Adventure of the Planet of the Apes

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Chapter Ten: A New Style

I was awake, but I didn't move. It was too dark for it to be time to get up yet. Then there was that strange dream that I had had last night about the Planet of the Apes. Talk about bizarre. Wait. Why am I laying on a cot, on the floor, in my clothes, looking up at a strange ceiling, when I should be in my bed, in my pajamas, looking up at a poster of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, King of Gondor. Maybe I was at Hannah or Sarah's. No, that couldn't be it. There were no glow-in-the-dark stars or posters of dolphins on the ceiling.

It wasn't a dream!

Oh my, gosh. Panic started to rise. I couldn't breath as I hyperventilated. It felt like my throat was swelling shut. Had I inadvertently touched something with latex in it? Did they even have latex here? Don't freak out, I told myself. If you really are going into anaphylaxis shock then you have your epi-pen in your backpack. Slowly I made my body relax and began to take deep, even breaths to calm down.

My head, once again, decided that it was time to remind me that I had sustained a concussion the day before and now was suffering from a terrible headache. Slowly I sat up, trying to be as careful as possible with my head. No, this was definitely not my room. As I glanced over at the bed, suspended from the ceiling, I saw Ari. "Uh!" I startled myself by my groan of frustration. There was absolutely nothing for me to do until I heard someone else get up. Soon I became aware of the fact that I was very hungry, but there was nothing I could do about that either.

So I laid there on my cot, looking up at the ceiling and thinking about my family. Finally, I must have drifted back to sleep because when I awoke, Ari was just getting out of bed. I looked down at my wrist to see what it was, just out of habit because I never take my watch off. Alas! There was no watch on my wrist, on the bright white skin that had not been exposed all summer long.

"Oh, you're awake," Ari's voice startled me.

"Yes, I'm awake." No, I'm sleep, but sitting up with my eyes open, I thought sarcastically to myself.

"Hum," I turned my eyes downward as she gave me the once over, taking in every little detail. "You'll need different clothes, those will never do." I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. By forcing myself to clamp my jaws together I was able to bite back a couple of remarks that would be un-human on this planet. With mild interest and a healthy dose of curiosity I watched as Ari got ready for the day. After she was done getting dressed and grooming herself she pulled a leather bound book out from under her bed. It was a journal, I realized as I watched her begin to write. After a few minutes of me staring at her (what else could I do?) she sat her journal down. "Would you like to learn how to read and write?"

My first inclination was to tell her that I already knew how, but I realized that it wouldn't be very smart. "Isn't it illegal for humans to know how to read and write?"

Ari looked puzzled. "Well, no, its not."

I wanted to ask her why the, if it was not illegal, did humans not know how to read or write. "I'll try."

"Over here then." We both rose and walked over to a desk that was built into the wall. Ari opened a drawer and took out a few pieces of paper, a pen, and an ink well. "Here, watch closely." Because I thought that since I already knew how to read and write that I didn't really need to pay that close of attention to what she was doing. Well, I watched closely at how to dip the pen and get of the extra ink, but the writing couldn't be that different from what I was used to. As I paid attention to her style of writing, with thicker down strokes and thinner up strokes, I was reminded of calligraphy. "Now you try," Ari handed me the pen."

The capital "A" that was written on the sheet was far fancier than any I had ever attempted to write. So instead of trying to copy hers exactly I did a slight variation of my own, with less twirls and curls. Even so it was recognizable as an "A", but less formal.

"Well, you still need some work, but it is only your first time." Ari looked slightly disappointed.

Thanks, I thought, you sure know how to boost a person's confidence. "What is this?" I asked, pointing to the "A." Because of course, as a human I couldn't possibly know how to read.

"This is a capital 'A' and this is a lowercase 'a'," she explained while she wrote the small 'a.'

"What is the difference?"

"You use the capital letter to start a sentence or a proper name and you use the lowercase when it is part of a word or in the middle of a sentence."

"Show me."

"All right, 'The horse ran.'" She wrote it out. "See, here in the middle of ran, the 'a' is not capitalized, but if I write, 'A big rock' then you capitalize the first word. It doesn't matter what the word is you always capitalize it if it is first."

"What are these other letters?"

"Here, this is what we call the alphabet." Ari then proceeded to write out the entire alphabet for me. I must admit that she has beautiful handwriting and that the world of homework would be a much nicer place if everyone wrote as neatly as she did.

"Why is it called the al-f-a-bet?" I tried to sound like I was saying the word for the first time.

"I don't really know. I'd never really thought about that before."

I looked at the alphabet Air had written for me. What would a normal human do? I asked myself. Your name."How would you write my name?"

"Like this, T-A-Y-L-O-R." Ari spoke the letters out loud while she wrote them down.

"Hum," I lightly traced over the letters. The wet ink smeared slightly and adhered to my fingers.

"Now you try. Keep practicing while I'm gone. I'll be back to get you when it is the humans turn to eat breakfast." Before I could even reply Ari was gone and halfway down the stairs. The paper sat before me, blank and unmoving. I dipped the pointed tip of the pen into the ink and started to practice writing the alphabet. After a few tries my style of writing had improved, but my hand and arm were starting to cramp. I couldn't write sentence or anything because of my feigned ignorance. Then I realized what I corner I had painted myself into. Well, at least I could work on my signature. As I was about to write my name I realized that the apes, or at least what Ari was taught me, was not cursive.

"You're getting much better." I jumped at the sound of Ari's voice.

"Thank you."

"If you would like to go down to the kitchen now the rest of the humans are eating."

"Yes, ma'am." Very quickly I straightened the paper and wiped the pen clean. Then I walked down the back stairs to the kitchen.

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