Prologue – Dyers Eve

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AN: This takes place after the story where Shendu tried to rewrite history though it does focus on the demonic eight and Hsi's relationship with Jade as well as the eights relationship with the demon lord Barkuda

Dear Mother

Dear Father

What Is this Hell You Have Put Me Through



Day in Day out Live My Life Through You

Pushed onto Me What's Wrong or Right

Hidden from this Thing That They Call Life

Dear Mother

Dear Father

Every Thought I'd Think You'd Disapprove



Always Censoring My Every Move

Children Are Seen Bur Are Not Heard

Tear out Everything Inspired

Just endless orange sky … endless and stretching for miles in every direction … with hundreds of floating rocks all throughout the prison they existed here and now.

A prison… that's what it was for the eight of them … a prison with no guards or fences… just him and his brothers and sisters…the small bat winged figure thought bitterly as he clutched at one of the many floating boulders in order to not be subjected to yet another attack by any of his siblings… he hated and despised most of them…

…Yet at the same time he loved them to … after all they were all… family were they not? At least… that was what they should have acted like…the demon known simply as Hsi Wu thought with more then a trace of bitterness while he watched as his mountain sized sister Po Kong and his windbag of a brother Xiao Fung glared before causing a huge wind to slam into their sister several of the other demons cheering them on.

Hsi sighed thinking about a girl, a girl with black raven hair, and golden eyes so full of innocence and mischief, eyes…that (along with the rest of her) had…taken his very demonic heart…captive never ever letting go of it.

She had a power over his very heart Jade Chan did and she did not know that even when the two of them were children…she…held and wielded a power more potent then anything the eight immortals had ever held over the demon ruler of the skies …and the most irritating part of his suffering?

The part even worse then his imprisonment here in the void! She did not even know, nor would she…ever know how he truly felt Hsi Wu thought to himself bitterly picking up a small pebble then throwing it away watching as if fell away from him gradually becoming nothing more then a single speck as it's descent began to… slow.

The moon demon Tso Lan sighed irritably while watching the fight that was even now breaking out in front of him… this then was the real reason his family had failed, they were all to quick to anger and to slow to even show much patience.

Snorting in disgust he turned then floated over to the youngest member of his family making sure that no one could see the small smile that was even now…on his face as he looked at Hsi Wu who along with his sister Bai Tsa was one of the only two he could truly love as a sibling.

None … of the others even wanted to show sibling affection towards each other he thought sadly

"Hsi?" he asked curiously watching as the winged bat like demon stared off into space. "Hsi Wu?" he continued this time with a small hint of annoyance in his voice not liking the fact that his youngest sibling was not paying attention while also desiring to speak to him since the sky demon was one of the only ones he could actually have a decent conversation with. "Brother?" he asked again leaning forward so that their siblings could not hear the concern he held in his monotone voice gently shaking Hsi Wu once.

Blinking the sky demon looked around startled before he smiled upon seeing his older brother who was one of the only ones he ever felt anything other then disgust for, his sister Bai being the other one. "Sorry was thinking about something"

Tso sighed mentally shaking his head, "the girl again Hsi?" he replied in a voice filled with gentle reproach as he and the sky demon moved away from the others. "You still do not listen to my warnings about mortals," he continued with a hint of sadness as he looked down at his beloved younger sibling.

"Brother you know I do" Hsi replied looking at Tso with some aggravation not liking that Tso was once again speaking to him on how his feelings for Jade were just a combination of lust and … obsession and not love, "it's just…she's…different…" he replied trailing off a little.

The moon demon sighed shaking his head wishing that his brother would listen to him. "You do not even know what love is Hsi Wu nor do you understand the consequences of falling in love with someone who is also an enemy of ours" he continued patiently looking at his younger brother.

"But she is different!" Hsi protested quietly so as not to arouse the snarky cruel jokes of their siblings.

"How is she different my brother? How is she any different from the ones who imprisoned us because they were afraid of us" he continued, "how is she different from her uncles?"

