It was eight o'clock at night on a calm September night.  In a few short hours the month would be over and October would begin.  It was their favorite time of the year and many plans needed to be made.  Fifteen-year-old Melina Bianco was standing in her family's kitchen, patiently awaiting her boyfriend's arrival.  The couple had only recently started dating, event thought the two had been friends for several years.  Everyone, save their close friend Lanny, could see that the two were so obviously meant for one another.  Lanny's excuse was that he was too close to the couple to see the chemistry between them. 

Melina Bianco and Mathew McGuire were two peas in a pod.  Sure she was bossy, demanding, and a tad ruthless but Matt loved her.  Actually most people suspected it was in fact those qualities that Matt specifically loved about her. 

Melina had just pulled out a bag of microwave popcorn and was setting the timer when her doorbell rang.  The sound had initially startled her and she'd hit an extra number on the timer.  She left the popcorn popping while she ran to get the door, it would only be a moment so there was no need to worry about the popcorn burning.  Melina darted down the hall and opened the door to find no one there.  She looked around only to find no one at the door.  She stuck her head out and double-checked just in case Matt was being a smart alec, then closed and locked the door.

On her way back to the kitchen the phone rang.  She was closest to the cordless phone so she picked it up she said, "hello."

There was initially no response and she was on the verge of hanging up when she heard a small whimper on the line.  Listening closer she recognized Matt's voice.  He managed to mutter her name.  "Melina."

"Knock it off Matt."  Melina stated.  "Where are you?"

The phone suddenly hung up.  Melina thought Matt was just playing a joke on her to get back at her for one of the numerous ones that she herself played on him.  Smelling smoke she cursed under her breath and ran back to the kitchen to where her popcorn was now smoking from the microwave.  As she was reaching for the door handle the telephone rang again.

"Hello." An annoyed Melina inquired as she opened the microwave and released the smoke from the now charcoaled popcorn bag. Tossing the bag into the trash she turned on the vent fan above the stove to suction out some of the smoke.  Again there was no response.  Her temper flaring up, Melina said, "Matt is this you playing another of your stupid pranks?" 

When no one responded she asked, "Are you there Matt?  Are you all right?" in a worried tone.

"He's right here, but he's far from all right."  A voice said answering Melina's question.

 The voice was deep and very evil sounding, almost electronic in nature, yet to human to be a voice changer.  The tone of the person's voice and their worlds immediately sent a shiver down Melina's spine.

"Who is this?!"  Melina demanded.

"Someone who you shouldn't trifle with if you want your boyfriend to live to see the sunrise."  The evil voice answered.

"How do I know you really have my boyfriend?"  Melina inquired.

She hear a sound, similar to the one movies use when a knife or sword is drawn.  She heard a mumble and then an audible moan of pain as a cutting sound was made.  Melina was scared and confused when she heard, "Open the front door and find out."  The voice informed her. 

Melina, phone in hand, crept to the front door.  It was solid wood with no windows so she couldn't peer out without opening it.  Placing the phone down momentarily on the table next to the door she picked up a baseball bat that her family kept in the adjourning closet.  Opening the door, Melina saw something in front of the door.  Using the handle of the bat, she lifted the object in question, a jacket, up and into her house.  She quickly closed the door and locked it.  Examining the item she knew immediately recognized the jacket as Matt's.  The jacket had an inside pocket that contained Matt's wallet.  As she opened the wallet the only item in it was a recent picture of the couple, only it was dipped in blood.  Melina noticed that the blood was also along the arm, where a cut had been made through the material, and obviously into the person wearing it.  The terrified girl picked up the phone and was about to call for help when that sinister voice called out again.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you.  If you hang up I'll gut your boyfriend like a fish."

Melina ducked into the living room for cover.  There were only a few windows in the room and they all had the curtains drawn. Clutching the phone and a baseball bat she hid from view.

"What do you want?"  She said as tears began to fall.  Her nerves were on edge and she was fearful not only for her life but that of Matt's.

"We're going to play a game.  If you answer the questions correctly you both live, answer wrong…. well you figure it out."  The person announced.

Melina was now hysterical.  She didn't know what kind of questions to expect but knew that with Matt's life at stake she had to play along.

"What kind of questions?"  She asked sobbing in between words.

"We'll go with horror movie questions.  Question 1: Name the killer in Nightmare of Elm Street?"

"Freddy… Freddy Krugger."  Melina answered fairly confident.

"Very good Melina.  Matt lives to take another breath."  The voice taunted her.

"How do you know my name?"  Melina inquired.

"Hey… I'll ask the questions blondie."  The voice announced.  Melina could tell that the person didn't like the fact that she asked him a question.

