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The boards shook.


The boards split.


The boards shattered.

The dark silhouette of a tall muscled man stepped cautiously through the hole that now lay in the walls of the bar that now served as the tomb for Anko's only family. He was like something out of a nightmare as he stepped forward. Blood dripped from his hand. Blood dripped from his sword. His blood and the blood of her family mixed together on the wet ground, the blood on his katana being washed clean by the rain. In the gleaming blade a girl stared back at her, stained by tears, stained by the blood of both of her parents.

A calloused hand grasped at the front of the young girls shirt, lifting her up without care like one would lift simple cargo. As she rose off the ground, coming level with that still blood stained sword Anko saw her fate. Death. Death, like that her mother had found on this cruel mans blade. In that instant instinct overtook the young girl. Reaching out towards the mans hand she pulled herself forward, letting her come close enough for her teeth to bury themselves in the toughened flesh of his hand.

"Shit, you bitch!" the man cried as he cast his hand about wildly, attempting to dislodge the girl. Anko's teeth remained firmly in place. "Dammit, let go!" the man cried, a muscled arm rearing back and in an instant flying forward to strike the girl. Anko flew free, dazed, barely conscious as she flew across the street, impacting upon the hard stone wall of one of the nearby houses that littered the dark street.

Blood fell freely from Anko. The blood of her father, of her mother, of the man that had killed them and her own blood. She tried to stand, to move her arms and legs but they lay limp at her side. She raised her head slowly, cold steel looked back at her, poised to strike. As the mans arm swung down she closed her eyes tightly in anticipation of her death to come. One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. It never came.

She opened her eyes fearfully, wondering why she wasn't dead. The sword was still poised to strike, but something held it back. Something pink and slender… It took her a moment to realize it was a tongue. With incredible force the tongue wrest the sword from the muscled mans hand, taking it with such ease as if the man were merely a child whose toy was being wrest away.

Anko's eyes ran down that impossibly large tongue, finding the source of it to be a young boy. He wore a long pale white robe, though the whiteness of the robe could not match the ivory hue of the boys skin. Incredibly white he was, his dark hair contrasting his skin beautifully. "Who the hell are you?" the muscled man demanded.

The golden eyes of the boy stared back impassively, he gave no reply. For many moments they stood still, nothing being said. Mere seconds seemed to take hours to pass until finally the tension was broken. "Dammit! I'll kill you, you bastard!" the muscled man declared as he ran forth, his fist cocked at the ready. The boy simply smiled and raised his arm towards the man. Anko could see him mutter something beneath his breath but could not make out the words. Her attention was swiftly stolen however as the boys raised sleeve seemed to bulge suddenly, four long slender snakes sprang free, charging towards the muscled man. He had no time to react, before he could mount any defense his body was caught in the snake's lethal embrace.

The boy raised his arm slowly, lifting the man high into the air. "You should not have been so greedy Shokuru" the boy said at last. "If you had not tried to take the daughters of powerful families such as the Chikara family then you would not be here now, moments before your death" the young boy declared quietly, a vicious smile tugging at his lips. "Stop! Please! I'll pay you anything just sto-" the rest of the mans request was stolen as the snakes all pulled in opposite directions, the mans limbs being torn free from his body.

Anko watched the death of that man with a mixture of fear and grim satisfaction. This man… this so very strange man had saved her life, and at the same time gifted to her the satisfaction of revenge. She knew she should probably be scared of this man. So strong he was, she would be at his mercy… and yet she felt no fear. "Do you wish to stay here?" a voice questioned behind her. Anko shook her head slightly, not even turning to the boy behind her. "Will you come with me?" questioned the voice again. Anko turned slowly, coming face to face with the ivory coloured boy. She launched herself from her feet and hugged the boys waist tightly, her reply given. The boy smiled broadly.

The chakra swirled about the young girls body, faster and faster it moved. Its speed seemed to increase exponentially, becoming a whirlwind of purple chakra. Anko's eyes snapped open.

In that bed she still lay, the hand of her sensei still clutched tightly in her own… the hand of the man who had both prevented her life from being taken and given her a new life, one which she would do anything to protect. She looked up into his golden eyes. She loved this man, this man who as a boy had given her so much and asked so little. Her shy desire for him, like her chakra, grew greatly. Black fire ran freely across her naked body, starting at her neck, creeping onto her face, then down her arm and chest and leg. The more it spread the more her desire for this man increased.

Anko tightened her hold on Orochimaru's hand, drawing an inquisitive look from him. Staring back at him Anko smiled broadly, his only warning before she pulled his slender form from the chair on which he sat and cast him down onto the bed where she had once lay. The sheets that covered her naked body now discarded. Ravenously she attacked him, her mouth pressing firmly against his own, her tongue reaching out through her lips for his own.

