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Identity Thief
Chapter 6
Freaky Halloween

Kim stayed after school in study hall examining the video Kigo sent to see if she could find out where she sent it. All she needed to do was find one subtle clue and she could save Josh before anything bad would happen to him. Ron in the meanwhile sat upside down in a near by chair reading a copy of Shonen Jump. "You know Kim, this really bites," he said. "This whole Kigo crisis is really going to cut into my T and T time tonight."

Kim didn't turn her attention away from the Kimmunicator screen. "Ron, this is way more important than Trick or Treating," she said coldly.

Ron set aside his thick manga and gave a questioning look toward Kim. "Is it because this involves Kigo or because it would mean impressing Josh Mankey by saving him?"

Kim kept her solid emotionless expression. "Either one, both, or neither would be more important than Trick or Treating. Wait, I think I see something." As Kim enhanced the image, Ron rolled off the chair and walked over behind Kim. "Yes, there, in one of the broken windows, it's a Bueno Nacho sign sort of covering the sun."

The sidekick extraordinaire tilted his head to the side and looked at the same thing Kim is looking at with unsure eyes. "I don't really see it," he said.

Kim switched off her Kimmunicator and gave it to Ron. "Take this back to my place and tell Wade I found where Kigo is. I'm going to get some necessary equipment if I'm going to defeat Kigo." Before Ron could say anything, Kim left study hall and got out of that school like a bat out of hell. "I hate lying to Ron, but I have to fight alone or else Josh might die."

So Ron did what he was told and ran back to the Possible household and plopped himself down on the easy chair, Kimmunicator in hand. He opened a line to Wade who was taking a quick nap in his computer chair. Ron grinned and decided to exercise his self-given right to use the alarm feature of the Kimmunicator to give the portly hacker an ear piercing wakeup call. "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bacy," Ron said.

Wade groaned and looked angrily at Ron through the web cam. "What's the big idea?" he asked.

"Kim said she knows where Kigo is keeping Josh and told me to tell you and also that she's out to get equipment before she goes to rumble."

Wade looked confused. "Then why didn't she contact me herself? Why give you the Kimmunicator, you still have that watch that contacts me directly, don't you?"

Ron glanced at his wrist then back at the Kimmunicator. Then one long look at his wrist and once back to Wade on the handheld. He did this one more time before making an insulted face. "Hey, she tricked me!"

Wade looked concerned. "This is bad, Kim never did anything like this before and Kigo is defiantly bad news. What is she thinking, she could get killed!"

Ron tried to think of why Kim would do this before he yelped in pain as a nut struck the back of his head. "Can you two stop whining for once, it's bothering me," Shego said, now sporting her familiar jumpsuit. Though her injuries were severe, she shows no sign of letting it slow her down.

Ron glared at her and stood up from the chair. "Ok, two things; one, your too banged up to be walking around and two, this is a matter of life and death!"

Shego looked unphased. "One, I don't need Possible's goofy sidekick telling me what to do and two, for all I care, little Kimmie can go jump off a cliff though this does sound more enjoyable to watch."

Ron stormed forward and tried adjusting his height so he can get in her face. "If it wasn't for her, you'd be dead in that museum. You owe her!" he barked, pressing his finger on her collarbone.

Shego just stood there for a moment before grabbing his finger and starting bending it toward his wrist. Ron collapsed on his knees crying in pain. "Look, I don't owe anyone anything; that includes Kimmie. So I suggest you find someone else to hang out with since I don't think she's coming back home tonight." Just then, a crashing sound followed by the clattering of small pieces made Shego turned around to see Marsha Possible on the verge of having an emotional breakdown. "Marsha . . . I didn't mean it."

She left crying and Ron was almost dumbfounded seeing Shego stand there in sincere remorse for what just happened. "You know, there's only one way to make it up to her," he said.

Shego took a deep breath and turned to him. "I guess I'll pick the lesser of two evils. But where exactly is Kimmie?"

Ron thought for a moment, remembering that Kim said there was a Bueno Nacho sign blotting out a piece of the morning sun as seen out the broken window of an abandoned warehouse. It soon all fell into place and he snapped in fingers in realization. "She's at the corner of 34th and Oak, I know, I do a pilgrimage to every Bueno Nacho in town a month!"

Shego gave him the same look Kim would give if she had heard Ron say those exact words. "Let's just go before I decide to break your thumbs."

