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Chapter One


The halls of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were strangely quiet. A clock was ticking off the seconds somewhere like a bomb, and like a bomb, that ticking would eventually lead to an explosion.  But, for the moment, it only added a beat to the shuffle of the custodian's broom.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.  5...4...3...2...Tock...1!  All of a sudden, every crevice of the school echoed with the joyous shouts of students exiting their last class of the week.

"Colleen Zerbato!  Get your ass over here, right now!"  A beautiful girl with shimmering auburn hair called out to her friend.  The friend, a tan girl with bleached blonde hair looked confusedly around before spotting the redhead.  She smiled and stuck out her tongue before marching over.

"What do you want, Lillian?"  Colleen was the one person who ever called Lily Evans by her full first name.  No one else even dared because she lived up to her hair's stereotype of being a hothead.  Colleen, however, managed to evade that terror by being Lily's best friend.  She could get away with just about anything.

Lily looked around with her stunning green eyes.  Everyone admitted that those eyes were her best feature.  They sparkled all the time, even without a ray of light, and the green wasn't just any green, it was the purest, deepest of its color imaginable.  So emerald that they hardly looked real.  To compliment this, they were framed with thick, dark eyelashes, unusual for a redhead.

Her eyes were not the only beautiful thing about her, though.  Lily was gorgeous all over.  She had pale, porcelain skin with the exception of her cheeks, which were highlighted pink.  And, if you looked closely enough, you could see a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her tiny nose. 

Colleen smirked, "Let's go find some boys, Lillian; we can torture them a bit before supper."

"Like who?"  Lily wrinkled her nose as she imagined herself seducing some random Hufflepuff.  It was the kind of thing her best friend liked to do, but Lily...?  She had an image to maintain.  A perfect, goody-two-shoes image.

Lily, of course, was a former prefect and the current Head Girl.  She was always top of her class and never did anything that would disgrace herself or her family.  That was the way she liked it.

Colleen cast her gaze around.  "I don't know, let's go up to the common room and see what happens from there."  She linked arms with Lily and dragged her off to Gryffindor Tower.

They hurried up to the portrait-entrance to the common room.  It was filled with a whole bunch of people celebrating the end of the week and a few trying to complete their mounds of assignments.

Lily rolled her eyes at a group of second years setting off fireworks.  "I can't believe that everyone has only been at school for a week and they are already this excited about a Friday," she said as she confiscated the rest of the pyrotechnics.

"Well, let's make the most of it.  There are the marauders, let's go, uh, talk to them."

Lily frowned as her friend tried to pull her toward the boys.  "But, Colleen..."  She crossed her arms childishly.  "I don't want to talk to them."

The marauders were just the sort of guys that would ruin Lily's image.  James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were 16 year old womanizers.  Peter Pettigrew, the pubescent boy that followed them around, wished he was.

Lily studied them carefully.  They were they biggest pranksters in the school.  No one could top their outrageous antics and they got away with them because they were hot and smart.  Even Lily could admit that.

Peter would be cute, sort of, if you were in first or second year.  He just looked so young with his round, boyish face and flat dirty-blonde hair.  The only thing that didn't fit the picture were his dark brown eyes; they were almost black.  Lily knew that the marauders called him Wormtail.

Remus, sometimes known as Moony, was the most logical person in the group.  And why he hadn't been named Head Boy was beyond Lily.  She was continually competing against him for top of class.  He had striking features that were classically handsome: high, but not too high cheekbones, expressive eyebrows and full lips.  He had slightly wavy, light brown hair.  He always seemed a bit wearied and Lily accounted that to his nightly shenanigans.  But even so, he was the one she related to the most.

James, (Prongs) was a cocky git who cared nothing for the rules.  He tended to join Sirius in leading all the pranks.  He had communicative bright blue eyes and all of the classically handsome characteristics that Remus had, plus he had a good build from being the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team.  Lily liked him the least because in their fifth year, he had asked her out 182 times in one week.  She had completely lost it on him and unleashed her redhead fury.  Apparently, he had lost his taste for her because he hadn't tried anything since.