"She just is!" Hsi replied in a hostile and angry tone before unfolding his leathery wings and taking off leaving the moon demon to sigh as he watched him go growing all the more concerned for the youngest member of the family…


Torn from Me Without Your Shelter

Barred Reality

I'm Living Blindly

"Bai? A moment of you're time my sister" Tso Lan replied as he hovered next to his sister the water demon Bai Tsa who affected an air of boredom.

"Only a moment, my time is pressing" she replied sarcastically before she frowned noticing the grave look in her brother's eyes. "What's wrong brother?"

"Hsi's affection for Chan's niece" he replied in a whisper making it clear to her that he wanted to keep this conversation from becoming a disaster for their younger sibling. "He is still… infatuated with her and…it worries me my sister"

The water demon looked at her brother and slithered beside him, "surely he wouldn't…not even Hsi is stupid enough to be in love with a mortal…not after all we've…told him right?" she asked in her usual honest yet somewhat harsh manner though…Tso noticed that it…contained some concern drawing a smile from him.

"It is good of you to be concerned for him my sister and do not worry I will not tell our more…crueler siblings that you do indeed have a heart and care for the youngest member of our family" he replied with a somewhat teasing tone earning a glare from Bai.

"If you want me to go talk to him then just say so and don't go out of you're way to try and manipulate me into doing it for you!" she hissed angry for letting him use her like that even though Tso and Hsi were her favorite brothers.

Tso Lan merely raised an eyebrow, "I have no idea what you mean dearest sister" he replied before she hit him with a water attack then slithered off leaving the other demon dripping wet…

…It was wrong that Hsi knew ohh so very well but he couldn't help it, he could not stop thinking about Jade even when he was asleep she haunted him with images of her smiles and her eyes widening in surprise and … pure unadulterated happiness…something…that…had always been fleeting for Hsi Wu ever since he'd been born with only Tso and Bai to ever really confide in.

Jade had changed all that, she had…listened when he spoke, had smiled whenever he had listened to her stories had laughed whenever he told a joke or a funny story about his family even when he had not mentioned the fact that his brothers and sisters were the demons she was helping her uncles to banish, the demons… she believed…to be nothing more then monsters under the bed.

And it was true they were monsters in every sense of the word but unlike Shendu or Dai Gui, Po Kong, or even Tchang Zu, Hsi and his brother Tso and his sister Bai were not as bad as the others, sure Tso had tried to destroy the earth's gravity before he had gotten sent back into the void and sure Bai had tried to flood a few cities in order to bring about a new kingdom of her own but they still did other things that made them appear to at least enjoy some of the things that the mortals came up with.

In Tso's case it was books and the joy of accumulating knowledge Hsi thought with a small smile remembering many a time when he and Bai would sit and listen to their brother as he read and spoke to them, the two siblings enjoying the peace that came from having someone to talk to and not try to dominate each other, a peace that the three of them did not allow others to see out of the desire to keep from being ridiculed.

In Bai's case it was music and Hsi could remember many a time when…he and his sister would be sitting on a beach watching a sunset together sipping some tea or cracking jokes about the stupidity of their brothers Shendu or Dai Gui or even (whenever she was in the mood for someone to sing with her) join in.

But even then his two beloved siblings were also at times a tad cruel to him just as he was to them, after all it was in their nature to be that way was it not?

But it wasn't in Jade's nature though, that Hsi Wu knew full well whenever he…replayed the small camera that she had…lost in the void six and a half years ago at least…Hsi thought it was six and a half, one had to remember that time unfortunately had no meaning here in this…prison.

Ohh how he hated it here, hated having to endure the abuse most of his family shoved upon him, hated having almost no one to really talk to, hated…not seeing Jade's face blowing a kiss to him…even though the last time he had…seen that had…been when she had gotten out through Shendu's portal stranding him and the others here, angrily he clenched a fist.

Even now after all these years her attitude still hurt…but that…was nothing to the attitude he had displayed at the time he had met Jade, he had used her in order to regain his tail, his tail! He had … manipulated her, lied to her and deceived her in order to hang onto his freedom in anyway shape and form.

For that he had no excuse, yet even so her own attitude angered him or as humans would say…pissed him off and while at the same time he wanted to ravish her for all eternity he also wanted to rip and tear her body apart for her disrespect to him.