Meanwhile, at the abandoned warehouse, Kigo, shrouded with a cloak over her side and in her true form; the scaled version of Shego's body and coloring, Kim's face and hair style, paced back and forth while Josh dangled in his chair suspended up in the air with a rope. Kigo knew Shego might try something if Kim was smart enough to team up with her but with a hostage, Josh Mankey of all people, she might just be dumb enough to fulfill her part of the deal and come alone. "It's almost time," she said to herself.

"The time is now!" Kim shouted from the entrance of the warehouse. Kigo turned to the entrance and quickly rolled behind a pile of boxes as Kim shot at her a green blob net from her wrist shooter. "I'm going to make sure you never hurt anyone else again."

Kigo ignited her free hand and pushed the pile of boxes toward Kim, forcing the teen hero to tumble back to safety. "Nice Halloween costume, let me guess, loser who can't save her boy's life?"

Kim tried aiming the net launcher at Kigo but a rain of black bolts of energy forced her to run and leap across the warehouse until ducking behind a metal beam. "This is bad, real bad," she told herself. She took a deep breath, rolled out and aimed out to where she saw Kigo around last only to get pushed back by a direct hit by one of the energy bolts.

With Kim stunned, Kigo walked confidently toward her until a voice from the warehouse's entrance made her stop. "Stop right there, lizard girl!" Ron demanded.

Kigo turned and almost laughed seeing Ron standing his ground with his hand out authoritatively. "And what are you going to do Ronnie? Are you going to have your pants ripped off or slip and fall on your ass?"

Ron smiled. "Nope, I'm going to be a distraction for Shego!"

The evil clone made a confused look but turned her head in frighten realization seeing Josh Mankey pulled up through an open skyline window by Shego. After a quick swipe of the emerald and raven clad criminal's plasma pulsing clawed glove, the golden boy Mankey was free but not free of Shego's look seeing him in his pajamas. "I think you should go home and put some jeans on," she said mischievously.

Mankey got up and looked down through the skyline window. "Kim, she's in trouble, that freak is going to tear her apart," he said, showing his true feelings about Kim to her worst enemy.

Shego smirked and put one foot on the edge of the skyline. "Just get out of here, call the cops, and tell them to follow the screams!" she said, before plunging herself down the skyline window and into the warehouse. She landed gracefully on her feet but buckled down to one knee from the sudden pain.

Kigo turned to the world famous villain but growled as Kim nailed her foot to the floor with one of her blob nets. With the reptilian freak struggling in vain to free herself, Kim ran to Shego and helped her up on her feet. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

Shego shrugged off the red head and straighten herself off. "Geez, your welcome," she spat. "Remind me to take a bullet for you so you can treat me like shit."

The two went into a stare down that was broken as the remains of one of Kim's nets was thrown at their feet and an evil laugh cackled upon them. They turned to see Kigo has freed herself, discarded her cloak and was holding something in her hand, a hand attached to an arm that regenerated after she willingly discarded it back at the museum. "I could beat you both easily," said the evil clone of the two ladies. "But I'll use this special bomb to do you both in instead! It's a new twist on daddy's favorite scientific breakthrough; the pan-dimensional vortex inducer. See, this little bomb will twist the fabric of reality in a much more compressed area of space than the original, but just enough to make both of you erased from this reality!" Ron heard the evil one's gloat and tried to dive in and stop her but he was too late. Kigo hurled the bomb at Kim and Shego just before Ron landed short of his target and screamed in horror as he saw a flash of light and a rumbling explosion. Kigo laughed manically and pick Ron up by the collar, forcing him to face the swirling vortex of light. "Go on loser; know what it's like not being able to help your best friend as she dies a hopefully painful death! Though I would enjoy your remorse and tears, I'll be nice and send you to oblivion afterward."

"Not so fast, Kigo!" shouted a strangely warped voice from within in the vortex. Kigo dropped Ron in surprise and a little fear.

"No, that's impossible," she said softly at first. She clenched her fists and her eyes boiled red. "This isn't what was supposed to happen!"

Ron rubbed his head and looked up to see a very strange sight. From where once stood two hated enemies was now a woman of Shego's face and hairstyle, Kim's body, skin color and hair color, all together in a black and orange jumpsuit. When Rufus finally crawled out of Ron's pocket and saw what was going on, the two dropped their jaws at the same time. "Usually I would say this is sick and wrong," Ron said. "But this is just fucked up!"

The new entity stepped toward the hated enemy and cracked their knuckles in anticipation. "Kim might have stooped to using her gadgets," the combined woman said. "And Shego might be too hardheaded to know she didn't have a chance in hell but winning. But I'm going to mop the floor with you, bitch!"

