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Chapter 1: another year another humiliation.

"Well here goes nothing" A 17-year-old girl surveyed a train station packed with students. These students are no ordinary students. They are witches and wizards!

The girl however was used to this scene now, being in her 7th and final year she was now a veteran to this situation. She was about 5'8" with straight, chestnut hair that looked as if it had been tamed over the summer. She wasn't magnificently pretty but they used to say that she had potential. She had brown eyes that on closer inspection flashed green and amber when they caught the light. She had strangely pale skin seeing as it was the end of summer, but her face was slightly be freckled, suggesting that she had been on holiday this year. She was wearing a black vest top and grey hipster jeans that helped her to blend nicely into the crowd where she felt safe. She had been doing it for the past 7 years; she was now a master at it. Yet this time she had caught someone's eye. Someone's cruel silver evil eye, which was the eye that she had been desperately avoiding.

"Oi mudblood" she ignored him. Looking anywhere except for those cruel eyes. "Mudblood!" the wall became suddenly very interesting. Oh shit she thought. He's coming over! Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT! She decided her best bet would be to face him rather than have him chase her down the station, but she did so slowly and begrudgingly. In the first 5 years she had been able to stand up to him, talk back to him and, hell, she even slapped him once! But now... She turned slowly on her heel and gave his eyes the most confident masked gaze she could muster. "Yes Malfoy?"

It had been in 6th year that she had finally given up and allowed him to call her mudblood. Well I think actually allowed him is the wrong word. It's more like stopped protesting. After her two best friends disserted her and went off with their quidditch whores she lost all hope. She buried herself in her work usually yet she no longer called out answers. She rarely talked to people around her. In fact she rarely talked at all. She sailed around in her dreams where she was the strong girl she used to be. She was happy there. She wasn't mudblood there. She was... Hermione.

"Well, well. What have we here mudblood? Do you think you look good in those clothes huh? Think you look stylish? Cool? God look at your eyeliner mudblood. You look like a cross between a panda and like a Goth. you look like death" she didn't care what they were saying really. What got to her was the fact that whatever she said he would have something wittier and more cutting to say back, she was trapped before she said anything. She felt manipulated and humiliated and she could do nothing about this dick they call Draco Malfoy in front of her. She felt about the size of matchstick and felt as if she was being snapped in half. People were starting to crowd around to watch. It was strange there were around 50 people encircling her and Malfoy, yet not one of them helped. Some of these people had used to be her friends before she lost her place in the golden trio. Its horrifying how fickle people are "oh god mudblood where did you get your face, I mean ugh, I mean ugh. Just look... actually don't. And by fuck you smell! Ever heard of washing! You smell like shit mudblood" it was getting more and more childish with every word. She just kept thinking "you stupid immature prick! How old are you like 5!" and yet they all hit her blow after blow. Whoever created the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" should be dug up and shot she thought. She would have preferred them to hit her. Get it over and done with. They hit her, she falls down, hurts for a week, and its over. Words stay with you always. Follow you wherever you go. There is no escape from words.

"Where are your friends then huh? Who are you waiting for? Where are they? Oh wait. Sorry I forgot YOU DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS!" That was when Hermione got to "that" point. The point when you're being bullied and they finally break you. There are two options from this point. The old Hermione would have taken the first option and punched that bastard right in the face. But she wasn't the old Hermione. She wasn't even the Hermione that she was outside school. It was even worse than that. She wasn't even Hermione here. No one talked to her except the teachers who called her "Miss Granger" and this prick who called her "Mudblood". She wasn't even Granger to him any more. That name had been abandoned long ago. Here she was Mudblood Granger, and Mudblood Granger took the second option.

"Oh look the Mudblood is crying" wow she thought. I've now been demoted to "the mudblood". I'm not even human anymore. Not that I've ever been human to him the stuck up pureblooded wanker. You need to stop Hermione. Don't let him see you cry. He doesn't deserve this! Look at him he's enjoying it.

And he was. That ever fixed smirk widened across his pale face making him look perfectly demonic. His unnaturally platinum blond hair was falling into his eyes, so that his penetrating grey eyes leered through the shadow with delicious delight at her pain. He was now an impressive 6'2" and therefore towered over Hermione making her feel even smaller. It was evident that quidditch had done his body good as it had built him up so that he wasn't overly muscular, yet was still fit. He was by definition extremely attractive physically. You would definitely be able to go as far as to say that he was hot. And Hermione hated him even more for this. He can't just let me hate him in peace can he! He has to make me be slightly attracted to him even though I hate his guts just to confuse me. He did it on purpose!!!!!!!!!!

Her sobbing was becoming uncontrollable now. She bowed her head, allowing her hair to fall and curtain her off from the dancing steel eyes. It wasn't enough though. His words still seared through her barrier. She couldn't handle it. The tears were rolling down her cheeks in black streams as her makeup slowly made its way down her face. She was weak and he knew it. Tears meant nothing to him. There was no limit to him. I have to say something! She thought furiously. He has to know that I wont just sit and take this. This is ridiculous come on Hermione! You are so much better than him! He is just a spoilt little pureblood rich boy and if you just stand here and take this he will do it for the rest of the year!

"Oh shut up Malfoy" that's it? That's all you can come up with! Oh very original Hermione now we all know why you are the cleverest in the year. And we all know exactly what he will say don't we. We have all seen this situation before.

"Make me mud blood. What are you going to do about it huh? Make me stop! What are you going to do" Hermione's mind went blank. The only words that came to her were two small words that repeated over and over again. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... "Nothing and that's the point" the word just came out before she could stop them. What the fuck are you talking about you fool! I'm you and even I don't get that! "What?" oh god everybody's looking at me. Their eyes are burning me. I can't stand this, I just can't. It was then that Hermione admitted defeat. With that she turned and ran full pelt down the station and onto the train to the sound of Draco Malfoy and his cronies jeering and laughing at her. The compartment was empty so she flung herself down on the seat and sobbed into the cushions. "Ill never forgive him ill never forgive any of them. I wish I was dead, I wish they were dead!" she started to hyperventilate. "Ok Hermione calm down. Calm down Hermione!" but she couldn't, the pain was rushing around her head and she new that there was one way of stopping it. She quickly checked around the compartment to make sure that there was definitely no one there and when she was sure she slipped her hand into her blue shoulder bag and pulled out, a penknife.