'But you did disrespect her before Hsi Wu' a calm contemplative voice said from all around him and he blinked in surprise. 'Yes dear Emperor and King of the Sky…the voice continued with what sounded like a chuckle…I am speaking to you in your own mind and no I am not speaking to you're siblings, you…are the one that I wish to speak to young master'

"" the young demon asked with a growl looking around while trying not to let any of the other demons know that something was up, 'wh..o..who are you?' he responded in his own mind his rage growing.

'Who or what I am, is not important young master, what I can do for you is provided you… really want out' the voice began and Hsi Wu felt his body temperature drop a few degrees.

'Of course I want out!' Hsi replied angrily, 'I've got better things to do then spend my time in some hellhole where I can't even feel the skies around me!' he snarled irritably.

A chill ran through him before it faded and the voice spoke again in calm control once again, 'and more importantly a certain young member of the family who re-imprisoned you and you're family here in the void to speak to correct?'

'I don't know what you're talking about!'

'Come now I'm speaking to you inside your own mind boy I can read you're thoughts and you're soul so very well…the voice continued this time with a hint of irritation in it…and kindly do not try to act like a fool to me, were I to want someone to do that I would speak to you're brother and let him out…not you'

'Le..t..let mmm..mme.. out? the sky demon questioned with some awe in his voice, 'you…you…want…to…to free me?' he asked with surprise while landing on a boulder far enough away from his siblings so that he would not have to worry about them for the moment while he concentrated on the voice.

'Because I frankly do not think you deserve to be confined her not…while you in fact…hold onto the feelings you possess'

'What do you mean?' he replied with a little nervousness as he tried to hold onto his anger…if this was another of Shendu's jokes…or if the dragon demon had…found out about his little attraction for Jade…

'I know you in fact feel something for her other then hate or lust Hsi Wu and I am prepared to offer you you're freedom and the girl…in return for a small service on you're part. That service being to free me from my own confines by performing a simple ritual one that will…allow me to be free again.' The voice explained with a yawn suggesting that he was growing tired. 'I will leave you to think about my proposal young one' the voice replied before it vanished leaving the young sky demon to wonder…

Dear Mother

Dear Father

Time Has Frozen Still What's Left to Be

Hear Nothing

Say Nothing

Cannot Face the Fact I Think for Me

No Guarantee, it's Life as Is

But Darn You for Not Giving Me My Chance

Dear Mother

Dear Father

You've Clipped My Wings Before I Learned to Fly



I've Outgrown That Freaking Lullaby

Same Thing I've Always Heard from You

Do as I Say Not as I Do

"So Tso Lan was right" a voice replied and he turned to see his elder sister Bai Tsa slither towards him growling with some annoyance. "I cannot believe that you would do something this this stupid!" she raged glaring at him, "reckless yes but being stupid? No, never, not in a thousand years!" she continued looking at him with an accusatory tone. "She helped banished us for mother and father's sakes! And here you are mooning over her like she is some prize worth obtaining! Hsi she's a human!"

"She's different Bai" the sky demon protested, "she laughed at my jokes when I was in human form, laughed and said how cool we were"

"But she thought you were human brother!"

"Yeah, so?"

"That's the point of all of this, nugh why can't you just find some nice demon girl and settle down with her instead of actually wanting to be…be with a human" she replied snorting the last part with some disdain while trying to talk some sense into her beloved brother, "and don't go thinking that I'm out to bully you or abuse you like the others, you and I both know that Tso Lan and I are all you really have"

His eyes clouded with tears upon hearing the hurtful words and he snarled at her, "screw you!" he replied before throwing in several rather colorful Chinese epithets before he took flight and flew off away from his sister while Bai Tsa watched with hurt in her own eyes.

"What happened?" Tso Lan asked as he moved beside his sister and sighed, "he will… get over his anger my sister, he knows we both care deeply for him."

The water demon held back tears trying so hard not to lash out…yes she generally hostile and cold but she had feelings too and she cared just as deeply for her little brother like her sibling did though most of the times she would not admit to anything resembling emotion.

She'd learned the hard way about that once before regarding Shendu…Tso Lan thought with some distaste remembering how he had manipulated her in order to acquire more kingdoms for himself sinking several of her kingdoms when he was unable to take them away from her.

