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Brother Bear By Doll Girl

Luigi had been in this coma for several months.

Mario stayed by his side except to use the bathroom. He couldn't suppress his worry and guilt.

Yes Bowser was finally gone for good but only by Luigi's noble sacrifice. Luigi had used a star to knock the wall that Bowser had him pinned to on top of them. Before it fell he had pushed Mario out of the way to safety.

A few surprises had come out of Bowser's death. For one, the Wario's were broken of the spell that had been cast upon them that turned them evil. Captain Syrup was also freed and she became close friends with Wario.

All this was because of what Luigi had done. It was thanks to him that they now had peace. Luigi, the one whom most thought to be a coward, had proven to be more than what he was perceived.

Mario closed his eyes and held his brother's bandaged hand. He cried tears of heartbreak and love. He prayed that Luigi would be okay. He missed so many things:

His laugh for one. Luigi always had a way of making someone laugh no matter how down they were.

His good heart was another. Luigi could pick up on things that others would ignore. His good heart and kind nature won the love of so many that he had encountered.

Mario smiled slightly. So many meant that everyone from the Mushroom Kingdom, Sarasaland, and wherever he had been during adventures were worried about him.

'And to think he doesn't know how loved he is,' Mario thought sadly. He hated the fact that Luigi was neglected. He sighed. "I love you Luigi Mario. You can't leave this world. You have Daisy to marry and you have to turn me into an uncle before I die. I don't want to let you go." His tears fell once again and he began to sing softly:

Everywhere I go I hurt someone But there's nothing I can say to change the things I've done I'd do anything within my power to change everything I've done But the path I take is hidden from me now.

Brother Bear I let you down You believed in me Trusted me and I let you down After everything I hid from you I cannot hide the shame I need someone or something to come to take away the pain There's no way out of this dark place No hope No future

Mario stopped the song right there. He couldn't get the words out because of how hard he was crying.

"Mario?" came a weak whisper.

Mario looked up and around but saw nobody.


Mario looked at his brother and saw his blue eyes regaining their life. He hugged him close. No words were needed to convey his joy.

"I love you too Mario."

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