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Chapter 1: The Nocturnal Meeting, The Tale Unfolds

Awake. So suddenly awake. Those terrified screams have woken me once more Hermione thought to herself. A minute later she realized that she had been the one screaming. "Not again" she sighed. This would make yet another night woken by her nightmares. The dismal prospect of going back to sleep only to have the nightmares return was not something Hermione looked forward to. So she gathered her robe and a heavy brown leather book that looked to have seen the beginning of time and headed silently to the common room. Once there she deposited the robe and book onto the nearest chair and started a roaring fire.

Through tear soaked eyes she surveyed the room. She reflected on the fact that this year she had been told that she was being awarded the honor of Head Girl. Even though she had been expecting this surprise, the news had momentarily taken her breath away. This year she would have her own quarters. She had become ecstatic while her thoughts roamed the prospect of complete freedom. She had no boundaries but the ones she made upon herself. Finally she could study all night long with no interruptions. As much as she cared for Harry and Ron, sometimes she needed her solitude. Lastly, the Gryffindor common room was not a place to hide away from interruptions. If it wasn't a heated debate going on there were the constant parties. Studying had become near impossible for her there. Being awarded Head Girl had given her hopes for the new school year, until she found out whom the Head Boy was.

Her face creased into a frown as she remembered that her Slytherin archenemy was sleeping mere feet away in his private luxurious quarters. He's not plagued by reoccurring nightmares thought Hermione smugly.

Rubbing her temples she made herself some coffee and prepared to settle in for another lonely night curled into a chair by the fire. She had been reading the last chapter of the worn leather book when she heard the click of a lock. Moments later a disgruntled and weary Draco came waltzing into the common room shared by the Head Boy and Girl.

The first thing Hermione noticed was that he was barefoot. She didn't know why, but that simple fact made her slightly flustered. She realized that she found his bare toes to be slightly enticing.in a very disturbing way. As her eyes slowly traveled up she took in his rumpled flannel night pants, slightly accentuating the fact that he had grown over the summer. Eyes continued up and she observed that he had not bothered to put on a shirt before his confrontation. At the sight that awaited her eager eyes she inhaled deeply. In the short summer apart from Hogwarts Draco had turned into a man. His tight stomach muscles made her mouth go dry and flat nipples had her unconsciously licking her lips. With tousled blonde hair hanging down into his steel eyes he made a picture perfect image of a sex god. There was only one problem; he wore an expression of utter disdain.

"Granger, if you plan on waking me from my beauty sleep every morning 3 hours prior to sunrise I suggest that you find a better way of doing it." Draco's reply, which had started out arrogantly had ended in a barely audible plea.

Could this be true? No harsh rhetoric statement from my nemesis? Hermione thought.

As Draco took in Hermione's slim figure clad in a silk nightgown he felt all his anger vanish. He tried desperately to remember that he had left the sanctity of his room to degrade and insult the filthy mudblood for waking him at this ungodly hour, yet again, but his mind at the moment was completely blank.

He realized that he was staring, now fully awake, at a very startled Miss Granger in her nightclothes. This sight would not have been worthy of a second glance except that said nightgown, while entirely proper at any other angle, had become transparent with the roaring fire behind her.

Draco could make out that she had also changed over the summer. He noted the dark silhouette of her form through the gown. Her hips were nicely rounded. Her legs were shapelier, and. slowly his eyes started to roam up. But before his gaze could rest on anything higher Hermione grabbed her robe off the arm of the chair and concealed herself from his view.

Her face was flushed, having noticed the path of Draco's eyes, and the emotions that briefly flickered through them. She registered shock, disbelief, a slow smugness, and then something like lust before she could remember to move. As she turned back she thought his face reflected disappointment, but the walls had come up so quickly that before she could question it his face had taken on a mischievous quality. Then the little imp opened his mouth and said, " I do believe that you are catching on. That was definitely a more pleasant way of waking me up." With that said Draco turned on his heels and left the room.

His abrupt departure had left Hermione with a lot to think about. First, why was he just staring at her like that? He had come into the room positively fuming his rage and she had been sure his intent was to degrade her. But he has left in a completely different mood. Second, why did that encounter leave her flushed and panting? Hermione shivered, even that blazing fire couldn't warm her right now. When Draco left the room he had taken all the heat with him. With a feeling of solitary longing she returned to her room to ponder these feelings and eventually fell into a restless sleep.

Draco, in the room next door, was also having difficulty sleeping.