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Chapter 28 - That's What Friends Are For

Two weeks had passed and the elf was finally allowed to get out of bed but his movement was confined to his room for he was still too weak and tired easily. Elrond was not going to let all his hard work go to waste by letting the elf prince over-exert himself and undo all that he had done. The events of the past few months had greatly depleted his strength and Elrond wanted him to get as much rest as he could before allowing him back to his normal activities.

# Only if your activities could be called normal #

The elf recalled Elrond's words and smiled wanly. He and Aragorn always seemed to have an affinity for trouble and he felt sorry for the Lord of Rivendell. They had kept him on his toes, constantly needing him to patch them up when they return from one of their many adventures, but he was thankful for his patience and unconditioned love.

Legolas sat curled up beside the fireplace watching the hypnotic flame dance and flicker in the hearth. Several sheets of paper were clutched loosely in his hand. Soft footfalls approached him from behind and he greeted the visitor without turning.

"Hello Estel."

Aragorn settled down at a spot beside Legolas, tugging his legs under him.

"How do you feel?" the ranger asked.

"I will regain my strength in time," the elf replied.

"Father said there are still remnants of the poisons in your system," Aragorn stated quietly.

"Yes, Lord Elrond has told me that and that the poisons had interacted and suppressed each other." Legolas' voice was solemn. "He doesn't know what side effects it would have on me but I'm just happy to be alive," he continued after a short pause.

The elf fingered the papers in his hand absentmindedly and his action caught the human's attention.

"What's that?" the ranger asked, indicating the stack of paper.

"Letter to my father that I wrote some time ago when I thought I was…"

"Guess you won't be needing them anymore," the ranger interrupted before Legolas could finish the sentence.

"Guess so," Legolas tossed the loose sheets into the fire and both friends watched as the hungry flame engulfed the papers and turned them slowly into dark ashes.

Legolas sighed lightly and closed his eyes and Aragorn soon followed suit. The two friends sat in comfortable silence enjoying each other's company for a long time. It was Legolas who first broke the stillness.

"Thank you," he said softly.

"Hmm?" Aragorn lifted his gaze towards the elf prince.

"For risking your life in attempt to save mine."

"Hey, that's what friends are for." The human smiled. "Besides, you would have done the same for me."

"I would give my life for you," a small smile materialised on the elf's handsome features.

"Just don't make it a habit!" the human admonished lightly.

"I will try not to," the wood elf's smile widened. "Only if you would stop getting into trouble."

"Me? Getting into trouble? Never!" Aragorn defended himself in mock exasperation.

"Oh really?" Legolas raised his brow, his tone calm but laced with a tinge of amusement.

"Uh huh. How often do you see me getting into trouble?"

"Like… every other day?"

That statement elicited a groan from Aragorn and the elf chuckled softly. He knew that the human would never let him win the argument and was prepared for what was coming. Aragorn cuffed him playfully upside the head and he tackled the human to the ground, both landing in a heap beside a large chair. In his weakened state, the elf was unable to stop Aragorn when the ranger flipped him onto his back and straddled him across the knees.

"I think you are the one in trouble now," the human smirked.

"Not necessarily," Legolas smirked back as his hands reached up over his head towards the chair and liberated the pillow that was left on the chair when the brothers 'camped' in his room. He brought it down hard on the gloating ranger. Aragorn lost his balance and landed on his side, one leg still draped across Legolas' knees. The nimble being took the opportunity to rid the ranger completely and formulated his own assault. Seconds later, he was sitting on Aragorn's legs, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Yield human!" Legolas held the pillow in his hands preparing to attack.

"I will not yield to an elf!" Aragorn shot back and covered his face with his hands as the pillow came down onto his head. With one hand still protecting his face, the human reached out blindly with his other hand and unintentionally jabbed Legolas in the ribs making the prince yelped out in surprise.

"Ah ha… so you do have a weak spot," the human grinned wickedly.

"Don't even think about it!" Legolas glared at Aragorn and recoiled from his wiggling fingers but the ranger ignored the elf and started poking vigorously at the woodland being.

The two friends tackled each other and laughed, finally feeling the tension that had been plaguing them for the past few months eased slowly away.

"When I said light activities, I wasn't expecting this," a deep voice was heard over the chatter of the two figures who were trying to take possession of the pillow. The human and elf stopped their bantering immediately and snapped around at the voice. Elrond stood at the door with his arms across his chest, a stern look on his face. Aragorn and Legolas sprinted to their feet in less than a second and hid the pillow behind their back instinctively like two children getting caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. However, the sudden movement was too much for the elf. Blood drained from his face and he suddenly felt light-headed and swayed on his feet.

"Whoa! Easy there," Aragorn grabbed the prince by the arm and steadied him.

Elrond shook his head and sighed. "Sit down before you fall over, Legolas," his expression softened as he made his way towards the two.

Aragorn helped the elf settle into the large chair behind them as the elf lord fussed over him making sure that he was truly all right. Legolas smiled sheepishly and assured Elrond that everything was fine. He claimed that he only stood up a little too fast and promised that he would take more care in the future but Elrond insisted on determining the prince's state of health himself. Moments later, the elf lord nodded in satisfaction as he found nothing wrong with Legolas.

"Your father sent word inquiring for your length of stay in Imladris," Elrond said, explaining his impromptu visit to the prince's room. Legolas opened his mouth but before he could reply, the elf lord lifted his hand and quieted the prince. "I took the liberty of replying on your behalf stating that you will be staying for at least another fortnight. I want you to regain your strength before I let you venture out into the wilderness again. Thranduil will not be happy if I let his son return in less than perfect health."

Legolas nodded understandingly and lifted his gaze to meet Elrond's, his eyes filled with unspoken gratitude and appreciation. The elf lord reached out with his hand and squeezed the prince on the shoulder reassuringly, silently acknowledging his thanks.

Standing up slowly, the older elf headed towards the exit but stopped in mid stride. Turning back to his youngest son, Elrond gave Aragorn the words that he was dying to hear. "Estel, you will travel with him to Mirkwood and make sure he stays out of trouble."

Aragorn grinned from ear to ear. "I will take good care of him, Ada."

Legolas rolled his eyes at that statement and the human punched him in the arm.

"And no more shortcuts!" the Lord of Imladris added before stepping through the door, mumbling something about grey hair and his sanity.



- The End -


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