"Now, Question 2: Who is the Killer in Phantasm?"

"The… the Tallman."  Melina replied.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk."  Melina heard from the phone.  "I'm sorry… that's the wrong answer." The voice replied.

"No, its right.  The Tallman is the villain in the movie."

"But the sphere's were the killers.  The Tallman didn't kill anyone in Phantasm."

"That was a trick question."  Melina screamed into the phone.

"Life's not fair… ask young Mr. McGuire here."  The voice said.  The sound of tape being pealed off of flesh reverberated over the phone. 

"Melina we're be... t..e house!  Run!"  Matt screamed before the sound of a sharp instrument cutting into flesh was heard over the phone's receiver.  The instrument puncture Matt again and Melina heard Matt mumble his love for her as his breath rapidly left his body.  The weapon pierced matt at least two more times.

Melina immediately cut the connection, and turned the ringer off. She ran into her parent's bedroom, shut the door, locked it and hid in a closet.  She hoped and prayed that her folks would arrive home soon.  They were only supposed to go out for dinner and then come right back.  As much as Mr. and Mrs. Bianco liked and trusted the two young teens they were just that, young and teens.  In this day and age of teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol abuse, why invite even the most remote possibility of it.  Matt and Melina never argued with their parent's logic, it annoyed them at times but now Melina was praying that they'd return soon.

She was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of the front door opening.  She thought for a moment her parents had returned early only to hear the door shut and lock immediately after the fact.  No voices were heard, no calls from her parents announcing their return, only footsteps.  The footsteps echoed through the hallway, the person making the noise didn't open any doors.  It was as if they were determining their next course of action. 

"Never hide a key under the mat Melina, it invites trouble." The voice informed her as the person tossed the key into a tray on the table.  Melina knew what he'd done from the sound of the key landing on the tray where her family normally left their house or car keys.  Melina somehow managed to get her breathing under control when a beeping sound sent her nerves over the edge again.  She couldn't figure out what it was, until she looked at the item in her left hand. 

Melina, in all her infinite wisdom, had forgotten about the page feature on cordless phones.  The beep was not part of the phone's ringer thus it couldn't be turned off like the ringer without picking up the phone.  Unfortunately it served its real world purpose and told the person who'd pressed the page feature where the phone was.  Melina had smartly locked the door after entering the room but could hear the person trying to force their way into the room.  Melina covered the phone with some clothes, flung the door to the closest open and dashed into her parent's bathroom.

Locking the bathroom door Melina lifted the window that led outside and slid out into the yard.  Landing with a low thud she crept along the side of the house to the backyard.   The Bianco's garage was not part of the house.  If you were facing the house it was off to the left.  The garage door was automatic and activated either by remote or keyless entry pad.  The garage also had a door located on the right-side wall for entering and exiting the Garage another way.  Melina new plan was to lock herself in the garage until her parent returned home then call the police about Matt.  When she was five feet from the entrance to the garage Melina saw a sight that she had to fight to keep her cries stifled.  Fifteen-year-old Mathew McGuire was propped up on a chair facing the backdoor to the Bianco family house.  He appeared to have been physically thrashed and had several stab wounds in the center of his chest.  Melina quietly crept past him and upon seeing him was about to run down the driveway when the side door to the garage was flung open and a dark figure grabbed her and pulled her into it. 

Melina managed to scream for a few moments before her assailant's knife penetrated her throat, slashing her vocal cords.  A second stab entered her upper left body just bellow the collarbone through her back.  Melina, muffled cries and gasps, turned so that she was facing her killer.  He was garbed in a frayed black robe, and wore a Ghostface mask that hid the killer's entire face.  She managed to remove the killer's mask and see their face before the knife that would end her life stabbed her in the chest three more times.

Opening the door to the garage the killer then dragged the chair that Matt McGuire was on into the garage.

~ * ~

Twenty minutes later the Bianco's were pulling up in their driveway.  They were worried because they'd tried to call their home only to keep getting the busy signal.  As they pulled up along the side of the house they noticed smoke coming from the open kitchen window.

As the green Toyota Matrix neared the door Mr. Bianco hit the button to the automatic door opener as the adults wondered what the two troublemakers had done this time, however mere seconds later Mrs. Bianco let out a blood-curdling scream.  Mr. Bianco turned his attention towards the garage where he saw their fifteen-year-old daughter and her boyfriend hung by their necks from the rafter in their garage.  Blood had seeped from their bodies and the two swung slowly back and forth from the rafter.  On the chair that Matt had once been propped up on the Ghostface costume sat staring at them, its mocking face staring at the two distraught and grieving parents.