Orochimaru's eyes, still wide open, stared at his student with curiosity, wondering how far she intended to go. The rub of Anko's naked body against his still clothed groin told him all he needed to know. He smiled slightly and brought his tongue forth, offering it as a gift to this girl that now lay upon him. He wanted Anko to remain in control as she obviously felt she was, even though he could easily have overpowered her.

Anko toyed with that tongue of his for merely a moment. Too ravenous was her appetite for him to allow her to linger. Breaking the kiss she bit his lip firmly, stopping just before drawing any blood. She leaned back, her legs clamped firmly on either side of her sensei's chest. She set about removing the annoying clothing her sensei still wore. Grabbing the neck of his shirt tightly she spared no time ripping it right down the middle, pulling it off her sensei in one swift motion. Leaving her sensei's pale white chest exposed to the dim light the moon cast into the small room.

Anko's eyes lingered for a moment upon the beautiful body of her sensei before her desire overcame her once again. She lowered her body once more, her warm flesh pressing against her sensei's comparatively cold chest. She bit firmly at the base of his neck before moving down his body, slowly. Kissing, licking, biting her way down his cool white skin.

Her sensei watched his student with delight as she bit firmly again at his chest before running her small tongue around the edge of his navel. Her actions surprised him, he hadn't expected such ravenous desire from this girl, let alone it be directed his way. It was time to return the favour.

As Anko finally reached her sensei's tight fitting trousers – obviously intent upon casting them away like she had his shirt – a strong hand grabbed her shoulder. Looking up she found her sensei raised up, staring down upon her once again. Mirroring her own move earlier, Orochimaru grabbed her, casting her onto her back down onto the bed. Her sensei pressed himself upon her swiftly, kissing her strongly. She attempted to push him away, try to gain control but his hands clutched her own tightly, pushing them to her side. She still pushed forcefully against him, though not truly not desiring to be free, she enjoyed the test of wills between them, enjoyed being at her masters mercy. The smile on his face as he raised himself up, staring down at her young body told her he felt the same.

Opening his mouth Orochimaru let his tongue move free, moving down the young girls stomach towards her nether regions below. The young girl burnt with desire as her sensei stared down into her eyes, his tongue roaming down, further and further. As it finally reached its target, firmly caressing the warmth between the young girls thighs, Anko moaned loudly, her eyes shut tightly as the wave after wave of ecstasy ran through her body.

Orochimaru smiled broadly at the effect his actions were having on the girl. Silently discarding his trousers he let his tongue roam more, clutching the girls body as it sent wave after wave of pleasure through slender form, lifting her from the ground. Orochimaru sat up on the bed, marveling at the beautiful girl that hung before him, her back arched, embraced tightly by rapture.

Anko felt her body lowering slowly. She had lost all sense of where she was, her eyes were glazed over, barely able to focus from the pleasure she felt. Finally she felt her warm, sweat covered legs settle upon her sensei. She wrapped her legs tightly about his back, but was surprised to feel something hard pressing against the point where she was most warm. She had always seen her sensei as being above such things as lust and pleasure, the existence of the hardness that now pressed against her wet opening surprised her… but she was glad that it was there.

Softly she moaned as it gently rubbed against her warm opening, begging entry. Her sensei made no movements to help her, this was her choice. Biting her lip she slowly lowered herself, enjoying the feeling as it entered her. Biting her lip harder she almost drew blood from her lip as a sharp pain interrupted the pleasure she felt below. She hesitated for a moment, then closing her eyes tightly she lowered herself more, gritting her teeth through the pain until she could go no further.

Orochimaru leaned down, taking his students warm breast into his mouth, giving her pleasure as he waited for her to adjust to the pain. It did not take Anko long to adjust, the pleasure gifted to her by her sensei and the seal covering her drove her on. Grabbing tightly to Orochimaru's shoulders she began to raise herself and then gently lower herself. Each thrust came easier and easier, the pain now a distant memory, replaced now by the most intense pleasure.

The pleasure seemed to buildup within the young girl, faster and faster she drove herself onward, taking her sensei into her again and again. Orochimaru smiled, enjoying the look of pleasure on his students face even more than the pleasure he himself felt. As the pleasure in Anko reached its peak she dug her nails tightly into her sensei's back, biting her lip again. Pleasure cascaded through the young girls body, a long moan escaping her lips. She was barely conscious when she felt her sensei thrust deeply into her, before he himself seemed to be overcome with pleasure, filling his student deeply, setting off another, smaller wave of pleasure within the girl.

Anko, overcome, the seal receding fell quickly down to the soft bed. A cold hand stopped her, holding her tightly as he lay there with her, their bodies intertwined before sleep soon claimed her. Her final memory before sleep took her was sensei's smiling lips and shining golden eyes.


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