Tour of Duty

All She Left Behind

By Sonja
© 2003 Netherlands

Myron's POV

Alex Devlin had been his joy, his sunshine on dark days. Almost every day had been a dark one since he had come to Vietnam. Alex was the only thing that kept him sane and the only person other than his Sergeant who could make him smile in a place where there wasn't much to smile about. She was his "lifeline". She was what made him try even harder to come back alive. For her he was willing to leave the field, and to put his own dreams aside. Those dreams were old. He had new dreams, dreams of a future with Alex. Those were the dreams he kept holding on to when he was out in the jungle. He wanted Alex Devlin. That choice was easy. The recent events he and Sgt. Anderson had endured while being captured by the NVA had made it easy. That's why Alex's announcement about Paris had caught him by surprise, an unpleasant surprise, but after he gave it some thought he decided that at least in Paris she would be safe. He should have known it wouldn't turn out that way. Alex was as unpredictable as the weather, as unpredictable as only Alex Devlin could be with her desire to get the best story.

That moment in Saigon, where he was waiting for her, and she walked towards him in her white dress, she was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. She was an angel in a place where death was hiding around every corner. Her beauty, her sensuality, and her self-confident sexy smile made every GI turn his head. But Alex was his, and his heart almost burst with pride and love. Who would have thought, he'd find such a treasure here in the middle of the Vietnam War. Who would have thought there would come such an abrupt end to his happiness? Now there was no more Alex to see and to touch. No Alex to hold and to make love to. All she had left behind were memories, lost hopes, lost dreams, and him.

The End