Hello all, After reading them many, many times, I'm actually going to write one. A Buffy/Harry Potter crossover. I must be insane. I'm completely, utterly stealing the idea from DragonKatGal. She has a story she abandoned called Siblings, and I love that one. She has it on her website in case you want to have a look-see. Fanfic.net doesn't let me post links, but go to her bio and the link is there (I think, it's where I got it months ago anyway). But that story is a Buffy/Oliver Wood and I don't want to write that. Plus, my writing is nowhere near as good as hers so it be disappointing if you red what she wrote first and then me continuing it. So I decided to kind of re-write what she wrote to suit my own pairing, and then continuing the story. Of course there will be differences between what DKG wrote and what I did, but for the first 14 chapters, it's mainly her idea's.

READ THIS: In case you skipped the above (I don't blame you, I get long winded when I start new stories) this deals with the story and you'll be lost if you haven't red it. I'm copying DKG's AN, with permission, for explanations. TIMELINE: HP: After Goblet of Fire. Dawn's in the same year as Harry and is one of his inner circle. Can't be bothered re-writing all four books to include her, so use your imagination. She's a Gryffindor and is on the reserves for the Quidditch team. BTVS: Beginning of S5, after Dracula, but before you see Dawn in Buffy's bedroom. Buffy has asked Giles to stay on as her Watcher. Giles already owns the Magic Box, and Buffy works there, not Anya. Buffy and Riley broke up after the whole Adam thing when they worked out that after work and sex, they had nothing in common. Cool? Me again, there is no Dawn is the key, Glory deal. Dawn is just Buffy's sister, the regular way. That's it. Promise.

Pairing: Buffy/Bill Weasley.

For now, no title I'm open to idea's though.

Buffy Summers shifted in her seat yet again, drawing a long suffering look from her mother, Joyce Summers, in the seat next to her. Buffy gave her an apologetic look in return and stilled once more. She couldn't help it though, she was so exited. Not only was she going to see her sister, Dawn, again for the first time in nearly a year, this would also be the first time she came to pick Dawn up from the train station and meet her sisters friends she'd heard so much about. Usually her mother went alone to pick Dawn up, but this year, after much pleading, pouting, begging and just generally making a nuisance of herself, both her mother and her watcher had given her permission to accompany her mother to England.

Actually, it was mainly her watcher that gave her trouble. Buffy blew out a breath, annoyed again at the memory. Giles his main argument had been that the Hell mouth couldn't be without a slayer. She very much didn't agree with that. The Hell mouth did just fine without her before she moved to Sunnydale, and when she ran away to LA after she had send Angel to hell. That was much longer then just the week she'd be away this time. Giles couldn't argue with that, but he tried anyway. Then she threw her best pout his way, reserved for only the most dire emergencies, and he caved.

Getting permission from her mother was hardly any problem at all. She welcomed the company Buffy would provide. So here she was, in the plane on her way to England. She had been in the plane on the way to England for a long time now. Buffy resisted the urge to fidget in her seat again. God, wouldn't they ever arrive?

"How much longer?" She asked her mother, feeling very much the annoying six year old, but so bored after nearly twelve hours of flying that she really didn't care all that much anymore.

Joyce Summers sighed at the question that had been asked of her so many times in the last ten hours.

"A little under an hour, honey."

Buffy sighed. An hour. Dawn had better appreciate her coming. She smiled to herself. It would be a total surprise. Dawn had no idea she was coming. She made it a point to rave about how unfair it was that she couldn't come to England in her last letter to Dawn. She did that every year, so she did it now so that Dawn would think she wasn't coming.

Dawn. She and Dawn had really grown much closer when Dawn went to Hogwarts. Apparently absence really did make the heart grow fonder. Well no, that wasn't exactly when it happened. She and Dawn had been getting closer before Dawn went to boarding school. It started around the time their parents started fighting more and more. They would huddle together in one of their rooms and listen to the shouting, just hoping, willing for it to stop. And then they got divorced. She and Dawn grew even closer in their grieve. They had no secrets for each other by that time. Until she was called as the Slayer that is. But even that didn't stay a secret for very long. One night Dawn snuck in Buffy's room after a nightmare for a little girl talk before she tried to go to sleep again and saw her battered and bloody sister climb back in trough the window. Buffy had told her sister everything, but made her swear not to tell. And she never had.

Shortly after that Dawn got her Hogwarts letter. Typical for the relationship between the sisters by then she'd looked to Buffy first. Buffy gave her blessing and their mother gave her permission and of Dawn went. All the way to England. Not long after Dawn left Buffy burned down the school gym and they moved to Sunnydale. In the weeks before the move and a couple after, all that kept Buffy together were the letters she and her sister exchanged. They had always continued doing that. Buffy knew everything there was to know about Dawn's life at Hogwarts and Dawn knew everything about Buffy's life.

And now she would see her sister again, and the friends she had red so much about. Buffy couldn't wait.


Dawn sat in a compartment in the Hogwarts train on the way to platform nine and three quarters.

"Is your mom meeting you again?" She asked Ron. Ron nodded his head and swallowed his chocolate frog before answering.

"Yes, and Bill and Percy as well. Bill is over from Egypt, says he has some sort of surprising news and dad forced Percy to take a day of work, so he'll be there. Charlie is coming home in a couple of weeks as well."

"The house will be full then, won't it?"

"Yeah, but it's always fun. Bill and Charlie always have the most fantastic stories and they can make Percy shut up."

"What about you two?" Dawn asked Harry and Hermione.

"Both mom and dad will pick me up, like every year." Hermione said. Dawn felt a pang of sadness for a moment. Her dad didn't even know she went to a magic school. He was more interested in his secretary then in his daughter's education. All he knew that Dawn went a boarding school for gifted students in England. She shook it of and turned to Harry.

"What about you? Your uncle going to pick you up again?" Harry nodded.

"Hopefully. You never know, I can imagine that one day he just won't be there. That they decided not to take in the freak anymore." Strangely there was no bitterness in Harry's voice, just a wary acceptance. Dawn reached over to him and squeezed his hand and he smiled back at her.

"Well mate, if that happens, you'll just have to stay with us. Mom's been begging for you to stay with to Dumbledore anyway." Ron said enthusiastically.

"And you, Dawn?" Hermione asked the brown haired girl, "Your mom going to be there."

"Yep." Dawn nodded, "She's been in England for about a week now, and tomorrow we'll fly home. I can't wait to see Buffy again!" Dawn started bouncing in her seat in excitement.

"Was she mad she wasn't allowed to come to pick you up again?" Harry asked with a grin. Dawn nodded with a smile.

"The ranting and raving went on for a good two pages."

They all laughed. They felt like they knew Buffy already, Dawn always recited the non-slaying parts of her letters and on occasion they added their own comments to Dawn's letters to Buffy. They knew how close the sisters were and how much Buffy wanted to either drop Dawn of at the platform in the beginning of the year or come and pick her up at the end. Or better yet, both.

Dawn looked out the window again. Twenty minutes until they where at the platform, only one more day until she could tell Buffy everything that happened this year. Dawn started bouncing in her seat again. She couldn't wait!


Well. That's it for the first chapter. Next chapter is the platform. If you've red Siblings, you'll notice that the first chapter is very similar, and it might stay that way with all the chapters DKG has written. The only reason I'm re-writing them is to fit in my own pairing. But after chapter fifteen, it'll be all me. *G* Please review!