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The Need of Many
By: Wanda (in collaboration with Cat who has vanished without a trace :P)

Rating: PG-13 to R (Angst... proceed with caution)

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Summary: When Legolas is forced to make a decision that could very well determine the fate of all Middle Earth, what will he do? And what consequences will his choice have?

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// = elvish translations
# = flashbacks
* = thought

And for those that did not already know... Estel is Aragorn's elven name, which means Hope.


Chapter 1 - Shortcut To Disaster

The hill overlooked the river, with flat sun-drenched meadow banking either shore and dense, shadowy woods ringing the outskirts. A narrow ravine lay to one side, the river running rapidly between the two precipices. The river was a shimmering sapphire, narrow as it curved into the meadows and gradually wider until it dropped out of sight through the ravine. The new spring leaves were green and vibrant upon their branches as they swayed gently in the breeze. Their coloring was a strong contrast to the brown, dead ones that lay on the ground revealed by the melting winter snows. The sky was clear and bright, the air crisp and fresh. The sun had just begun to descend behind the horizon.

Legolas gazed around him, taking in all the beauty of the land and atmosphere. He had never taken this path to Rivendell before. However, as it was he would already be arriving in Imladris several days after he had intended and he was sure this road would cut some of the time off his journey. It was almost three months since the elf had last seen his best friend, and so the messenger arrived in Mirkwood with Aragorn's invitation to his birthday celebration, Legolas was more than happy to attend. Aragorn's birthday was the first of March and Legolas decided to get there a week early so he could spend some extra time with the human before the festivities began. Yet it would seem the fates did not look kindly on that decision. The day before his scheduled departure a small group of men arrived. As luck would have it, they were sent as representatives of Lord Ceoran from the town of Vaenyc, just outside the borders of Mirkwood. They desired an audience with his father, and King Thranduil had insisted Legolas stay and be present as well. It seemed to him that Thranduil was very fond of reminding him that he was a prince, and as such his duties always override his desires. Legolas hated this fact, and often became quite frustrated with the people in his realm for being a constant indication of it. At the moment he was increasingly frustrated with his father. There had been no need for his presence during those meetings with the men of Vaenyc. Legolas had expressed his feelings on the issue to the Elf King, and had parted from his father with harsh words. His eyes flashed with anger momentarily at the memory of his departure from Mirkwood.

His mood could not be dampened for long, however, and as the sky flamed with pinks, oranges, reds and deep maroon, and the dipping sun lined passing clouds with gold, Legolas decided it was time to make camp for the night. He steered his horse over to an area of the plains that looked ideal for setting up camp. He slid gracefully off the elegant beast and began to unload his gear from its back, singing to himself all the while.

Farewell we call to hearth and hall!
Though wind may blow and rain may fall,
We must away ere break of day
Far over wood and mountain tall.
To Rivendell, where elves yet dwell
In glades beneath the misty fell...

His melodic voice rang out through the glade, and slowly faded at the song's end. When everything was finally prepared for the night, the fire emitting a warm, comforting glow, Legolas walked over to his horse. Gently and affectionately stroking the animal's mane, the elf whispered softly, "Quel esta, Brethil, mellon nin. Lye caela anlema tul're, voronwer."

//Rest well, Brethil, my friend. We have a long journey tomorrow, loyal one.//

Letting his hand linger on the horse's neck for a brief moment, he turned and walked back to his camp. After having a light meal and setting one last log on the fire for the night, Legolas was about to lie down on his bedroll when a feeling of warning washed over him. His body tensed and become impossibly still, his elven senses completely alert. He cursed himself silently for leaving his bow and quiver with his daggers on the other side of the fire.

Suddenly his keen ears picked up the sound of a released bowstring, and he quickly spun around and danced out of the way, the arrow barely missing him. Luck was not on his side however, and a second arrow was shot split seconds after the first. This one's aim was true, and the arrow sunk deeply into the elf's right shoulder.

Legolas cried out, more from surprise than the pain, and stumbled backwards. Although it wasn't long, this momentary distraction was all his assailant needed. Legolas cried out again, this time from a harsh blow to his head. He sunk to the ground with a loud thud as his senses left him, and he retreated into darkness.


He watched the lone figure intently as he rode closer into his territory. A wave of hope and excitement surged through his body, making his heart beat faster. He had not expected the elf to take this route but luck seems to be on his side today. For many centuries, he had been planning and waiting for the perfect time and place to set his plans in motion but circumstances had always prevented him from doing so. They either travelled in pairs when they ventured off their normal route or the route they took was too far away from his lair. But today, everything was perfect. Finally, the day had come for him to reclaim what was originally his.

The corners of his mouth twisted into a wicked grin and with elf-like stealth, he cut across the path behind the lone traveller and moving closer to his target, concealing himself behind a large oak tree. An arrow already notched and strung tightly on his bow. The elf tensed, sensing the danger and he knew that this would be his only chance although he realised that he did not have a clear shot. He let the arrow fly and as the first arrow left his bow, a second one was already notched and ready. The elf managed to sidestep his oncoming projectile but fortunately, his movement brought him into clearer view, making him an easy target. His second arrow struck the elf in the shoulder, the impact almost sending him to the ground. As the elf staggered and tried to regain his balance, he made his way to his victim in a flash, smashing the hilt of his knife into the side of his head. A cry of triumph broke from his lips as he watched the elf crumpled to the ground.


To Be Continued...