Finally, she turned her attention to Sirius, or Padfoot, probably the most handsome of the four guys.  He had black hair that he had grown to his ears, as was the style in the 70's.  (Think Beatles, except more wavy... 2;-] )  His eyes were almost as dark as Peter's.  He also had an excellent build from God knew what, he didn't play quidditch.  Same facial qualities as James and Remus, but somehow more prominent.

"Lillian, don't act like a two year old.  Let's have some fun, please?"  Colleen stuck out her lip in a pout.

Lily struggled not to smile.  "Who's acting like a two year old?"  She imitated Colleen's face.  "Fine, we'll go talk to them for a few minutes but then I want to get my school work done."

"What a spoilsport!"

They strolled over to the corner in which the boys were seated, Colleen swinging her hips provocatively and Lily shuffling her feet in boredom.  James spotted them and jumped to his feet.

"Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail!  Look at these lovely ladies coming our way.  How do you do Miss Brehmer?  And you, Evans?"  He gallantly kissed Colleen's hand.  She giggled very girlishly.

Remus and Peter both waved and nodded to the two girls but Sirius, like James, got up to greet Lily.

"Hello, Lilybird.  I know you must get this a lot but, you have the most beautiful eyes.  I've never seen anything quite like them.  And your hair."  He murmured to her.  She couldn't help but blush at his words.

"Lilybird?"  She asked shyly, cracking a small smile.  "No one has ever called me that."

"I don't know," Sirius took a step closer, "it just rolled off my tongue.  But, you know, I think it fits you.  My Lilybird."

Lily inched forward as well; she was so close to him that she could see his eyes were a rich brown, rimmed with black. 

"Your Lilybird?"  She repeated dumbly.  He touched her fingers lightly.

Taking another small step forward so there was no space between the two, Sirius whispered, "You would fly into my hand if I wanted you to, Lilybird, admit it."  He leaned in for a kiss and Lily forgot all the crap about her image.  She cocked her own head to fit his and closed her eyes.  She sensed him only centimeters away when suddenly two hands pulled her roughly backwards.

Lily opened her eyes and turned to see Colleen trying not to laugh, "Lillian, you must get started on your studies.  Let's go!"  Her face reddened as she looked at a shocked Sirius.

Colleen pulled her up the stairs to the girls' bedroom and shoved her onto the nearest bed.

"What in the world were you doing, Lillian Joy Evans?  I thought you didn't want to be seen talking with those boys...well, I guess you weren't talking...in any case, you must explain to me one thing!"       

Lily's eyes followed her as Colleen paced the room, her face contorted in mock anger. 


Colleen ceased her pacing, "Do you like Sirius Black?"


James watched Lily and Colleen run up the stairs.  As much as he hated to admit

it, James liked everything about Lily, her hair, her body, her eyes...God, he loved those eyes more than anything.  He sighed and turned toward his best mate, Sirius.

Sirius was looking up the stairs with a clouded look as well.  "Lily Evans is really amazing, isn't she Prongs?"

James swallowed a pang of jealousy, "Yeah, I suppose.  Are you...are you going to ask her out or something?"  He tried to put on an unconcerned face.

"Yeah, I might...do you think she would say yes?

"What do you think?"  James rolled his eyes.  "She practically snogged you right there, which is something we know little-miss-perfect-Head-Girl would never do."  The bitterness was vaguely evident in his voice.  Of course Lily liked his closest friend.  Of course.  "And besides, you sounded pretty sure of yourself, 'Oh my Lilybird, you would just fly right into my hand, admit it.'"  He repeated with a shrill voice.

Sirius smiled and slapped James's back.  "Thanks mate.  I knew you would be there for me.  Oy!  Peter, ready for that game of chess?"  He nodded his approval once more and walked over to the table where Peter was sitting.

James sighed and sat next to Remus on one of the plump red couches.  This day was beginning to suck.

Remus watched his friend's face slowly drop.  "What's wrong, Prongs?"

At first James just shook his head, but when received a stern glance from Remus, he sighed once again.  "I don't know.  It's just Lily, I still kind of...I don't know.  Maybe I'm just jealous."

Moony turned an even more critical eye toward him.  "You still like her, don't you?"


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