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Open Your Eyes

"Open your eyes, Ryou-chan. Open your eyes.'

Malik's hands gently cupped his loved ones' tear-stained face. What he wouldn't give to get another look at Ryou's eyes, to have Ryou open those beautiful eyes once more.

"Come on baby, look at me...Want me to smile for you, hmmm? Just the way you like it."

It had been an accident on Malik's part. He hadn't meant for any of it to happen; it was a mistake....Unfortunatly, one that may have costed him more than he could bear. "If only my conflict with that bastard yami of mine could be dealt with!", thought Malik furiously. "Temper,Temper", his yami had laughed. For Maruk in his rage almost began laughing as well...Until Ryou stopped looking at him. Stopped gazing at him with such adoration, such love and passion and....and everything else that Malik meant to him. He just stopped looking at Malik altogether, refusing to open his eyes and gaze at the world around him..."Why?"

"Open your eyes, love, a-and we'll go look at pretty things together. Would you like that? I'll take you to see the pretty flowers, just you and me, just like you always asked...Just...please, open your eyes."

Butterfly kisses...When Malik first got together with his angel, he hadn't the slightest idea what they were, but it quickly became their favorite pastime after Ryou showed him. Eyelashes fluttering against eachother; showering their faces with wave after wave...No matter how many times they did it and despite whatever problems they may have been going through, it still made Ryou giggle and his eyes would light up....Oh how they lit up!

"I made you something...Y'know, at that art class you made me take? It doesn't look as pretty as the things you make, but it's for you to put your flowers in." There was a deep breathe from Malik as he felt his own eyes begin to tear up. " I even put our names on it. It says "Malik loves Ryou Forever". Don't you want to see it? Open your eyes baby, please open them."

Malik could understand why Bakura liked to make Ryou cry so much. When tears and sadness filled Ryou's eyes they would shine like stars in the night sky. That's what had attracted Malik to Ryou in the first place; his tear filled eyes. But it had only taken a few days for him to realize that Ryou's eyes were so much more beautiful when they were filled with happiness. It was those eyes, their very look that held his heart with such warmth..If only not for this one stupid mess up...

"Oh Ra!...please Ryou, please"Malik pleaded. "I'm begging you. Open your eyes."

Malik would do anything if he could only see his love's eyelashes fluttering once more. Anything for just one look into those warm-chocolate eyes. For no cost would be to great, nor any pain to endure if it only meant his loved ones' happiness just once more.

And that's why when those eyelashes did flutter open, and Malik did get a look at those warm-chocolate eyes, he engaged his lovers' warming eyes, that Malik vowed he would always make his Ryou happy, and he would always keep his Ryou's eyes shining with joy, and would never have to worry about those eyes staying closed ever again...