Kigo growled and clenched her fists with blazing black aura. "And just who are you to think you can beat me?"

The woman grinned an evil Shego grin and ignited an orange glow. "I'm Shim!"

The two women ran forward and began a series of hard blows to each others faces over and over without one or the other showing any sign of letting up. Ron looked on as the two continued to slug one another in the face. His face contorted in confusion as he tried to make out exactly what was happening. "Wait, so it's Kim and Shego in one body versus Kim, Shego and a lizard in another body?" he asked Rufus. Rufus shrugged his front legs unsure how to answer that question.

Shim reeled herself back after Kigo last punch and thrashed into her a double fisted smash to her face, sending the evil clone flying across the warehouse. However, the reptilian villainous dragged herself to a stop by digging her glowing black hand into the concrete ground and planted her feet on the ground. Kigo straighten herself and growled at Shim only to be responded with a beckoning wave of the hand. "Bring it, lizard girl."

Kigo ran a few steps forward and flew toward Shim with a forward kick. Shim grinned and seemingly disappeared in front of Kigo's eyes. She landed and looked around for her opponent. "Where the hell is she?"

"Peek a boo!" Shim shouted from above her. Kigo looked up and had Shim's foot slammed into her jaw. The evil half chameleon dropped to the ground like stone and Ron started cheering like the fight was over. Shim grinned and gave him a thumbs-up. "No big, I'm two bad asses in one dynamite package."

"Oh, really? So am I!" Shim looked down and Kigo grabbed her by the collar and tossed her into a stack of crates. "And then some, so don't count me out yet, freak! Once I kill you and your goofy friend, I'll be more than happy to live Kim's perfect life with the fortune I'll make selling off Shego's stolen antiques."

Shim stood up and painted her face with a confident smirk. "Hey, if you want the tweebs, you can have. But you see, there are two reasons I can't let you do that. One, Shego would hate it if she lost those antiques; they're her ticket to paradise retirement in the Caribbean. And two, none of us could look Marsha in the eye again if I just let you take away her only daughter."

Kigo growled in frustration. "Are you retarded? You're talking about the two bitches that make you up like they're still individual. You're Shim for life, Kim and Shego are already gone, you're nothing more than an obstacle in my path to true happiness is all."

"You maybe right, I might be Shim forever, Marsha might never see her little Kimmie grow up and get married and all those other wonderful moments yet to be achieved. And sure, maybe Shego may never exist again to enjoy the wealth she accumulate or even enjoy a bout of ridiculing Drakken's intelligence. But the only reason I know those two are coming back is because I don't listen to someone who has a lizard brain!" Kigo roared and hurled dark bolts of energy at Shim who only swayed side to side avoiding each projectile like they were slow moving gnats. "You know, this is getting pathetic so I'm going to end it now."

"You're a lot of hot air, bitch!" screamed the villainous creation of Dementor.

"Oh I have something hot to give you alright, and it's not air!" Shim without hesitation fired then and there 2 balls of orange light toward Kigo. She leapt up in the air, the two shots passing under her. "Smart, but I'm smarter!" Shim stretched her arms out and pulled them back hard. Before Kigo knew what happened, the two bolts made a full 180 and slammed hard into her back as she was landing. Kigo dropped to her knees just as the sirens of law enforcement could be heard outside.

Kigo was handcuffed and taken away for a long time but there was still a problem; Shim. Ron stared blankly at her as he brought up Wade on the Kimmunicator. "Wade, we got a small problem here," he said.

"What's wrong Ron?" Wade asked. Ron pointed the Kimmunicator at Shim who waved. "Wow, that's what's wrong. How did this happen?"

"Well Kigo used this thing that she said was like that other thing in Vegas I turned off that same day I was a hunky muscle god. There was this light and explosion then Kim and Shego became this Shim."

Wade looked puzzled. "Well, the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer is suppose to bend and twist the fabric of reality, I guess this was just an off-chance occurrence. I might be able to separate the two of them, but this is dealing beyond the laws of physics, it might take days."

"Thanks Wade, keep me . . . umm, I think Kim would say something like updated or posted. Well, just tell me when you get something," Ron finally got out before turning off the Kimmunicator. He went up to Shim and looked her in the eye. "So, there's some time left, wanna go do the Trick or Treat thing?"

Unfortunately for Ron, Shim was made of both Kim and Shego, two females who saw themselves too old for T and T. "Sorry Ron, but I have my own plans," she said before running off. After a few minutes, she knocked on a door and smiled cutely. "Hey Josh, if you're over the whole being kidnapped thing, wanna go to the Halloween dance?"