but it made her die just a little bit inside every passing day. It's not that the money wasn't great; it was that Shego didn't want to live the rest of her life being used only for her power and not having complete control of her life. What she wanted was her fair share, to reap the full benefit of her hard work. Little did she know that her chance to make this a reality will happen because of a small article in the local papers. She was pleased that her calling card in the museum was the front page; the police hated her but she was safe as long as her real name stayed secret. But something caught her eye, an opportunity to score some major cash. A local computer firm has developed a state of the art microprocessor meant for super computers. "I usually don't do techno stuff but I think I'll make an exception for this once," she said to herself.

That night, Shego loaded up on her usual equipment and rushed to the headquarters of that computer company. However, to her surprise, she has some company of her own. She crept up a near by tree to get a closer look. There were 4 dressed in red uniforms and 1 in a blue coat pacing back and forth. "You're absolutely useless, each and every one of you!" the blue coat man in the cheesy ponytail barked. "All I ask of you is to break into this high security building and steal a microprocessor that far surpassing all current technology and you can't get through the front door! Why do I keep using you people?"

Shego leapt down and kicked two of the red dressed henchmen in the head before landing. The last two advanced on her only to have their heads grabbed and slammed together as Shego did a forward flipped right over them. Shego turned to the four staggering men and shook her head. "Come on, if you're trying to beat me to the punch for this micro-whatever, you can at least put up a good fight," she said mockingly. "You're 4 grown men against 1 teenage girl, how hard is it for you to win?" she asked, not aware that in the future that these same 4 men, with their buddies, along with a fully grown Shego will lose continuously against another teenage girl.

They all hesitate to act and finally they tried a full 4 man rush toward Shego but to no avail. Shego skillfully kicked up a long trail of dirt into the air, blinding all her attackers before using a flurry of quick hits, kicks, and throws to knock them all on their backs; she felt there was no need to waste her powers on this batch of goofs. Before Drakken could bark out anymore order Shego turned to Drakken and ignited her hands in green fire; she wasn't going to hurt him too badly but he looked easy to scare. Drakken stepped back in fear but tripped and fell on his ass. "Gah, please don't hurt me!" he cried. "I'm just a hard working mad scientist who wants to take over the world!"

This was too easy. "Yeah, right, you couldn't even scratch me and you're trying to steal a pricey thing like that something-processor?"

Drakken looked insulted. "I don't care how much it costs! I need that microprocessor to give my hypnotic telemarketing machine the power it needs to call over 1,000 people a second all across the world! Once they pick up their phones, my subliminal message will be played underneath a phony telemarketing product; people never hang up their phones in the middle of an opening sales pitch because they don't want to seem rude or they want a chance to complain about receiving calls at inappropriate times. Long after they hang up, they'll soon obey the subliminal message and make me, Doctor Drakken, the greatest evil genius ever, undisputed ruler of the world!" he declared followed by a villainous laugh.

Shego shook her head and crossed her arms in both disappointment and pity. "You call yourself an evil genius but you yet to show any sign of actual genius."

Drakken growled but was suddenly hit with inspiration. "You want the processor to make money; I want the processor to rule the world. If you get the processor for me, I'll pay you quite handsomely."

Shego smirked and helped Drakken up to his feet. "You got a deal scar face, just have my check ready when I get out and make it out in U.S. cash," she said, before taking a skilled leap straight up to a second floor window. Half an hour later, while Drakken paced impatiently from a safe distance from the building, Shego snuck up behind him and flicked the back of his head. "Where's my check ponytail boy?" she asked mockingly.

Drakken rubbed the back of his head and growled when he turned to face her. "You really know how to vex me don't you, you common thug?" he asked. Shego responded by holding up the microprocessor held in a protective clear plastic casing. "The microprocessor, my dreams of world domination is at hand!"

When he tried to snag it, Shego quickly pulled it from his grasp, making him tumble forward. "Where's my money?"

Drakken bit his lips and fiddles with his fingers while he was still facing away from her. "Well, it's not like I carry a check book with me at all times. But if you're willing to fly all the way back to the states where my current lair is located, I'll be more than happy to pay you," he said, not expecting a her to agree to his conditions.

Shego smirked and slid the plastic case into her pocket. "Fine, I need to get out off this island anyway and find a new way to make a living. Besides, if you pay me enough, maybe I'll steal more electronic garbage for you as long as I can set my own work hours."

Drakken rubbed his palms together and grinned sinisterly. "Oh don't worry, after I implement my plans, I won't need your services anymore for I shall become ruler of this world! But to be a good sport, I'll give you a respectable position in my new world order."

Seven Years Later

Shego carefully dusted off the last of her ancient Egyptian clay pots in a warehouse she has leased under a false name she uses to conduct semi- legitimate business with her dirty money. This warehouse stored all the priceless antiques she steals on her off time away from Drakken in hopes to one day sell them all off and live in early, tropical retirement. Once clean, her cell phone rang and the caller ID read Dr. D. "Huh," she sighed to herself, "he got out on his own." She flipped open the phone and slumped into her chair. "What's up Dr. D?" she asked casually.

Drakken growled into the phone and pounded his hand into the table. "Shego, why did you leave me in that prison without trying to get me out? You know how much I hate prison," he said, his voice changing to a whining tone. "They make you eat that disgusting food and those toilets are simply horrid."

Shego rolled her eyes. "Well I'm on my holiday leave and you already got out on your own so stop bitching to me about it. Jesus Christ, you were only in there 5 days, what happened, did you actually spring for Johnny Cochran or did someone break you out."

"That's not the point, the point is-," he said, before he stopped and blinked in realization. "Wait, what do you mean holiday leave?"

Shego sighed in frustration. "Its Halloween weekend, today's the 29th of October. Remember, in my contract there's a clause that says I get 4 weeks off anytime I want during the year and 3 days off for major holidays, not to mention 10 sick days to be used at my discretion. So whatever it is, keep it to yourself till November." Before he could scream her name, she flipped her phone closed and tossed it aside. "Well, let's see I cleaned the antiques, got that whole family ugliness behind me, and blew off the dumb ass for the rest of the month. I wonder what I'm going to do next."

Somewhere on the other side of the world in the lair of Professor Dementor, there are HenchCo henchmen scattered almost lifelessly over several surfaces, broken machines and lab equipment spew a thin layer of exhaust in the air mixed with the fumes of certain toxic chemicals, and the professor himself crawling on his stomach, with a limp left arm, a busted right hand, and several internal injuries, toward his computer. Before he could reach it, he heard a blast from above him and the trembling of metal and rock. Despite his injury, he rolled his way to safety as the ceiling began to collapse almost inches from his body. A woman's laughed echoed from the other side of the rubble with evil joy. "Well, daddy," the voice said sarcastically, "it was nice playing with you but I think I owe it to mom to spend some 'quality time' with her."

She left with her wicked laugh and Professor Dementor pulled himself up to his computer and began typing a web address. "Please get this quickly," he said weakly to himself. "You're the only one who can stop her, Kim Possible."

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