Authors' Note: Hello and welcome to my first ever real humor fanfiction! I was going to make this story very depressing, but then decided against it. I know that the female elf may seem like a Mary-Sue in the first chapter, but believe me, she is not. You will see this in the next chapter. She is only perfect in Figwit's eyes, so goes the saying, love is blind. Oh and for those of you who don't know, Figwit is an elf who is present during the Council of Elrond in the movie. He is also in ROTK. Well, I hope you enjoy it, so please review and tell me what you think! Happy Reading!

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To Love and Lose

Chapter 1 Love at First Sight.

His hand descended slowly down to the leather bound book. His fingers trembled slightly as he touched the cover of it. She was watching him, he could feel it. The small talk and light chatter that had occupied the corner of Rivendell's library had suddenly ceased to exist. Sweat formed on his brow as he concentrated on his most difficult task ever.picking up his fallen book. Figwit nearly broke under the pressure. Of course, on a normal day he would simply have bent down and grasped the stray literary treasure. But today was different. Today, she had come to the library. And now, his elvish senses had picked up her movements. She was standing up and slowly walking over. Oh Valar help me! His mind raced in fear. She would be upon him in a matter of seconds. He would surely perish! Maybe he could make a run for it. But no, then she might think him affected. It took every ounce of poor Figwit's courage to stand where he was. Oh what madness has befallen me, his thoughts cried out.

It had all started three days ago. Summertime had reached Imladris in surprising strength. A gentle breeze was hard to catch and even the most composed elves sweated in their robes. It was on this blazing day, that Figwit, a young councilor in training, had come upon her. Now to truly understand how much this affected our dear elf, you must know more about him. Figwit was your normal, young, naïve, elf of Imladris. He had grown up slowly like many elflings under the protective care of his parents. And when they had crossed the sea a few decades ago, the kindly Lord Elrond, along with his advisors Glorfindel and Erestor, had taken him in. To be quite honest, Figwit had never dreamt of a life of counseling. He had always wanted to become a strong and brave warrior, who feared neither death nor battle. But since Eru had given him the small, weak body of a scholar, the young elf had been forced to give up his dreams of glory on the battlefield. Always small for his age, Figwit became the butt of many jokes and pranks, the twin sons of Elrond not the least among his tormentors. But still, he grew up well and because of the constant teasing that accompanied his young years, the elf kept to himself mostly. Figwit preferred the quiet library now to the wild antics of his peers. Yet still, he yearned for something more in his boring life. He needed something or someone to bring him out of his slump. And until three days ago, that person had not been found. But then the Valar smiled upon their most overlooked child. She had come with the messengers of Lothlorien. She had pounded through the gate atop her fiery brown stallion. Her golden hair streaming behind her and her silver attire whipping in the wind brought about by the speed of her mount. The maiden had dismounted with a graceful movement, her small feet making no sound on the mossy ground. Servants came and took their horses from them. She then wiped the sweat from her brow and sighed deeply. She then turned to her counterparts and motioned for them to follow her into the Last Homely House. Figwit would have followed her if Elladan and Elrohir had not come up behind him and drenched him with a jug of ice water. But still, the young elf's face was flushed. He had just seen the most beautiful elf maid ever.
It seemed that fate, not Lord Elrond, had in fact summoned him to his council room. Figwit had barely enough time to change his robes and dry his hair. When he had finally arrived (ten minutes late) his lord had been kind enough to spare him a tongue lashing and allowed him to keep his dignity somewhat intact. Yet there she sat amongst her kin. Her cheeks were white and delicately set upon her high facial bones. Her lips were full, moist and a cool shade of pink. The maiden's body was shapely, yet thin beneath her light attire. Upon her back was strapped a quiver for arrows and by her feet rested her silver bow. Figwit shivered slightly when she turned and looked at him.
"Are you feeling alright, Figwit?" Elrond looked down at him with concern. "You do seem to be very flushed."
"I am fine my lord," the young elf whispered breathlessly. "In fact I have never been better in my life." The elf-lord frowned in slight confusion when he said this.
"Would you mind taking a seat then," he pointed to a chair that sat a few down from the maiden. Figwit nodded distractedly and moved to sit. Elrond glanced up at Glorfindel and Erestor who sniggered ever so quietly from where they stood. The Lord of Imladris addressed the newcomers politely. They were speaking of some important matter, orcs no doubt. But the young councilor's attention strayed. His eyes moved up and down the elleth who sat just mere feet away from him. She was a soldier of some sort. Her garb suggested so. He watched as she gracefully raised her hand to scratch an itch on the tip of her pointed ear. Oh, how magnificently she moved! A few long moments passed by and then suddenly without warning, the female made one of the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard. She sneezed! Figwit shuddered violently and put his hand across his heart. He had been struck by cupid's arrow! But this little bringer of love had decided to strike him upside the head, instead of the heart. To his great shock, the elf learned that the cupid was none other than Elrond! He looked up at his lord in amazement.
"Figwit!" the lord's tone had lost all its patience. "Have you been paying attention? Have you even heard a word that was said?" The elf thought quickly, he would have to say something smart to get himself out of this.
"Nay, my lord, I have not."
After the meeting had been concluded Figwit had received that sound tongue lashing. But it had all been worth it, just to see her. The next two days were spent with much care and preparation on his part. He quickly learned her habits and daily routine. Then, he simply followed her at a great distance. This plan had worked quite well for him, until they met up in the library.

It had all come down to this now. She was leaning over him, her hand outstretched. Figwit took great care to notice her even, clean nails and smooth skin. It all appeared to be happening in slow motion. Slowly, she picked up the leather bound book. Slowly she straightened to a standing position. And oh so slowly did he manage to stand. The maiden glanced over the cover and made a small noise of recognition. Then she thrust the book back into his hands.
"You dropped this," her voice was heavy with indifference. With that said she turned on her heel and left the library. Figwit clasped his hands together and once more dropped his book. It was love at first sight!

Elleth: female elf