At the time the rest of them had laughed save for Tso and for Hsi, both of whom while keeping up with appearances did not like how manipulative their conniving brother had been or how his betrayal had made Bai change her mind becoming more closed off then she already was… thanks…to another…he reminded himself with bitter distaste.

"I didn't mean to make him upset it's just…I don't want him feeling guilty over her" the water demon replied looking at the moon demon who sighed and nodded in agreement. "It's just he is so, so, so stubborn!" she replied angrily.

"Whose stubborn?" a manipulative voice replied and the two demons both turned and glared at their brother Shendu who grinned before the other two used their own powers against him starting a fight and drawing all the other demons into the fray each of them arguing with the other whether it was over Po Kong's eating problems, Bai Tsa's rages, Shendu's constant betrayals, Hsi Wu's reckless headstrong nature, Dai Gui's stupidity, Xiao Fung's constant haughty nature, Tso Lan's nearly emotionless state, or finally Tchang Zu's overbearing manner all the while attacking each other with their magics.

None of them…saw the sky demon whose heart had grown heavy from watching all of this…


Torn from Me Without Your Shelter

Barred Reality

I'm Living Blindly

I'm in Hell Without You

Cannot Cope Without You Two

Shocked at the World That I See

Innocent Victim Please Rescue Me

Hsi winced looking at his siblings as they continued to argue … no… he had nothing to look forward to here… nothing… but the void that was all around them before he took to the air and let himself fly away from their attention landing on one of the floating rocks that were always present.

I see that you've realized how … correct I am Hsi…the voice replied calmly…my offer still stands, all you have to do is free me from my own prison once you get free…it continued with a chuckle that was… strangely … familiar to the winged demon.

Hsi let out a sigh watching them from a distance once again hating that they…his family was…always like this before he nodded eager to be rid of this place…and…to…find…Jade Chan… and ask her for…forgiveness. "And you won't hurt her?" he asked with a gulp trying once more to figure out whom the voice that was speaking to him belonged to.

"You have my word Emperor of the Skies…provided you keep to our agreement." The voice continued in an almost eager manner.

Hsi Wu nodded once exhaling deeply as he reviewed his decision mentally…he would be all alone…without any help from his siblings if he got into trouble…that thought…still frightened him almost as much as the hell he was living in now.

But Jade…needed him and he…needed to be free and for a few moments the sky demon felt torn once more before he nodded again, "you have a deal" he replied in a quiet voice not wanting for…his siblings to…get wind of this.

'Then it is time to simply free you from this place young master Wu' the voice stated calmly as a section of the void suddenly began to gleam with light taking the form of a six pointed diamond before reality bended and shattered and as the other demons turned in the direction of the bright red light a second beam of light this one black in color latched Hsi and yanked him through the void causing the surprised demon to scream in surprise.

"Hsi!" Tso Lan cried hovering towards the closing portal with Bai, Po, Xian and the others behind him but… they were… too late.

As the portal closed the seven remaining demons stood there all but Tso returning to their former vendettas this time over who should have been watching their 'weaker' brother while the moon demon said nothing placing a hand along the spot where his brother and the light had been seen last.

He focused not on the arguments they were having but instead on his youngest sibling's chi hoping that he was at least still alive …for a moment though he got nothing before he sighed, his brother was alive and…in love?

But even as he started to think about Hsi's feelings an aura of pure unadulterated sadistic evil ran through him along with one simple message…

…Anywhere, anytime, anyplace… the message had said…

Dear Mother

Dear Father

Hidden in Your World You've Made for Me

I'm Seething

I'm Bleeding

Ripping Wounds in Me That Never Heal

Undying Spite I Feel for You

Living out this Hell You Always Knew.

**AN: Yeah I know the first chapter has no sign of Jade in it though Hsi does think about her a lot in it, but here's the thing (as Linda from the sitcom Becker would say lol): I wanted to focus on the relationships between the sibs themselves and or on Hsi in general and on his desire to be reunited with Jade…a desire that… someone's using to manipulate the poor guy lol, dunn worry she is a main character *smiles* and everything will come out alright in the end promise^^